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jamaal bernard sr

Pastor Jamaal Bernard Announces CCC’S New Long Island Opening

jamaal bernard sr.

Pastor Jamaal Bernard Sr.

*(Brooklyn, NY) — Pastor Jamaal Bernard, Sr. Pastor of CCC Long Island church and son of Reverend A.R. Bernard, Sr., founder of Christian Cultural Center (CCC) in Brooklyn announced the location of CCC’s new Long Island Church.

The church will open on Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 10 A.M. located at the following location: UPSKY Long Island Hotel ~1100 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788.

Sunday, February 15 is the soft launch of CCC’s Long Island chapter, followed by the hard launch on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rev. A.R. Bernard, Sr. shared his thoughts about his son’s appointment as the pastor of the new CCC Long Island Campus, “I’m excited and looking forward to see how God is going to use him.”

Pastor Jamaal Bernard, Sr. said, “CCC’s Long Island campus is a father and son ministry. Pastor Jamaal continues as he uses a sprinters’ relay race analogy,    “Together we are at the time in the relay race when the passing of the baton is in both of our hands.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Pastor Jamaal is the founder of CCC’s youth ministry C3, and co-founder of its Young Adult Ministry. He has assisted in advancing various small groups within CCC, including the marriage ministry and has led individuals across the globe on evangelical mission trips to Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines, Jamaica, Haiti and New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina, New York for Hurricane Sandy and Galveston, Texas for Hurricane Ike.

My father taught me that no matter how good the preacher is at ministering, if he is lacking in the operations aspect of the church…the church has a high possibility to fail,” Pastor Jamaal said.

Pastor Jamaal has ministered his message to various churches, married couples and youth groups in other countries including: Singapore, Australia, Puerto Rico and Guatemala, to name a few.

“My focus is to establish myself as a minister, preacher and teacher while managing a growing global presence,” says Pastor Jamaal.  “I want to change lives and grow individuals back to the basis approach…to become Unapologetic Ambassadors for Christ.”

About Pastor Jamaal Bernard

Pastor Jamaal Bernard is the son of Rev. A.R. Bernard, Sr., founder of Christian Cultural Center and his mother Pastor Karen Bernard in Brooklyn, NY.  As Pastor of CCC, his duties included Chief of Operations and Director of Public Safety, as well as the overseer of Ministry of Helps, CCC Medical Staff Unit and Customer Representative Training.  He superintends all aspects of security and aids in addressing the needs of the congregation and visitors.  Pastor Jamaal is supported by his wife of sixteen years, Rita Bernard and their four children; Kamryn, Stephanie, Jamaal Jr. and Liam.

About Christian Cultural Center (CCC)

Christian Cultural Center began as a small parish in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York in 1978. Our present Senior Pastor, Rev. A. R. Bernard, left a ten-year banking career, to follow the call of God on his life to full time ministry to become the founding Pastor. With his wife Karen Bernard at his side the church began with a small membership, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching out to its local community in Brooklyn.

Today Christian Cultural Center sits on an 11.5-acre campus with a registered membership of over 37,000. Visit,,

Twitter: JamaalBernard

IG: Jamaal_Bernard

Youtube Jamaal Bernard




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the pyramid

Teen Life Fills the Big Screen in ‘At the Top of the Pyramid’

12805138-36ed-48ef-a119-d4c5c1fbf2c6*Los Angeles – Oh, the teen angst of those high school years! No matter how old you are, memories of high school, whether good or bad, seem to always linger. Well, “Bring It On” meets “Friday Night Lights” in the new flick “At the Top of the Pyramid” by Slamgate Productions in conjunction with the Mozell Entertainment Group. The film will hit theatres in limited theatrical release, beginning March 2015 before heading to On Demand, Pay-Per-View, cable television, and other digital platforms.

Directed by Lawrence Jordan, “At the Top of the Pyramid”, is an upbeat, action-packed dramedy about a group of teenagers who struggle with peer pressure and family issues while trying to find the courage to follow their own hearts. The character-driven dramedy, infused with music, is a classic teen, coming-of-age film, complete with a diverse ensemble cast, introducing fresh faces Isaac J. Sullivan, Elle McLemore, Michael W. Peterson, and Jessica Luza, along with Dean Cain (“Hit the Floor,” “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”) and Steve Guttenberg (“Diner” and the “Police Academy” franchise).

