*The Christmas season just got a little better!  FOX TV is hosting the live version of the classic movie “A Christmas Story,” starring Maya Rudolph as Mother Parker, Jane Krakowski as Mrs. Shields, Matthew Broderick and a host of other new talent.

They searched far and wide to find the new wide-eyed character, Ralphie Parker, who’s dream was to acquire a brand new Daisy Red Ryder Range Model 1938 Air Rifle BB Gun for Christmas.

The search was complete after newcomer Andy Walken came in to audition for the part, beating out more than 350 hopeful young boys.

maya rudolph

Jane Krakowski and Maya Rudolph

EUR was at The Grove in Los Angeles on the red carpet to interview some of the cast members of “A Christmas Story: Live,” as well as the lighting of the 20 foot famous leg lamp.

The real crowd-pleaser was the artificial snow that began pouring from the sky to top off a nostalgic feeling from the movie.

When EUR’s Robin Ayers asked “Have you seen the movie before landing this role?” the consensus from all the kids was an astounding “Yes!”

JJ Batteast

JJ Batteast

JJ Batteast who plays “Flick” in the live show says he watched the movie “millions of times.  Me and my dad watch it all the time.”

Speaking of one of the most memorable scenes from the film, getting his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole, JJ was able to give EUR a Hollywood insider magic trick to get that scene done.

“It’s just a vacuum that goes up through the pole and there’s a little hole in the pole.  I stick my tongue to it and it goes automatically.”

a christmas story - lighting mushroom

The Groves famous Leg Lamp is lit for Christmas

Robin also asked Maya Rudolph and Jane Krakowski if they have a favorite line in the movie.

“I think I’ve said “’You’ll shoot your eye out’ for no reason just for fun a million times,” Maya said.

Jane added, “What I think is amazing is that everyone knows these lines.  Everyone says them to us.”

A Christmas Story: Live airs on December 17, 2017 on FOX.  The original movie is playing now in limited theaters.