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From L to R: Drique Roberts, Travis Belton, JD Glasper and Jalil Harris are HisStory

*It seems Georgia natives are constantly trying to make a name for themselves in a saturated Hip-Hop market.

Well lo and behold, one of them, HisStory, has landed a spot in the popular YouTube series “Best.Cover.Ever.

They did it by serenading the audience with musical stylings influenced by artists such as Boys II Men, Take 6, The Temptations, The Beetles and other legendary vocalists known for their unique harmonies.

HisStory started in high school for Rodrique “Drique” Roberts and Jalil Harris, originating nearly 10 years ago in Atlanta. The group now features Travis Belton and JaJuan “JD” Glasper. Together each member has withstood tough times, including losing loved ones and economic hardships, to continue to follow their dream as performers.

“We started 10 years ago back at Cedar Grove High School in Ellenwood, Georgia. Our chorus teacher Mr. King put us together to sing for a black history program,” Jalil told EUR.

HisStory on the surface seems like a clever play on words. However, the moniker has a much deeper meaning.

“When we thought about the name History along with His Story, we decided that along our journey and through all the music that we do and our careers, we wanna be able to tell each member of the group’s story and at the end of the day together make history,” said JD.

Life experiences and personal relationships shape their sound, along with influencers that have come before them. Their sound isn’t limited to one genre because music imitates life and life is not just one note.

“As far as the sound, we’ve done a lot of research and studying of older groups. Different genres … we did a lot of studying first on harmonization.”

This year, the group auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” and “Showtime at the Apollo.” Things seemed promising in the beginning, but then took an unexpected turn. When the YouTube series “Best.Cover.Ever.” was presented to the group, they initially felt apprehensive about the opportunity. But they took a deep breath, they later decided to give it a try and ended up making it past the first round.

The YouTube show gives emerging musicians from around the world a chance for international fame. Throughout the series, a new superstar artist will challenge competing musicians to perform a cover of one of their original songs.

The fledgling musicians can perform the song in their own unique style as they battle for the ultimate prize: the opportunity to perform with the superstar artist(s) in an event that will premiere on YouTube. Viewers will witness every part of the planning/behind-the-scenes process as they mount this uniquely special music performance.

Executive producer and host of “Best.Cover.Ever,” Ludacris, was shocked with the group’s performance. He feels HisStory reps Atlanta well. The fellas also had the chance to work with Whitney Houston’s music collaborator Rickey Minor. At the end of each rehearsal, Rickey had no notes or corrections for them. He felt the group did a great job.

HisStory is definitely off to a great start. They plan to keep up the momentum by releasing a single sometime next year (2018). In the meantime, you can keep up with the group on social media:





Check out HisStory’s Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” cover above.

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