*Like the old, old, old saying goes … EVERYTHING must come to an end.

And so it is with Korean rapper Psy‘s ginormous hit from 2012, “Gangnam Style.” Bottom line: It’s no longer YouTube’s most watched video of all time.

Nope, there’s a new number one “most watched video of all time” and that would be proud Pittsburgher Wiz Khalifa‘s vid for “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth.

Yep, “See You Again” is the new king of the mountain more than 2.9 billion views as of Tuesday (07-11-17). That’s about 2 million more than the video for “Gangnam Style.”

Puth reacted with surprise on Twitter, noting that he joined YouTube in 2007 hoping to make a video that would hit 10,000 views.

Puth also earned a congratulatory message from YouTube star Tyler Oakley, who called the feat “legendary & epic.”

“See You Again” was released in 2015 as a tribute to late “Fast and the Furious” star Paul Walker.

In third place is Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” with more than 250 million views behind the leaders.


kim kardashian west

OK, let’s talk about Mrs. Kanye West, otherwise known as Kim Kardashian. Today she finds herself having to deny that she’s a drugger.

Her’s the backstory. Yesterday (07-11-17), a Twitter user shared a screenshot of one of Kardashian’s Snapchat posts, which showed a table in the background covered in suspicious-looking powder.

“Caught out with cocaine,” the social media user wrote and then afterwards, made their Twitter account private.

Kim K. who is known to be a teetotaler, wasted no time in jumping on Twitter 20 minutes later to share her side of the story. She wanted the world to know the Twitter person got it wrong. Real wrong.

“I do not play with rumors like this so I’m gonna shut it down real quick. That’s sugar from our candy mess from Dylan’s Candy Shop,” she tweeted, referencing the popular candy chain.

Not too long after that on Tuesday, Kardashian was back on Snapchat to clarify her story, which she also shared on Twitter. She pointed out that the lines are actually part of the marble table.

“Okay you guys, I just got back to my hotel room and look at this table, same position, it’s still there,” she said. “I don’t play like that, come on, I have kids, that’s just not my lifestyle, I’ve never been like that.”

Unfortunately, for poor Kim, her explanation just wasn’t good enough ’cause that’s when the fun began with the hilarious reactions from fans … and probably foes … on Twitter who just weren’t buying it.