usher (six-pack)

*Dang Usher, WTF is wrong with you? We ask because dude, who’s married, has yet another woman filing papers on him for exposing her to Herpes without her knowledge.

As we reported just a few days ago, he agreed to pay a woman $1,000,000 to a stylist who claimed the pop star infected her with the Herpes Simplex 2 virus. Now he’s facing another, similar lawsuit.

The new filing, by a Jane Doe, says she and Usher got together in Atlanta on April 16 at her home. In the documents, she says there was some heavy petting, some kissing, and she performed oral sex on him. They eventually had intercourse, and she says he wore a condom.

But that wasn’t the end of it. She also states that they had sex again – in New Orleans – 12 days later … in a hotel room and he didn’t wrap it up.


usher & grace miguel

Usher and his wife, Grace Miguel

You can only imagine what went through Jane Doe’s mind when she read news reports about Usher admitting in docs, connected to an earlier legal case, that he’s infected with herpes.

Well, whatever went through her mind, the lawsuit were now reporting is the end result. In her documents, the woman doesn’t say if she’s infected or not. She is concerned because she was “exposed” and says she wouldn’t have had sex with Usher if he’d disclosed he has the virus.

According to TMZ, she’s suing “U.R. IV” (Usher Raymond IV) for negligence, battery and emotional distress and is seeking at least $10 million in damages.

As of this posting, Usher has not made any comments about the settlement or the new lawsuit.

We don’t want to judge Ursh, this is not a good look by no stretch.