*I always wondered what happens to all those letters children send to Santa around Christmas time each year? As a parent, I always answered my daughter’s letters. And ate half of the cookies and milk she so diligently left on a table by the tree. I can’t be the only goofy adult out there that likes doing this kind of stuff. So if you’re goofy too, the United States Post Office needs you pronto. Santa needs help answering all those letters from children…or maybe you can just help the families and buy the kids a gift.

This year, due to the catastrophic events that took place in  Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, special focus will be on the families in these areas.

Operation Santa has been in effect for the past 105 years, isn’t that amazing? The program lets individuals “adopt” a letter written to Santa and respond.

Of course this is done on a volunteer basis.

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