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Trayvon Martin Rally and March plus photos before the date 088

‘No Justice No Peace!’ – From Pershing Square to City Hall: L.A. Million Hoodie March: Video & Photos

*Thousands attended the L.A. Million Hoodie March and Rally, Monday afternoon, March 26, when a single concerned citizen, reached out to community activists to help send a message to lawmakers. They urged for justice for the now deceased 17-year-old Trayvon Martin with the arrest of his killer, George Zimmerman.

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Community leaders also sent a message to lawmakers and regular citizens alike to stand against racism and racial profiling and to repeal the controversial “Stand Your Ground Law,” in Florida.

Although a photographer by profession, first time activist, Zsanae Davis rallied together community workers and organized the L.A. Million Hoodie March.  It was a peaceful demonstration without incident as protesters demanded justice for Martin, an African American teenager who was followed and killed while walking home from the convenient store. His killer claimed self defense in the shooting death and was not charged.

“I thought of this on a Thursday after watching the March in New York. I did some research and realized there wasn’t much going on in Los Angeles to address this issue and support Trayvon’s family… Since Los Angeles is the second biggest city if not the biggest city in America and I knew we had to do something.”

Four days later, Davis and supporters had galvanized a diverse group of Angelinos, including L.A’s 102.3/KJLH radio show host, Adai Lamar; actresses Tichina Arnold and Jennifer Lewis, as well as a host of community leaders, faith based organizations and other activists. Plus, there were many average citizens.  All who filled the streets and marched from Pershing Square to L.A. City Hall, chanting “No justice, no peace!” and demanding attention.

The L.A. Million Hoodie March supporters include NAACP, California; the ANSWER Coalition; Najee Ali and Project of Islamic Hope; Al Sharpton and National Action Network; Bishop Noel Jones; Bishop Craig A. Worsham; Pastor Michael B. Kelly II; Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition; Vamos Unidos USA; KIWA (Korea Town Immigrant Workers Alliance); AF3IRM; Michael Skolnik, co-president of and KmB of Pro-People Youth.

Check out the video and photos below from the event by EURweb’s Billie Jordan:



(Left) SK8 Wars team member, Dunte (Center) William Lamar, Founder of SK8 Wars (Right) Young A

SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour Plans for Next Year (Photos & Video)

Soulja Boy performing at SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, March 17, 2012

*Skate Wars Productions LLC marked the beginning of a new class of organized skating competitions; when the founders began preparing the city of Los Angeles to support urban skateboarders and extreme sports.

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The results of their planning and efforts culminated with the first SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour at the L.A. Sports Arena March, 2012.

“It was a wonderful thing to witness, there was a tremendous turn out of skaters; it was a beautiful skating course and management was good,” President of Maui Cruzer Skateboards, Glover Cleveland said. “I see it as having the potential for becoming the X Games for amateur skaters.”

Cleveland said he hadn’t seen so many inner city skateboarders turn out for a competition in his the entire 15 years of manufacturing skateboards. And so,  according to industry professionals like Cleveland, because SK8 Wars founder’s primary goal is to support urban youth, the first SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour was a success; but not without obstacles that the SK8 Wars Productions team said they plan to resolve.

As Skate wars  Productions LLC moves forward, two day skate camps are planned, in addition to demo skate events from city to city, throughout the year. Improvements in discussion for SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2013 include age classifications, added competition categories to address different skating styles, full use of course apparatuses and revamped judging methods. For more information visit:

 Photo Gallery SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour ~  March 2012

Video clip: SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 contestants warming up to compete.



Extreme Sports at Home in Urban LA with First ‘SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour’

A Thrilling Moment at SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012

*It was a cool rainy day in March, and it was a Saturday that Los Angeles can remember.

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There was sported exhilaration, speeding jumps and boyish, athletic saunter. There was movement, and the invincibleness of youth. Plus, there was hip-hop and Rock swagger in the house sheltered from the rain, under one roof at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

As Skate Wars Productions LLC marked its  move toward dominance in the skateboarding industry and towards popularity of skateboarding in mainstream athletic entertainment, they did it with support from hip-hop and rock stars, including Soulja Boy along with  Rick Thorne and The Good Guys in Black, among others. They also did it with support of organizations city wide, who sponsored youth to attend SK8 Wars, the skateboarding Urban battles AM Tour.

