In the cutthroat business of burger chains, Lee’s Burger Block must innovate to survive and believes social media will be the answer to their prayers. The UMC Original comedy series, Minimum Wage, is now streaming on Pictured: John Yuan (Jordan), Halleta Alemu (Ayana), Gabriel Brown (Trey) and D’Lo (D).

*Directors Aaron Covington and Julia Bales are in command of UMC.TV’s “Minimum Wage,” a situation comedy set in the midst of a struggling Korea town burger joint that’s gotta make some changes or else!

A mix of new management, complacent employees and spry customers creates a perfect recipe for fun and trouble running amuck.  

“Minimum Wage” stars Alma Delfina, D’Lo, Gabriel Brown, Haletta Alemu and John Yuan.  Stream it now on UMC.TV. #WatchUMC