*The Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled that two descendants of a former security chief at Paisley Park who Prince reportedly regarded as a brother are not entitled to any part of the Purple One’s estate.

A three-judge panel on Monday said a lower court ruled correctly when it excluded Brianna Nelson and her niece, Victoria Nelson, as heirs, according to Page Six. They’re the daughter and granddaughter, respectively, of the late Duane Nelson Sr.

While they’ve acknowledged Duane was not a biological relative of Prince, who died without a will, they claimed Prince’s father raised Duane as his son anyway.

The Minnesota Supreme Court rejected five other would-be Prince heirs last week. Darcell Gresham Johnston, Loya Janel Wilson, Loyal James Gresham III, Orrine Gresham and Venita Jackson Leverette had all claimed that Nelson wasn’t really Prince’s father. They claimed they were Prince’s half-siblings through other men.

The five were not allowed to undergo genetic testing to try to prove it. Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide ruled earlier that John L. Nelson and Mattie Shaw were legally presumed to be Prince’s parents since they were married when he was born.

The appeals panel used the Supreme Court’s analysis of Minnesota parentage law in finding that Brianna and Victoria Nelson are not entitled to inherit from Prince’s estate either.