The film is executive produced by Mark A. Peterson of Slamgate Productions and written and co-executive produced by Richard Willis Jr. of Mozell Entertainment Group. Karen T. Bolt served as a producer on this project as well. In consultation with producers, overseeing the distribution strategy for “At the Top of the Pyramid” is Regenerate Entertainment. The film made its world premiere at the 2014 Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles, grabbing nominations for acting and writing awards.

The music also serves as a supporting cast member with the soundtrack, infused with hip hop beats, compliments of rapper REYN, a Brooklyn-born artist with hip hop, R & B and folk and pop influences. In support of the film, Mo-Slam Music released two singles from the soundtrack – that is, “Spizzo” and “Supastar.” Mo-Slam Music is an independent music production label and record company, and a joint venture of Mozell Entertainment Group and Slamgate Productions.

Warm, but exciting, “At the Top of the Pyramid,” unfolds into an intense study of teenage social hierarchy, and the adults who dare to guide the teens through it all.

Coming Soon

“At the Top of the Pyramid”| 88 minutes | movie synopsis

“At the Top of the Pyramid” delves deeply into the dreams, nightmares, fears and insecurities that haunt teenagers, and ultimately illustrates the resiliency of the human spirit. Jamie Parker (Elle McLemore) is a spitfire of a girl. She has spirit, spunk and killer athletic skills that take her to the top. Unfortunately, she suffers a devastating fall at a cheerleading championship competition, which causes her much embarrassment and loss of confidence in the sport. Suffering a bruised ego from the humiliation of the accident, the family decides to relocate, and Jamie hopes this is the beginning of a fresh start. However, her father’s death forces a return to her old high school, and there we meet her group of friends, frenemies and suitors.

Jamie and her crew – that is, Marcuss (Isaac J. Sullivan), Diana (Jessica Luza), and CW (Michael W. Peterson)  — take us on an adventure where new alliances are formed; relationships are ignited; and loyalties are tested. Jamie struggles with the true meaning of courage, trust and friendship, and eventually works her way back to the top of the pyramid. After all, #winning is the endgame.

“At the Top of the Pyramid” is filled with music and sports; dance and romance; friendships and family, all set within the world of teenage angst and pathos.

Watch the “AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID” Trailer here:

Watch the music video “Supastar” from the “At the Top of the Pyramid” soundtrack:

Listen to the single, “Spizzo”  and “Supastar,” plus other music by REYN, at the link below:




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jesse williams - sclc

Actor/Activist Jesse Williams Takes Home Drum Major for Justice Award

Actor/Activist, Jesse Williams (Right)

Actor/Activist, Jesse Williams (Right) took home the Drum Major for Justice Award at the SCLC-SC Legacy Awards Gala

*During the recent King Week in Los Angeles, the SCLC-SC Legacy Awards Gala honored six individuals who continue to do work inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The award recipients were Jesse Williams (Actor, Activist) who took home the Drum Major for Justice Award, Peggy Dammond Preacely (Member of SNCC, a Freedom Rider and MHP-retired), Helen and Dr. Robert Singleton (Former SNCC members and Freedom Riders Respectively) who took home the Rosa Parks Humanitarian Award, K.W. Tullos (Director of National Action Network) awarded the Rev. Thomas Kilgore, Jr. Prophetic Witness Award, and Attorney Jamie Wright who took home the Emerging Leader Award

Jesse Williams awarded the Drum Major for Justice Award made a profound speech reminding us of where we are in current times with topics regarding race, activism, and technology.

SCLC of Southern California is a community resource that works to improve conditions of the impoverished.  Pastor William Smart, Jr. (CEO of SCLC-SC) states, “SCLC-SC clearly understands its mission in these modern times, closing the economic gap  and all the vestiges that creates racism and poverty- and pushing forward with one of the oldest tools that empowered the most people – the right to vote 50 years after the civil Rights Act of 1965.

