*Hmm, who to believe? That’s the question. The orange a-hole in the White House, who is synonymous for his daily trail of lies, wants to take credit for influencing the Chinese from prosecuting LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA basketball players or shoplifting.

It seems reasonable that his involvement in the case and his close proximity to the power structure in China while he was there makes sense that he would have put his influence to work and got the players freed. As much as we criticize him, it seems like it was the logical and reasonable thing for Trump to do. We thought it was a done deal.

Well, not so fast according to Ball family patriarch, LaVar Ball, who’s insinuating that perhaps Trump had nothing top do with the players’ release.

Here’s the story:

ball LaVar Ball and President Donald Trump are no strangers when it comes to “going there,” so it comes as no surprise whatsoever that Ball responded to the president getting his son out of trouble …