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Tow truck driver bitten

Mad at Repo Man! Woman Bites Tow Truck Driver & Smashes Windows on Her Caddy (Watch)

Tow truck driver bitten

*Some people go berserk when the repo man tries to take their ride.

Just ask the tow truck driver of an attempted repossession in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  A video of the incident is now going viral.

Authorities say the woman who previously owned the truck, broke the windows and bit the repo man! The “bitten man” and owner of Mission Towing and Recovery, Scott Fowler, does say that the bite is getting better, but he told the court on Tuesday that the video is causing him to get death threats from someone.

When Fowler found the early 2000s Cadillac Escalade, he went to work. But the owner was not going to let it go down like that. So when he loaded the car up to tow onto the street, 29 year-old Lakeisha Smith got in and revved up the engine, had the tires screeching, all in an attempt to get the truck down from the bed, to no avail.

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Treadmill desk2

Want to Live Longer – Stand Up at Work – Check Out the Treadmill Desk

treadmill desk*Oh the power of taking a stand.

We have all heard the cliche, “Stand for something or fall for anything.” We stand in line to make purchases at the store. We stand in line to register at the DMV – heck, we stand up to vote! But how often do we actually stand up at work; especially those of us with sedentary occupations.

Like me, sitting here writing.

But one scientist -slash-doctor says STANDING can actually save your life. He actually spent most of his life studying the terrible consequences of people sitting on their butt for hours on end.

Thing is, sitting is such a natural thing to do, most of us do it — without even realizing. And doing this is said to  significantly increase our risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and more.

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State Trooper, Aaron Huntsman

State Trooper (Aaron Huntsman) Stole Money & Jewelry From Crash Victim, Pleads Guilty

State Trooper, Aaron Huntsman*Well if this don’t beat all! Please join me as I shake my head on this one. It appears that if cops are not beating the crap out of somebody, they are stealing peoples’ possessions.

A Connecticut state police trooper accused of stealing jewelry and cash from the body of John Scalesse, a motorcyclist who died at the scene of a motorcycle crash, pleaded guilty today to felony charges and will spend more than a year in prison, according to the court.

Aaron Huntsman, had been a state trooper with the department for nearly two decades at the time of the crime, and is now guilty of third-degree larceny and tampering with evidence.

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Demented dad,kills daughter, age 2,

Dad Kills His 2-Year-Old Daughter, So She Won’t Grow Up to Date Men Like Him

Demented dad,kills daughter, age 2,

At left, Donovan Haynes smirks as he’s escorted Monday to court in Flint, Mich., where he was sentenced to 18 to 40 years in prison.

*Wearing his prison orange and a smirk of no remorse on his face, Donovan Lamar Haynes, 23, walked into a Genesee County courtroom last Monday to receive his sentence of 18-40-years in prison for the second-degree murder of his 2-year-old daughter, according to the Flint Journal.

Even his defense attorney, Elbert Hatchett, called the Michigan father “deranged,” adding that he hopes in prison, his client will seek out psychological help, counseling and “atonement.”

“Hopefully, judge, he will repent,” Hatchett said. Continue reading

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Shaka Senghor

He’s Been Shot. He Has Killed. Look What He Became… Anyway!

Shaka-Senghor*We have all heard about the power of forgiveness. Some of us have even experienced it. But what if the person did something really bad, like killed someone.

Is it possible to forgive that person? What if that person is you? Huffington Post shows usa former drug dealer and convicted murderer who was in solitary confinement when he had the breakthrough that changed the direction of his life forever.

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eric garner - feeding baby1

Eric Garner Laid to Rest: The Funeral that ‘Never Should Have Been’

Eric Garner Funeral

Esaw Garner, wife of Eric Garner dries her teary eyes at her husbands funeral

*Eric Garner, the victim of a NYPD administered chokehold,  has been laid to rest, but its doubtful he is resting in peace.

As members of his family and friends carried out the sad task of  tending to the burial of this son, husband, father of six, and grandfather of two, the Rev. Al Sharpton stood solemn at the pulpit

“We should not act as though we should be here today,” he told the few hundred mourners packed inside Brooklyn’s Bethel Baptist Church, many waving paper fans across their faces to fend off the heat. This funeral, he said, “never should have been in the first place.”

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