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R. Kelly’s Old Group Public Announcement & Shai Perform This Sat. (12-09-17) Near Chicago (EUR EXCLUSIVE!)

*Less than 30 minutes away from Chicago, if you got the feeling for 1990’s R&B then you should be at the Gary, Indiana Genesis Center this Saturday, December 9, 2017, for one bumpin’ concert – “That’s My Jam!” (Buy tickets here).

“I’m excited about the headliner, which is the 90’s R&B group called Shai,” said Kimberly Williams, the concert’s promoter and former EUR columnist. “They were a very instrumental group when I was growing up. They were one of the main groups I remember listening to and falling in love with. They were my boyfriends and everybody else’s. So, I feel pretty honored to have an opportunity to present them in concert for the people who will be attending.”Williams continued, “Some of their hits were ‘Baby I’m Yours,’ ‘Comforter,’ and the number one was ‘…If I Ever Fall In Love.’ That song catapulted their career and made them a platinum recording group.”

Many early ‘90s music fans will love another act performing. They are Chicago natives known for their “New Jack Swing” hits “Honey Love,” “She’s Got That Vibe,” “Dedicated,” and “Slow Dance (Hey Mr. DJ).” These songs featured lead vocals by the one and only R. Kelly.

“Public Announcement actually was known as R. Kelly and Public Announcement,” said Williams. “When R. Kelly decided to go solo, they remained Public Announcement. I followed them then and I listen to them now. So, I feel good about having them (perform at the concert).”

Public Announcement (2017)

Other Chicago-based acts hitting the stage are 3 Piece (known for the early 2000’s song “Ooh Ahh”), Sean Wyte, Slique, and The Remedy, which native Chicagoans and tourists have probably heard singing their hearts out in the subway.

The Remedy

“I’m the type of person that when people are begging and singing on the streets and all that, ‘I’m like no, I’m not giving you a dime. Go to work,’” said Williams, also hailing from the Windy City. “But these guys sounded so good that I actually went into my backpack and put money in their cup. So, you know they were good because I don’t do that. They made me break my rule because they sounded so good.”

This will be the first concert that Kimberly Williams is promoting and she hopes there will be many more to come. The former EUR and Vibe Magazine online columnist has finally made the jump to doing what she really loves.

“All my life I’ve been a risk taker,” said Williams. “It can be a blessing and curse but it’s something that I can’t escape. It’s a part of me.”

Kimberly Williams is “That’s My Jam!” concert promoter.

“I’m that kid that did parties in her mom’s living room back in the day when the music was on a big huge piece of furniture (with the large speakers),” Williams added. “It was a house party but I would play music and charge people to get in. They always say, ‘Do the things that you love’ and I love talking and music, my first love. It’s in my DNA.”

Again, to get tickets to see Shai, Public Announcement, and many more at the Gary, Indiana Genesis Center near Chicago this Saturday, December 9, 2017, buy tickets here. You can also call 866-841-5400.


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