The musical performances at SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 were a diverse Hip-Hop and Rock mix. SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 was an example of the changing face of urban culture and skateboard enthusiast; evolved past the former renegade punk image, however still wild and fun. Different too, is the organization’s mission.

Excited Sk8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 crowd

“It’s all about the kids,” SK8 Wars Productions LLC, event coordinator, Kimberly Lamar said. “We’ve been paying attention to the youth and we’ve watched as extreme sports have grown in interest. We thought it was time to showcase what we’ve seen,” she said.

SK8 Wars productions and its affiliates sponsored over 100 hundred kids to attend SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012.

Soula Boy and staff of SK8 Wars Productions

When a host of popular stars showed to the L.A. Sports Arena, they helped to mark the beginning of a new excitement in urban Los Angeles. SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM tour’s producers said “SK8 Wars is more than just a competition. It’s a movement.”

Although, the sport of skateboarding hasn’t always had the best reputation for its participants, the staff at SK8 Wars Productions have set out to highlight what’s positive about this sport; it’s athleticism. They set out to shine a light on unrecognized athletes in the community who demonstrate physical discipline and artistry using their skateboards, while providing a platform for them to develop and share their talents with each other and their communities.

“There is already true inner city skating talent in Los Angeles, and the annual SK8 Wars competition will spotlight them,” Founder of SK8 Wars, William Lamar said.

What Inspired SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour

Soula Boy and fans at Sk8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012

Despite the stereotype that blacks aren’t good at extreme sports like swimming, skiing and skateboarding; SK8 Wars’ founders, were impressed with the popularity of these activities and the skill level of blacks participating in extreme activities abroad. An initiative of Skate Wars Productions LLC is to encourage variety in athletic expression in urban youths, while encouraging health and physical activity.

Among the benefits the founders of SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour move to support:

  • A thrilling sport that fosters camaraderie and outdoors physical activity.
  • Organized sportsmanship for skateboarding athletes.
  • Athletic Scholarships

    SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, co-host, Asia Shabazz and first, scond and third place winnners.

  • Mentor-ships
  • Interest in extreme sports
  • Training and support
  • A variety of fun alternatives to urban delinquency
  • Lifetime  healthy friendships
  • Sportive prestige

About SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012

SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour is the largest skateboarding competition and hip-hop and rock concert of 2012.  SK8 Wars, 2012 judges included, professional skateboard legends ~ Anthony Mosley, Gold winner X Games, 2006, Jake Brown; Pep Williams, Sal Barbier and Fabian Alomar. Among the festivities were hot performances by musical artists; headliner, Soulja Boy, The New Boyz, Rick Thorne & Good Guys in Black, The Ranger$, Stredford End, Da Wonder Broz, DJ Reflex and Brian James.

1st Place Winner, SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 ~ Carlos Lastia

SK8 Wars Urban Battles Am Tour, 2012 Hosts: Actor, Darris Love and co-host R&B singer, Asia Shabazz. First Place winner: Carlos Lastia, of Longbeach; Second Place winner, Justin Smolenski, of Springfield, Illinois; Third Place winner, Jordan Maxham, of Los Angeles.

2nd and 3rd place winners, SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 ~ Justin Smolenski; Jordan Mayham

SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 was a mix of hip-hop with rock performances in one arena. Professional skateboarders judged contestants who competed for $5,000 in cash and prizes. SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 marked the beginning of a new excitement in L.A. as urban Los Angeles proved interest in extreme sports, and came to the L.A Sports Arena; some to compete and others as thrilled spectators. The competitions took place on a large skateboarding ramp built inside the L.A. Sports Arena. A host of child stars came to enjoy the activities including. Actor, Carlon Jeffery of A.N.T farm, Actors, Casey Jon Deidrick & Freddie Smith of ‘Days of Our Lives’, Actress, Bryce Hitchcock and many more.  Los Angeles’ very own, KJLH Radio morning host, Adai Lamar showed and gave away prizes and skateboards to the audience.


