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Judge’s Jaw Drops After Hearing Defendants Last Name

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*Especially if the name wasn’t your idea.

What if your great-grandparents came from Greece in the 1920s, changed their name from some ethnic-sounding name to “fit in” better once in America.

What if they had no reason whatsoever to suspect that one day, a name like this, would cause a real problem for their family because, well, cocaine is illegal.

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Ed Gordan Hosts ‘Do You Know Your Daddy?’

Ed Gordon

Ed Gordon

*Billed as an “African American and Latino Family Crisis,” award winning journalist Ed Gordon (President of Ed Gordon Media) will host a thought-provoking town hall discussion about the dynamics of fatherless households in America; particularly within African-American and Latino urban communities.

The event will be moderated by Cathedral International lead pastor, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr.

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jennifer hudson - pixie

Jennifer Hudson Holds Whitney Houston’s ‘Torch’ Near and Dear to Heart

jennifer hudson - pixie

*Jennifer Hudson has come a l-o-n-g way since that television talent show brought her to our attention and she’s showing no signs of slowing down!

Being a fashion diva, she posed for Net-A-Porter wearing attire from Oscar de la Renta and Herve Leger. But the topic of discussion was Whitney Houston passing over her torch.

“As a girl I’d sit in my momma’s house and sing ‘I Will Always Love You.’ That’s why [singing in tribute] was so overwhelming,” said Hudson. “I’m just grateful I got to meet Whitney. She came backstage and was like ‘I turn my torch over to you; you are The One.’ I was like ‘Oh my God! Did anybody else hear that?’ Had she not given me her blessing, I would have never stepped on that stage.”

Admitting to the enormous pressure to perform, Hudson says people often forget that getting to the spotlight is one challenge, but maintaining a career is even more difficult.

“What I feel about people you never hear from again is that they get too caught up in the hype,” explained the Grammy winner. “They think that just getting here is making it. No, it’s not making it. It’s like a losing-weight situation: it’s one thing to lose it, but it’s another to keep it off. Well, it’s one thing to make it, but it’s another thing to stay. [That is] why you have to constantly do stuff to keep people’s attention. It’s a hustle, it really is.”


Marlon Wayans & Co-star Jaime Pressly Talk ‘A Haunted House2′ With EURweb (Watch)


*Marlon Wayans and Jaime Pressley, who co-star in the new “A Haunted House2″ film which opens nationwide on Friday, April 18, sat down with EURweb sister site editor (EURThisNThat), DeBorah B. Pryor, to talk about the film. HH2 is the sequel to last years’ box-office hit, “A Haunted House,” which surprised everyone with its $18M opening weekend and $40M domestic overall take.

At the interview, which took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Wayans is his usual hilarious self, sharing insights on what drives his unusual comedic acting, and where some of his best material comes from.

In the 1st clip below, one experience in particular shows the comic and the editor sharing one of the weirdest stories you’ve ever heard; about something that happened to both of them. Its so weird, even Wayans himself has a hard time containing his laughter.

“You even said that at a funeral you could really find something [funny],” says Pryor. “That’s where we get our biggest laughs, me and my brother,” Wayans responds. “One of our cousins died on the toilet, oh god, we laughed so hard thinking about what kind of turd was he trying to get out that made him die.” DeBorah adds, “You know, I’ve never heard anyone else say that. I happen to also know someone who died on a toilet.”

“Are you serious? What is it about the toilet?” Wayans laughs.

In clip #2 below, Jaime Pressly speaks on her and Wayans’ long-time friendship; how she came to be his current girlfriend (replacing Essence Atkins character) in the film, always trying to one-up each other in comedy, and what its like playing the “typical white girl” role in the film as they poke fun at stereotypes.  Atkins plays a smaller, yet memorable role in HH2.

Jaime Pressly and Marlon Wayans in ‘A Haunted House2″
This bedroom scene depicts a “What da hell was that?” moment.

Pryor also asks Pressly how, as someone who hates doing love scenes in films, she got through the very intense one with Marlon in this film.

Michael Tiddes returns as director and Rick Alvarez and Marlon Wayans return as screenwriters. ”A Haunted House 2″ opens in North American theaters today (04-18-14).

michelle obama & easter bunny

PETA Goes After First Lady and Her Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Watch)

Easter Egg Hunt at White House

*Never let it be said that this writer doesn’t love animals or their “ethical treatment,” but seriously PETA…You’re using three adorable kids to go after FLOTUS because of her Easter Egg Hunt? You have them telling the First Lady how disappointed they are in her…and how she’s “better than that?”

