rob kardashian & blac chyna

*It’s a good thing Blac Chyna wants distance and not money from Rob Kardashian ’cause he’s made sure she’s not getting the latter any more … according to the “proverbial sources.”

Yep, we’re hearing Rob K has turned the money spigot off. He’ll no longer make payments on her Tarzana rental. He also has the 2 cars he gave her and jewelry as well.

But supposedly Blac Chyna has already returned the cars and jewelry to Rob. She’s fine paying the rent herself — she’s put some cash away money from various appearances as well as their reality show. She’s also confident she has earning power post-Rob.

Meanwhile, TMZ is quoting its sources as saying Chyna has no intention of going to court for child support, at least for now. Rob wants to raise the baby himself, and it doesn’t seem Chyna is putting up much of a fight on that front. Fact is … her other kid, King Cairo, is being raised primarily by Tyga.


Blac Chyna (Instagram)

Blac Chyna (Instagram)

So it seems unlikely (at least in the foreseeable future) that either one of them will go to court for money or custody. They both have significant issues, and we hear they don’t want to risk an adverse ruling by a judge.

TMZ is also reporting that Blac Chyna’s new dude — the guy posting pics of them naked together in bed to get back at Rob — has a surprising response to all the drama … a compliment.

As we reported earlier, dude’s a rapper and his name is Ferrari. He was  was outside Capitol Records in Hollywood Thursday … and seemed unfazed by being square in the middle of the feud.

Rob’s called him out for gettin’ with Chyna, but surprisingly Ferrari is not firing back. Check out what he has to say about the beleaguered Kardashian: