Aasia Bibi and a man I presume is her boyfriend are escorted by police

*A Pakistani woman has been charged with the murder of a husband she was forced to marry. But she tells the authorities she had warned her parents that she would go to any extreme to get out of the marriage.

She wasn’t kidding.

Aasia Bibi told her parents that she already had a boyfriend, but they forced the 21-year-old to marry Mohammad Amjad, a man she disliked.

Amjad was also her cousin.

Though Bibi did stick to her word. The result of her actions went much further. The woman put rat poison in milk that she hoped to give to her husband. But for some reason or another, Amjad did not drink the milk. Instead, unknowingly, the man’s mother used the tainted milk the following day to prepare a traditional yogurt drink.

…which she served to 27 family members, including Amjad.

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