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*It was a scorching weekend in Los Angeles but that did not stop the crowd from packing out Exposition Park Friday evening for night one of a three day outdoor festival celebrating music, soul, and artistry.

Recording artist Major kicked off the L.A. Soul Music Festival with an energetic performance and premiered his new single “Better With You” receiving an overwhelming response from the crowd and even serenaded the ladies in attendance by walking through the aisles.

EUR correspondent Jay Styles caught up with Major before he went on stage to ask him on what he plans to bring to the stage.


“We go live..We go Strong,” Major said.

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna brought the indie acoustic vibe as she went on stage after Major serenading the attendees with her similar like Erykah Badu sound and style performing a twelve minute set of neo-soul greatness.

Yuna talked with us about graduating with her legal studies degree but then pursuing her passion for music.

“Well i graduated… but you know after that I just decided that I love music, I want to do something more with music… I feel like that’s my true calling and.. yeah, just went for it you know,” Yuna said.

Ro James, whose stardom has been on the rise since the release of his 2015 single “Permission”  shared with us that that the number nineteen is very special to him.

“I was 19 when I wrote my first song, 19 when I fell in love, 19 when I had my heart broken, I was born November 19th; I’m a scorpio, 19 when my grandfather died who was a big part of my life and you know I feel like 19 is part of my number and it’s imperative to know your number.”

The L.A. Soul Music Festival closed out on Sunday (July 16th 2017).