*Check out funny man and host of the “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah, in the above clip of between the scenes banter with the audience.

Watch and you’ll see he’s breaking down how Donald Trump embodies basically all the negative stereotypes Americans had for a black president.

Noah jokes about Trump’s habitual lateness to press briefings, playing off of the stereotype of Black people’s presumed tardiness.

He also went in on Trump’s family and clowned the prez’s diet, saying he eats fried chicken on Air Force One.


And in other Trevor Noah news, he says that since OJ Simpson thinks he is such a good prisoner, he should stay there.

Once again on “The Daily Show”  he pleaded his case, saying that Simpson’s defense that he has “basically spent a conflict-free life” is reason to keep him in prison where he claims to be a “model citizen.”

“O.J. and his people reminded us that he’s been a model citizen in prison,” Noah said. “He petitioned for books for the library, he coached a softball team, he never got in trouble. To me, that’s kind of a reason to keep him in prison — it’s the only place he’s not committing crimes.”

As has been reported by EURweb and other news outlets, Simpson was granted parole nine years into his 33-year sentence for a 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas.

“Which is great news, Because now he finally has time to find the real robbers,” Noah joked, referencing the former football star’s promise to find Nicole Brown-Simpson’s murderer after he himself was acquitted of the charges for the crime.

“Say what you want about OJ, he made a pretty good case for why he should get out,” Noah continued. “‘Yeah, I had a lot of conflict and I mostly got off free.’ Conflict free? That doesn’t even make sense on a football level. What are you talking about, OJ?”