The Rundown with Robin Theade (BET)

The Rundown with Robin Thede (BET)

*Comedian Robin Thede is baffled as to why any black person would’ve voted for, or continue to support the presidency of Donald Trump.

The host of BET’s “The Rundown with Robin Thede” offered receipts showing Trump’s extensive history of disrespect toward “the blacks,” as he once referred to the race.

This isn’t a complete list because, as Thede said, “the show’s only a half-hour.” But she was able to squeeze as many instances as she could in less than four minutes, beginning with Trump and his father being accused in 1973 of violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against minority renters.

“The truth is Trump doesn’t care about anybody — especially black people — and he never has. But don’t believe me, believe history,” she said.

Thede also mentioned the full-page newspaper ads Trump bought calling for the death penalty against the Central Park Five, a group of black and Latino teens wrongly convicted of raping a woman in NYC’s Central Park.

Also included – that time Trump appeared on “The View” and called for President Obama to show his birth certificate; the time he boasted, “I have a great relationship with the blacks”; and the time Trump blamed “blacks and Hispanics” for “the overwhelming amount of violent crime in our cities” while the George Zimmerman trial was going on.

And that doesn’t begin to touch his actual time in office.

“That is only a fraction of the things he’s said and done,” Thede concluded. “So I suggest the remaining 10 black Trump supporters heed the words of Maya Angelou: ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.’”

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