*How will this fool EVER be able to look his neighbors in the eye? This is a question we are all most likely wondering.

Well, thanks to him trying a stunt he saw on the TV show, Forged On Fire, he probably won’t…ever again!

Woo! At this point I hope his neighbors are some very, very, compassionate people. But compassion is not what is likely. Real time? They will probably beat the crap out of him first.


This fool’s antics destroyed three residential buildings and damaged 28 others in the city of Cohoes, New York — displacing as many as 28 people, Shawn Morse, the mayor, said in an interview on Saturday.

John Gomes, 51, must’ve got “Forged in Fire,” a television series on History (formerly known as The History Channel) where bladesmiths compete to create swords and other edged weapons mixed up with the simplicity of making a meal recipe from YouTube.

No fool! Not this time. Not this show!

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