Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs after ‘More Than a Fraction’ Book Presentation at Virginia Tech.

*Recently Virginia Tech’s Center for Civil War Studies and the Smithfield–Preston Foundation hosted Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs’ “More Than a Fraction” Book Presentation as a lecture entitled “Discovering My Enslaved Ancestors at Smithfield Plantation.”

The lecture on Dr. Hobbs’ research, which led to the publication of the creative non-fiction book “More Than a Fraction,” was held at The Inn at Virginia Tech in the Cascades Meeting Room with a standing-room only audience.

Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs talked to the audience about why she began her ancestry search, what she discovered and how that discovery led to her publishing “More Than a Fraction: Based on a true story.” She told how her search ended at the Smithfield plantation, where Virginia Tech is located, which was once owned by the Preston family (one of the most predominate families in Virginia at the time). Her ancestors, it was discovered, had a special character unlike the other enslaved. So special one member of the Fraction family (Virginia) was buried with her enslavers – the Prestons, and her direct ancestor (Thomas) was noted by local newspaper as a “well known colored man” when he passed away. The lecture included a very powerful Power-Point presentation where Dr. Hobbs connected the cultures of her ancestors home land in Africa with the culture norms African-Americans use today.

Standing room only Virginia Tech audience of students, faculty and local dignitaries.

The audience included faculty, students and local dignitaries such as a high-level executive of the local NAACP.

“I have attended many lectures and this has been the best so far,” said one of the faculty members at Virginia Tech as the crowd was leaving. Many stayed behind to surround Dr. Hobbs to congratulate her on the book, buy the book or ask her further questions about what she learned during her research for the book.

Dr. Moseley-Hobbs’ is the 3x great-granddaughter of Thomas Fraction who served in the Civil War, along with his young brother Othello Fraction. “More Than a Fraction” creatively tells the story of the enslaved family before, during and after the Civil War. Dr. Moseley-Hobbs has a Doctorate in Education and currently serves on the Smithfield-Preston Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

To learn more about “More Than a Fraction” or the “More Than a Fraction” book tour, visit www.ImaginationLunchbox.com. If you would like more information on the Smithfield plantations log onto www.SmithfieldPlantation.org. For more information on the Virginia Tech Center for Civil War Studies log onto www.CivilWar.VT.edu. You can also reach out to Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs at [email protected].