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Decontee Sawyer with husband Patrick.

Watch: Ebola Victim Who Sparked Fear of a Global Outbreak Was Headed Home to Minnesota

Decontee Sawyer with husband Patrick.

Decontee Sawyer with husband Patrick.

*Patrick Sawyer, 40, died of the horrific Ebola disease, in Lagos, Nigeria on Friday, before he could step foot on the plane that would have brought him home to his wife in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. The Sawyer’s are originally from Liberia, but have relatives in the States as well as in West Africa.

Patrick was planning to come to America in August to celebrate the birthdays of his two girls.

Decontee Sawyer, 34, said her husband had contracted the incurable virus from his sister in Liberia. The virus has killed more than 700 people across West Africa and one man, Kent Brantley, was actually treating Ebola patients when he discovered that he, too, had the symptoms.

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Morgan Freeman

No Discrimination Here: 8 Celebrities ‘Living Out Loud’ with Severe Illnesses

Morgan Freeman*Its easy to get caught up in believing that the lives of the “rich and famous” is perfect. But there is one thing that even money and being popular can’t buy: good health.

Time and again audiences have come to hear stories about one celebrity’s brush with the IRS, or another celebrity’s breakup; but we don’t often hear about the challenges some of our most loved people of note go through  – some in silence, others out loud.

Yet they all continue to move forward in spite of it. Here are 8 such people.

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Cop applies choke-hold on a Rosan Miller

7 Months Pregnant Rosan Miller Put in Chokehold For…Grilling BBQ

Pregnant woman (rosan miller) in chokehold

Cop applies choke-hold on a pregnant Rosan Miller

*If it wasn’t for the photo, this might be a bit hard to prove. But police are investigating whether a cop put a seven-months-pregnant woman in a chokehold as he attempted to bust her because she was grilling on a sidewalk in Brooklyn — an incident caught on film.

Photos released Monday by an East New York advocacy group show Rosan Miller, 27, struggling with a cop who appears to have his arm around her neck.

Though the NYPD prohibits the use of chokeholds, it appears its police officers never got the memo.

Officers went to the Millers home over the weekend because the woman was grilling on a public sidewalk in violation of local law, cops said. The “visit” ended with Rosan Miller, her brother and husband all in handcuffs.

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Delta Airlines

Delta Passengers Raise Stink After Parents Encourage Toddler to Poop on Planes’ Seat

Delta Airlines*We’ve seen how proud parents act when their little tyke or tykette makes a poo-poo like a big boy or girl.

But when a Chinese couple decided to encourage their toddler to go poo-poo and then commenced to spreading newspaper down on the airplane seat for him to do so, Delta Airlines customers really kicked up a stink.

The flight, which originated in Beijing and is thought to have left late last week, was headed to Detroit; and travelers watched in disbelief as the family is said to have ignored pleas from the airplane crew and passengers – who asked them to take the child to the restroom.

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sharron laverne parrish

Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr. Cons Apple Out of $300K with ‘Simple But Brilliant’ Scam

apple-store*I guess its clear that some people simply adore their Apple products.

The iconic retailer has taken over the tech marketplace with iPhones, Mac computers, and anything else a tech-savvy person could possibly want. Plus, once you buy their products, all you have to do, if you run into trouble with it, is walk right in to any Apply store and a one of their techies will be happy to assist you.

But one customer the company is sorry they ever laid eyes on is 24-year-old Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr. The man loves Apple products so much that he allegedly scammed the company – not once, but 42 times, according to Tampa Bay Times’ Patty Ryan.

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Tow truck driver bitten

Mad at Repo Man! Woman Bites Tow Truck Driver & Smashes Windows on Her Caddy (Watch)

Tow truck driver bitten

*Some people go berserk when the repo man tries to take their ride.

Just ask the tow truck driver of an attempted repossession in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  A video of the incident is now going viral.

Authorities say the woman who previously owned the truck, broke the windows and bit the repo man! The “bitten man” and owner of Mission Towing and Recovery, Scott Fowler, does say that the bite is getting better, but he told the court on Tuesday that the video is causing him to get death threats from someone.

When Fowler found the early 2000s Cadillac Escalade, he went to work. But the owner was not going to let it go down like that. So when he loaded the car up to tow onto the street, 29 year-old Lakeisha Smith got in and revved up the engine, had the tires screeching, all in an attempt to get the truck down from the bed, to no avail.

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