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Amanda Seales

*Russell Simmons is going through a serious stretch of bad karma these days regarding inappropriate sexual behavior, but it appears he only has himself to blame.

It was just a few days ago that he announced he is stepping down from his various companies after award-winning screenwriter Jenny Lumet accused him of sexual harassment. Now you can add actress/comic Amanda Seales to the growing list

Seales is claiming that Simmons made inappropriate comments toward her during a business meeting. She made the eyebrow raising allegation via social media yesterday when she posted a video in which she addressed her fans’ questions about her thoughts on Simmons and his accusations.

Russell Simmons attends the 15th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at a Private Residence on June 11, 2016 in Brentwood, California.

Russell Simmons

That’s when shocking revelation came. Seales then showed an earlier video that she posted in which she claimed that an unnamed man in Hollywood once asked her in a business meeting if they’d ever had sex. Now, Seales has decided to reveal that it was Simmons who posed the inappropriate comment.

“Umm, have we ever f—ed?” Simmons allegedly asked Seales in a business meeting, to which she responded, “No.”

“Oh right, ’cause I would have remembered that, right?” was Simmon’s response, she said.

Seales then came added:

“You know how hard it was for me to say that? And he didn’t even assault me and I didn’t wanna say that. That’s how the game is f—ed up. That’s how the game is f—ed up.”

Seales also captioned the video with a lengthy explanation of why it’s so difficult for victims to come forward about their assault due to victim blaming and scrutiny that they will face for calling out a man for being inappropriate or violent.

PSA: For anyone who says, ‘Why’d they wait so long?’ You wait because as a woman raised in a patriarchal, ‘Bros before h–s’, sexist, ‘but what were you wearing’ society you understand power dynamics and that even when there are witnesses to any level of sexual harassment/assault it will always be you who is questioned for incurring the offense. You wait because you know your vision is bigger than their indiscretion and refuse to let it derail you from your goals. You wait because you don’t even want to acknowledge the f—ery for longer than you have to when you know the odds are there will be no consequences, you’ll be dismissed, or worse defiled yet again and would rather get on with the positive things in your life. You wait because, especially when it’s a black man of prestige, you are conditioned to not speak defamatory truths for fear it will undermine their contributions to the community. Lastly, you wait, because you don’t even wanna believe it ya d–n self. No matter how seemingly benign or intrusive, no one wants to endure this, particularly in professional settings. Yet, so many of us have so many of these stories and we come to operate like a clandestine anti-#creeplifes coalition of alerting others to, ‘watch out for so and so.’ Let that be no more. It is not okay. It is not the culture. It is not your fault. Expose them. #igstorygems,” wrote Seales.