insomnia - woman-awake

*And here I thought it was just me. Turns out I’m only one of a number of women so impressive that the Black Women’s Health Study dept. at Boston University just received  a three-year $2.2 million grant to study insomnia in women like us, according to a statement from the university.

Via a self-administered Internet program termed the SHUTi-BW (Sleep Healthy Using the Internet) the university’s statement says, “…if successful, [the program] could improve insomnia symptoms among many Black women across the country, which in turn could lower their risk of the many health problems related to poor sleep,” said Lynn Rosenberg, associated director of Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Center, who also oversees the Black Women’s Health Study.

And all this time I was getting online to see who else was up. Humph! Goodnight Facebook! Hello SHUTi!

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