*Before Dr. Henry Bello, 45, killed one woman and left at least six injured at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital on Friday afternoon, he had been let go for harassing a colleague.

Dude looks to have pretty much lost his way. His troubled past included arrests for sexual assault, burglary, fare-jumping and public urination, according to reports.

It is believed his medical licence had expired and he had ultimately resigned before he was fired because of his behaviour towards a member of staff in 2015.

According to reports, the Nigerian-born family practitioner went into his former workplace wearing a white lab coat with an AR-15 machine gun hidden underneath with the intention of targeting the same individual.

When his original target was not present, he opened fire on others, it has been claimed.

A woman was killed on the 16th floor and at least six others were seriously injured on the floor above.

henry bello

De. Henry Bello

Police said Bello then attempted to set himself on fire, but it activated the sprinklers which extinguished the blaze.

He then turned the gun on himself.

A graphic photo is circulating on social media of Bello’s body when he was found by police. He is wearing the white lab coat surrounded by a pool of blood.

Police said Bello had been living between a number of addresses since he left the hospital.

The case is being treated as a tragic incident of workplace violence and had no links to terrorism.