*The 1986 debut of “She’s Gotta Have It” was filmed in ten days on a small budget of only $120k that director Spike Lee borrowed from his grandmother.

To say the movie was ahead of its time is a understatement. Lee credits his wife for coming up with the concept of turning his iconic film into a series for Netflix. EUR attended the world premier of the “She’s Gotta Have It” series held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City.

This “new” Spike Lee joint is based on his debut film, staring lead actress Dewanda Wise who plays “Nola Darling” a sexually expressive black woman in her twenties who manages to have multiply relationships with 3 different men at the same time, all while pursing her career as an artist.

Wise says: “ We watched the original film and the one thing that left an imprint on me is the lost of culture and its happening all over New York and the thing that makes New York are its citizens.”

spike lee - screenshot

Dewanda Wise adds: “The film was incredibly ahead of its time I think it’s still ahead of it’s time. I think there is so much conversation surrounding women’s bodies and sexual harassment. I love what we’ve been able to do to update it into the now. Nola is a letter to black girls and the role was really liberating to play and I think it will be really liberating to watch.”

The “She’s Gotta Have It” series touches on many topics that are taboo, especially in the African American community. It allows Lee to tackle issues from black female sexuality to Black Lives Matter. He even dives into the topic of the gentrification of Brooklyn, particularly the Forte Greene section.

“The creative process for the series was a lot different the than the actual movie, but I took a cinematic approach so prepare for a long movie,” says Spike Lee.

“She’s Gotta Have It” premieres today, Thanksgiving Day on Netflix. Let the binging begin!

Falasha Campbell reports on entertainment & culture for EURweb in the NYC area. Contact her via: [email protected].