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Slave ship

Newspaper ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Slaveship-Airline Seating Comparison

Newspaper Apologizes For Slaveship-Airline Seating Comparison

*Oh joy. Another apology. Here we go again.

If you’ve read articles here over the past few weeks, you’ll understand the statement. If not, I spoke of how the apology – at least coming in the form of a statement from a business, seems to be losing its value or authenticity. Every time a business is accused of racism, based on some foolish, blatant act, they already seem to have a statement set-to-go about how they don’t tolerate racism in the workplace “so we’re sorry if we offended yaddy, yaddy, yah.”

Now, a Pennsylvania newspaper is apologizing for not thinking first, before they chose to publish a cartoon that compares the lack of comfort on modern-day air travel to the so-called “Middle Passage” — the trans-Atlantic leg of the slave trade that involved transporting captive Africans to the Americas to be sold into bondage.

They realized the insensitive error and have since deleted the image, but not before it was seen by some folks in the African American community. The cartoon ran in the Lancaster New Era last Saturday and depicts an elderly white couple studying a picture of a slave ship and thinking, “Must be where they got their idea for passenger seating.” From this we are to recall the hellish conditions under which African men, women and children were forcibly transported to the Americas and compare them to the present-day problem of uncomfortable seating on airplanes.

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(Newspaper Apologizes For Slaveship-Airline Seating Comparison)
James Herard

Convicted of Murder, Man ‘Dares’ Judge to Give Him Death Penalty

James Herard

James Herard

*So you want to be a shot-caller?

One Florida man who has made the decision to be odd whenever he appears in court may now get his chance to call the shots.

James Herard, 24, a former gang member with the Bacc Street Crips was convicted of a brutal armed robbery in 2008 at a Dunkin Donuts in Tamarac, Florida, has appeared in court barking like a dog, and now, in his recent court appearance, where he is actually trying to get a sentence overturned, he taunted the judge and dared her to give him the death penalty.

Interesting strategies, indeed. It’ll be even more interesting to see how they play out for him.

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Stock photo

Rare Blood Disease in Infant Revealed ‘Incest Secret’ in Family

Stock photo

Stock photo (not child referred to in story)

*A baby at a hospital in Springfield, Missouri was recently diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, a rare type of blood “cancer,” which made doctors question if there was more to why the baby has this in the first place. Their suspicions were aroused because  the blood disease is a rare genetic disorder that can be acquired or inherited, and is in some rare cases, the result of incest.

Though Dr. Michael Jordon, a pediatrician that works with  hematology and oncology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, tells The Stir that, “Recessive genetic disorders [like HLH but not excluded to HLH] may be more common when parents are related, but the vast majority of parents in the U.S. who have children with HLH aren’t related,” [but] there is still that small possibility that made doctors suspicious enough to contact the police in this case.

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L. A. Woman Vows to Take a Huge Dump’ on the Doorstep of Lazy Dog Owners (Video)

LA Woman Vows To Take Huge Dump' On The Doorstep Of Lazy Dog Owners

Street artist & muralist Annie “Love” promises to poop on the lawn of any lazy dog owner

*Holy crap! Pun intended.

We all get angry when someone lets their dog poop on our lawn and doesn’t clean it up. But one woman has taken her frustration with this to a whole new level.

She has actually posted a sign telling the owners of these dogs that if they don’t change their “M. O.” she’s going to “follow them home” and take “a huge dump” on their lawn.

The imagery alone is enough to make you squeal “EUuuuu!”

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(LA Woman Vows To Take Huge Dump’ On The Doorstep Of Lazy Dog Owners )
Daniele Watts and Brian James Lucas

Daniele Watts Said ‘We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’ … She Didn’t Say They Didn’t Have Sex in the Car (Editorial)

Daniele Watts and Brian James Lucas

Daniele Watts and Brian James Lucas

*Just keeping it real here.

Read between the lines. Someone calls the police on a couple who was said to be “having sex in a parked car.”

As it turns out, the accused is an actress, a black actress, and a “celebrity chef,” her white boyfriend. When asked to describe the couple the 911 caller said it was “a black woman wearing a shirt and floral shorts, and a white man with a black tank top,” according to police spokesman Lt. Andrew Neiman.

What we pulled from that was the race part because, well, you figure it out. But while you’re doing that, ask yourself this:  Are we allowing ourselves to become so emotionally engaged in the whole color thing that we are ignoring what may be the facts?

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(Danielle Watts Didn’t Say She Didn’t Have Sex In The Car)
Susan Hunt is consoled by her sister, Cindy Moss, after Utah police shot and killed her son, Darrien Hunt

White Mom Says Black Son Killed by Utah Police Because of Race

Susan Hunt is consoled by her sister, Cindy Moss, after Utah police shot and killed her son, Darrien Hunt

Susan Hunt is consoled by her sister, Cindy Moss, after Utah police shot and killed her son, Darrien Hunt

*Law officials are faced with the task of justifying the fatal shooting of yet another black man by their officers.

This time, the shooting occurred in Utah, where a 22-year-old African American man is gunned down by officers in Saratoga Springs because they allege he “lunged toward the officers with a sword.”

But Susan Hunt, the mother of Darrien Hunt, finds this hard to believe. She says her son was carrying a toy sword with a rounded edge, not a blade, that he had purchased as a souvenir at an Asisan store when he was killed. She criticized the police department saying she believes the outcome would have been different if he had not been black.

Now, as this family prepares the burial of their beloved, they want answers. They want details on how a young man they said was running away from officers, ended up dead from their gunshots last Wednesday.

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