Low blow.

But that’s what they’re doing folks. The latest target of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more fondly known as PETA, is First Lady Michelle Obama.

In other words, Mrs. Obama, PETA’s got a chicken wing to pick with you!

EU, sorry, I couldn’t resist!

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the jacksons

EUR Exclusive: The Jacksons Vegas Show Cancelled

Official Statement from ‘Rocktellz & Cocktails’ Creator tells a different story

Phoenix, 2014, 500

Phoenix is a former public relations and spokesperson for the Jackson family. He also managed Tito Jackson’s blues career.

* EURweb has just learned that The Jacksons‘ 40-date show at the Planet Hollywood’s PH showroom under the ‘Rocktellz & Cocktails’ format in Las Vegas, NV has been cancelled. The group’s final show was on Sunday, April 6, according to the official publicist.

This, eight days short of the originally planned end date.

A former Jacksons PR rep, spokesperson and former friend by the name of Phoenix is the bearer of this news. You may remember Phoenix: he authored the book, “Touched by the Jacksons” and later, the press release that told us the brothers’ Unity Tour would never come to pass.

Not ringing a bell yet?

Well how’s this? He’s the guy the Jackson brothers threatened for writing that press release.

Yes, him.

Well he’s back with an inside scoop on what he tells EURweb head honcho, Lee Bailey, is the real deal on why The Jacksons Las Vegas show was cancelled, and, well lets just say this,  its a different story than the “Official Statement” the show creator sent us.

“I just got a call from one of my sources in Las Vegas, directly from the Planet Hollywood Casino,” Phoenix tells Bailey. “…and I was informed that the Jackson brothers show – series of shows that they had booked there was cancelled…due to poor ticket sales and the actual production of the show was not up to par,” he continues.

“The actual brothers themselves, Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine could not deliver what they used to deliver back in the 70s and 80s when they were in their prime.”

In all fairness, few performers pushing 60 and up, can.

the jacksons

When Lee asks Phoenix if this is his opinion or if it is coming from Planet Hollywood he pretty much said it was “coming from things that I feel, but I heard throughout the conversation when I was speaking with my sources regarding that the Jacksons could not deliver…and the general public just wasn’t buying it.”

Phoenix says that during some of the nights of performance the house was either half or sometimes one-quarter full.

“The buyers knew they were losing money so they could no longer extend that contract on the original agreement that was given to The Jacksons.”

Phoenix claims he predicted this would happen and that the brothers were backed up against the wall to do these shows “because they were no longer riding the gravy train that Michael [Jackson] was providing for them when they were not working as a group or out there in the public.”

Referencing Michael as “the only talented Jackson,” Phoenix is questioned on his thoughts about Janet Jackson‘s abilities.

“As for Janet’s career, she’s what you call a ‘Flip side’ of Michael. Which is a copycat of Michael…But Janet has her own talent, I won’t say she’s not talented, but she will never be what Michael was. Not by a long shot.”

Phoenix goes on to tell Bailey that the Jackson brothers were “whipped into what they did” and equates their upbringing in the music business to a form of “slavery.”

“I don’t mean to speak very vulgar and sound negative, its just that they were slaves when Joe Jackson had them when they were growing up. And they were forced and whipped into that when they did not truly have that in their blood,” Phoenix continues emphatically.

Meanwhile, when we contacted the PR people for the show and asked if it was true that The Jacksons show had been cancelled due to poor ticket sales, they said it is true that the show was cancelled but that it was a “mutual decision” between The Jacksons and the show creators based on the fact that The Jacksons were sharing room space with the Meatloaf show. When Meatloaf left, another group was supposed to take his place. That group did not come on board leaving The Jacksons with little alternative but to cancel the remaining shows.

The Jacksons alternated times with Meat Loaf, who performed at 7 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Feb. 13 to April 8. The Jacksons performances were set for 9:30 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays through April 27; with single performance days on Tuesdays for Meat Loaf and Sundays for The Jacksons.

An official statement from Adam Steck, the creator and producer of RockTellz & CockTails reads,

“The Jacksons will be ending their run in RockTellz and CockTails at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino a bit earlier than expected,” said Steck, who is also CEO of SPI Entertainment. “The act they thought would share the room with them post-Meat Loaf unfortunately couldn’t make the dates work.”

So yes, on the one hand, some of what Phoenix says is true. Obviously, The Jackson’s could not fill the PH showroom at Planet Hollywood. But then again, looking at the official statement,

They never expected to.

the jacksons (on stage)