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*Jay-Z and Beyonce have officially purchased their new home, the L.A. Times’ sources confirm. The final purchase comes after years of speculation, and a dozen or so articles following their thought process along the way.  The couple are currently living in a house in Malibu, which they pay $400,000 a month to rent. With that hefty bill in mind, their new $90 million home may seem like a nice deal. While sources confirm the deal is closed, there is no word on when the couple will actually move into the new home.

The purchase comes just after Beyonce gave birth to twins, the couple’s second and third children. The pop star recently released a picture of the newborn children on her Instagram page, and the image is quite lovely. It is reminiscent of her pregnancy picture, complete with the floral arch. This time, though, the new children – Sir Carter and Rumi are on full display. Beyonce’s original pregnancy post was the most-like Instagram post of all time. We will wait and see how well the kids’ first picture fares against it. Hopefully, we will see more pictures of the kids in their brand new home.

The house itself is more reminiscent of a compound or small town than it is a traditional house. The estate includes six structures with varying purposes. There are spa and wellness facilities, which means we can expect Beyonce to stay young and beautiful for years to come. There is a media room, where Jay-Z will undoubtedly enjoy some great movies and music, and maybe even an online baccarat game or two. There are also glass-walled common areas, four swimming pools, a basketball court, and plenty of balconies and open space to enjoy. The staff of the complex have their own dedicated quarters. To top it off, the mostly-glass estate is bulletproof, for obvious safety reasons.

The residence also comes with a fifteen-car garage, befitting of the couple’s luxurious lifestyle. All in all, the home has 30,000 square feet, with patios and terraces adding an additional 10,000 square feet. That makes this an absolutely huge estate, and beyond perfect for raising the couple’s three children.

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Once the sale is recorded, it will be considered the largest sale of the year for Los Angeles. This should come as no surprise, since Jay-Z and Beyonce have a net worth of nearly 1.16 billion dollars. Jay-Z is considered one of the best hip-hop artists alive with several highly successful albums under his belt. Those hits include Reasonable Doubt (1996), The Blueprint  (2001), and The Black Album (2003). Beyonce is one of the best-selling pop artists in the world, with her new album Lemonade selling 2.5 million worldwide. Jay-Z and Beyonce first started dating in 2001, when Beyonce was still part of the pop group Destiny’s Child.

If anyone was going to buy this massive and beautiful home, it would be these two.