2015 Jessie Williams Acceptance: Drum Major for Justice Award 




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stop attack app

Stop Street Harassment, Bullying, and Assault with Anthony Bright’s ‘Stop Attack’ Mobile App

stop attack app

*Los Angeles Officially launched in January (2015), the Stop-Attack  app to leverage smartphone technology and make the world a safer place for everyone. Whether it’s bullying, street harassment or something even more sinister, the app will record audio and video evidence and alert contacts of trouble in a matter of seconds. The developers of Stop-Attack have created a pair of explainer videos to showcase exactly how the app works in typical usage scenarios: “Always Be Prepared,” “Bullying.”

“We need to stop the senseless violence and assaults in this world,” said Anthony “Tony” Bright, the creator of Stop-Attack. “Our hope is that will be a powerful tool in this struggle. The app has been developed with simplicity as a core feature, so that even younger children can be protected, giving parents much-needed peace of mind.” The CEO is presenting the Stop-Attack app at the Pre-Grammy Awards VIP Gift Lounge and The Oscars Gift Lounge hosted by GBK productions this February.

Watch Video drawing: Shows how women can protect themselves by using the STOP-ATTACK app to deter potential Assaults

The app can be downloaded in the Google Play or iTunes store, and is available for free now until February 8, 2015.

Google Play link:

iTune Download Link:

Stop-Attack users will be able to customize many aspects of the app, such as creating a “Panic List” of people for the app to contact in an emergency, from friends and family to local first responders.

When a user activates Stop-Attack, the app instantly begins recording live audio and video and uploading the stream to the cloud. Panic List contacts and designated first responders are notified immediately or after a brief, user-determined delay. The app will send the contacts a link with the GPS location and the recording of the incident.

anthony 'tony' bright

Anthony ‘Tony’ Bright, the creator of Stop-Attack

A hot key allows for quick and discrete activation of the Stop-Attack app. For instance, a bully need not know they’re being recorded until presented with the evidence by a school authority. On the other hand, it’s sometimes advantageous to let everyone know that Stop-Attack is recording; users can choose for the app to play an alarm sound and turn on the camera light when activated, a strong deterrent to a would-be attacker.

Everyone who is serious about personal, physical safety in the digital age is encouraged to follow Stop-Attack on all the major social media outlets:

Stop-Attack soon available for both Android and Apple devices. To learn more about this game-changing safety technology, contact [email protected].

About Stop-Attack

Stop-Attack is the inaugural product from Braxington Technologies, LLC. Founder Anthony (Tony) Bright has a proven track record of excellence, leading multinational teams serving technology, life sciences, entertainment and cross-industry companies for over 25 years. Bright self-funded Braxington Technologies to pursue his interests in innovative, practical technologies and services. The company has the primary mission of providing services to combat against both verbal and physical assault.

Bright is known to his countless business colleagues as a technology visionary with a passion for solving problems. He was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science with a minor in business administration from Upsala College. His associations include: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Harlem Black Achievers Award Recipient and Member of the International Bullying Prevention Association.

Bright’s rare combination of technical acumen, excellent communication and solid project management experience has enabled him to pioneer the development of socially conscious apps that will aid millions of people and hopefully save lives. Learn more about his professional experience and vision at Email inquiries can be sent to [email protected].




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chris bosh

Chris Bosh is Chris Justice: Back to the Force in ‘Tall Justice 2′

chris bosh

Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh plays Chris Justice, a washed out meter maid, in “Tall Justice 2.” Asked back to the force, Justice is framed & finds culprit red handed.

*Look who’s getting his comedic acting chops on.

In “Tall Justice 2,” Miami Heat, star, Chris Bosh plays Chris Justice, a washed out meter maid who is bummed out about incidents on the job.  Asked back to the force he is framed and works to find out who did it before its too late.

The comedy short about corruption in the land of meters and parking signs, is written by Michael Burke and Alex Richanbach, and parodies a handful of dramatic detective stories with more criminal plots.

When fellow parking enforcement officer, ‘Spud’ played by Joe Hartzler knocks at Justice’s silver trailer bus, Justice lounging at a table cluttered with empty bottles, yell’s out, “What do you want.”

