*You can count this as one of the most bizarre things you will EVER read on this site. And as you know, we’ve had some real doozies.

But as we always ask, does that make it any less true? A medical journal in Britain recently released news on a case study where a woman went in for a simple eye surgery, to remove cataracts, and the operating doctor found something she and her team were definitely NOT looking for: contact lenses.

Wait…not “On my goodness, you forgot to remove your contact lenses today” contact lenses…But wait! You have one. Two. Three. Four….17 contact lenses on one eyeball.

No. I’m not done. Here’s 10 more.

The “surgery” hadn’t even began before the doctor, Rupal Morjaria, had extracted a total of 27 single contact lenses from one of the patients eyes.

OK. Breathe now.

…as you read more at EURThisNthat.