American Rapper, Soulja Boy

Urban Skateboarders Battle it Out While Hip-Hop Rock Concert Headlining Soulja Boy Jumps Off

Action Skaterboarding

*Skate Wars Production, LLC fast tracks skateboarding excitement and competition in L.A., with  the first “SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour” at L.A. Sports Arena Saturday, March 17, from 1 to 7p.m. Celebrity skateboarding judges will evaluate inner city youth who compete for  a total of $5,000 in cash and prizes.

While the competition takes place, in the concert room at the L.A. Sports Arena, music lovers and skating enthusiast can enjoy Sk8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour’s all day, Hip-Hop/ Rock concert performances, hosted by skateboarder, Darris Love. Artist include, headliner Soulja Boy, The New Boyz, Rick Thorne & Good Guys in Black, The Ranger$, Stretford End,  DA Wonder Broz, and Brian James.

The sport of skateboarding has made a cross over, and is no longer just a suburban past time. Since urban youths have recognized and are excelling in this sport, Sk8 Wars is preparing the community to support this. “We want to bring  celebrity  skateboarders to the inner city and create a platform to support hidden stars in the  community,” SK8 Wars founder, William Lamar said. There is already true inner city skating talent in Los Angeles, and the Sk8 Wars competition will spotlight them.

Professional Skateboarder, Anthony Mosley is host of SK8 Wars Urban Battle AM Tour, 2012. While, top skateboard superstars like Jake Brown, Gold winner, X Games 2006, plus, Professional Skateboarder, Pep Williams, are judges. Other SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour, 2012 judges include legends Sal Barbier and Fabian Alomar, one of the original Z-Boys. Watch the video below for a personal invite from Soulja Boy to the L.A. Sports Arena, March 17 to catch the action.

“Skateboard competitions foster support, passion for extreme sports and excitement, and they bring us out doors together,” Lamar said.  “It’s another option for urban  youth  to  keep  physically active while having fun and it beats video games by a long shot, for fitness.”

The Ranger$, to perform at SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour

The most innovative of skateboarders will show off their talents to thousands of skateboard enthusiasts and judges. The 1st place athlete will win $2,500 in cash and prizes. Sk8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour features a specialty skate park inside the LA Sports Arena. Also, great bands and 20 + action sports, food, beverages and entertainment vendors.

As Sk8 Wars Productions, LLC  recognized the need for economically viable alternatives to keep kids physically fit, educated, and entertained, they knew it was important to provide a safe forum for friendly competition and quality entertainment.

SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour  is the ultimate outcome for Skate Wars Productions, LLC founder, Williams Lamar. He began his mission in Los Angeles to help start a new genre for skating. Skate Wars Productions, LLC community outreach efforts include giving away free skateboards to youths who participate in summer community & graffiti clean-up programs, free surf lessons and surf contests at local beaches, mentoring and skate workshops.

FOR MEDIA REQUEST contact Billie Jordan or 323-383-2687. Production Office / HOT LINE # 310-695-6571 Tickets for “SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour” are available at the Sports Arena Box Office/Ticketmaster and at General Admission – $20 in advance and $25 at the gate. VIP Tickets – $50 (Subject to Ticketmaster handling fee)                        



Braxton Women & Therapist Discuss Reality With Wendy Williams (Video)

*There is a lot to talk about as The Braxton Family Values season finale approaches and to re-hash it all the Braxtons and talk show host, Wendy Williams showed up at“The Braxton Family Values” reunion taping. It will air Thursday, March 29 at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv.

Though, with a few questions of her own – Williams arrived with a different approach from the way she handles her talk show, but she expressed excitement to find out answers, still.

“They were very dramatic this season, I’ve got a lot to ask,” Williams said. However, “my goal is to moderate, since everyone thinks of me as such an opinionated person,” she said.

Williams was particularly concerned about Trina and Gabe’s marriage and she planned to find out why Towanda gives to everybody else and never thinks of herself. Plus, what’s going on with her and Andre, Williams wants to know.

Traci said she couldn’t believe some of the faces she made in the second season and took her sisters’ requests to lose weight seriously, and said she’s already shed pounds.

The sisters alternate favorites, Trina and Towanda Braxton are best buds right now, watch the video below and see. Plus, Evelyn Braxton, the mother, tells what each of her girls were like when they were children and has something interesting to say about daughter Tamar’s cosmetic enhancements.