Spud spews back, “You may be done with the game justice but the game’s not done with you. We need you back… One last job Justice,” Spud says.

Justice no longer believes that he is meter maid material, after incidents that resulted in the traffic attendant’s partner leaving for a new city. He agrees to come back, however, when spud tells him that the trouble goes deeper then meter maiding; there is corruption in the force.

Justice, now coerced back into service finds that there is confusion everywhere. Parking spaces that don’t make any sense and more trumped up meter troubles.

While out in the field, Justice saves a sexy lady from parking in a restricted space that she’d get fined in. When the woman gets out of her car he realizes out loud that she is already ‘fine.’

The chief, played by Hal Rudnick warns Justice to back off. Meanwhile Justice wants to know who’s profiting from the troubles.

When clues turn up like evidence hidden on top shelves suggest that the perpetrator is a tall person, Spud interrogates Justice: “How do you explain this Justice; that guy’s tall you’re tall?” Justice runs off declaring that he’s been framed.

chris bosh

Chris Bosh in “Tall Justice 2″

Justice goes undercover in white face, played by Actor, Dashiell Driscoll. With his mask on, hiding from a police officer looking for him at the door, Justice tells the cop “sorry officer I have never seen that handsome man before in my life.”

Meanwhile it seems that he may get some undercover action with a ‘Good Lookin’ Lady,’ played by Actress, Corbin Reid.

Lying in bed, the good lookin’ lady, ask Justice how deep does it go. He tells her it goes deep, real deep…

He’s talking about the corruption, though. It goes all the way to the chief, Justice said.

Justice later discovers that Spud has framed him when he catches him red handed. Spud is found with stilts on planting tall meter signs that implicate Justice.

With Funny Or Die, Chris Bosh returns to NBA TV this fall as Chris Justice in “Tall Justice 2.”

Watch the trailer here:

About Chris Bosh

Early July last year, 30-year-old Chris Bosh who previously signed with the Miami Heat,  became a free agent.  The 6’11 basket ball star born in Dallas Texas  signed a multi-year contract; later that month. He is currently under a renewed contract with Miami Heat.  Bosh to make free agent status again in 2019.

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Hits Featuring Malik Yusef Nominated in Three Grammy Categories

images*Introducing  critically acclaimed spoken word artist, Malik Yusef, the wordsmyth from the infamous south-side of Chicago. Yusef is an artist signed to Kanye West’s record label G.O.O.D Music in which West recently green-lighted Yusef’s fourth album.

Hit songs Yusef collaborates in are nominated for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in three categories with label mates Kanye West and Common for; Best Rap Album, Common, “Nobody’s Smiling,” Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Kanye West & Charlie Wilson, “Bound 2” and Best Rap Song, Kanye West & Charlie Wilson, “Bound 2.”

images (1)Yusef, represents the pinnacle of his craft;  after intense and competitive bidding for his services by a host of international publishers, Yusef agreed to sign with the world’s largest music publisher, Universal Music Publishing. As an artist, Yusef is most recently featured on Common’s critically acclaimed album “Nobody’s Smiling.”

He was also a featured producer on the legendary band WAR’s first studio album in 20 years which was released June 2014. As one of Kanye West’s most trusted contributors, his most recent feat was co-writing 8 out the 10 songs on International Super Star 6th release “Yeezus” which sold 327,000 copies the first week, went No.1 on Billboard, and is currently Platinum Certified with RIAA.

Prior to this album he was a writer and artist on 2012s Top 10 best-selling rap album “Cruel Summer” featuring Kanye West and the rest of his G.O.O.D. Music team and he co-wrote 7 songs on Kanye’s Double Platinum, 5th release and Rolling Stone Album of the Year “My Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

Yusef is also credited as a writer/producer/collaborator on Kanye’s critically acclaimed Film Runaway which contains much of Yusef’s music. With so much talent it is no wonder Yusef has been able to build and maintain incredible industry connections and relationships with the likes of Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, and Adam Levine….!bio/c1adp

Watch Video with Malik Yusef, Kanye West & JV here:

Malik Yusef is on social media: 


Facebook fan page:




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