About tension and jealousy between superstar Toni Braxton and her younger sister rising star Tamar, Dr. Sherry was there to discuss. And of Toni’s independence of her sisters, Dr. Sherry said she commends her for bringing her sisters along and this is an issue that Toni will have to continue to deal with.

The Braxton Family Values season finale airs Thursday, March 22 9pm ET/PT on WE tv.

Watch the EURweb video report below

In this Braxton Family Values EURweb video report: We asked sensitive questions, including:

Why Tamar underwent cosmetic surgery?

Is Traci still explosive after losing weight?

How Toni handles her illness?

Are any of the sisters insecure?

Will Toni pull away from her sisters?

Plus, Wendy Williams laughs in the face of reporter, Billie Jordan – You won’t want to miss this. It’s embarrassing, but funny. Besides, EURweb boss man Lee Bailey said to leave it in, so we did. :)

The Red Carpet Video Report is filmed and produced
By Billie Jordan, the voice behind the camera,
for EURweb.  Special thanks to 135st Agency’s Saptosa Foster.


Black Celebrities Have Faith in Hollywood During Oscar Week (Photos / Videos)

*Not the typical setting for a religious event was the Taglyan Cultural Complex in Hollywood. But esteemed black celebrities sprinkled in prepared to listen to gospel music, to tribute a fallen star and to honor a selected few, during Oscar week. They came to share faith stories and openly celebrate its presence in the entertainment industry with the 1st annual Gospel Goes to Hollywood, 2012.

In the spirit of the Oscars, seveal of Hollywood’s familiar black celebrities, including Kim Whitley and Sheryl Lee Ralph announced performances and handed out awards.  Comedian Jonathan Slocumb tried to get the luncheon started, asking participants to take their seats, but it took a stronger more in command, although feminine voice, Desiree Jackson, to finally get the crowd’s attention moving the show along. Jackson belted out in song for just a few moments, and set the tone for a gospel and musically stirring event.

A participant in the hallway asked when is this thing going to start. Another answered, Noon CPT time. But, the show didn’t start too late, and judging from the standing ovation when Angella Christie performed playing her saxophone – saluting Whitney Houston, the short wait was well worth it.

As the celebrities and their families and friends sat down for an elegant lunch of salad, salmon and beef , roasted potatoes and steamed asparagus and carrots – the Gospel Goes to Hollywood 2012 celebrity host and guests entertained. Plus, Bill Duke, Curtis King and Loretta Devine were honored for their outstanding achievements.  One-by-one, each honoree credited hard work and a steady dose of faith as the power behind their successes.

In front of a large screen showing clips of Whitney Houston throughout the years, CeCe Winans performed a special tribute to the recently belated. Donnie McClurkin performed in tribute to Houston, as well. CeCe tickled the audience with facts about her friendship and said everybody who knew Whitney knows how hyper she was. She said also, one thing she was sure of was that Whitney knew God loved her.

“No matter what we do, no matter what our call is we all have to be reminded of why we do what we do. And that we really all have but one responsibility and that is to please the audience of one,” Winans said before singing “For Love Alone” from her album entitled CeCe Winans.

The red carpet walk featured a few impressive appearances; from Loretta Devine to Kimberly Elise; and from Bill Duke to Jimmy Jean Louis as well as Yvette Nicole Brown, Mo & Kita, Tonya Young Williams, Bentley Kyle Evans and more.

Gospel Goes to Hollywood, 2012 was hosted by Wendy Raquel Robinson. Terry Crews was scheduled to co-host, but couldn’t show, and instead appeared on a pre-recorded video. His wife, Rebecca Crews showed in his stead and spoke briefly regarding her husband’s faith.   She also, joked, she should have her own show and then Robinson later replied from your lips to God’s ears.

Gospel Goes to Hollywood benefits The Helpppping Hands Foundation, a non-profit organization; and is produced by Tomeka Holyfield of The Helpppp Agency, based in Atlanta, GA.

Watch the EURweb Red Carpet Report below  Entertainers – actors, comedians, musical artists, and entertainment executives talk about faith and how they use it in their careers on the red carpet at Gospel Goes to Hollywood, 2012.  Here’s a few of the faces you’ll see  - Loretta Devine, Kimberly Elise, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jimmy Jean Louis, Wendy Raquel Robinson and more.