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atlanta gospelfest poster

Dr. Riki Brooks Announces 9th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival!

atlanta gospelfest poster

(ATLANTA, GA) – The 9th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival will be held at the Cobb Galleria Centre, August 1st & August 2nd 2014.

The Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival is a two-day musical and health extravaganza designed for the entire community. Tickets can be purchased at

The Gospel Fest promises to elevate attendees spirit the array of gospel music concerts; the body, with healthcare workshops and training; the mind with financial and literary empowerment workshops. There will also be special youth activities available.

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Bey and Fifty Shades

Beyonce’s Music in Highly Anticipated ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Film? – Bring it on Please

Bey and Fifty Shades*No doubt, Beyonce knows a great opportunity when she sees one, and now she may be tempting us with the results.

Accustomed to her own reputation for turning folks on, the “Partition,” singer posted a teaser for the eagerly anticipated erotic drama “Fifty Shades of Grey” on her Instagram account over the weekend. So the question is, is it a done deal that Beyonce music will be on the soundtrack?

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Boko Harem

#Bringbackourgirls–Still Held Captive 100 Days Later (Captors Mock Hashtag in New Video)

Boko Harem

Boko Harem

*A solemn milestone was marked in Nigeria today as the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls was remembered; and moreover, how unsuccessful the attempts to bring them back have been. Exactly 100 days after the girls were kidnapped by Islamic extremists Boko Haram, 219 of them are still missing, a presidential committee said.

In the three months since they were taken, at least 11 of their parents have died, residents told The Associated Press.

According to NBC News, the militants’ continue to be relentless in their attacks throughout Nigeria and continue to balk at international pleas for the girls’ release. Nearly 60 students managed to escape from the thick jungle where most of them are still believed to be captive, but the AP has reported that at least 20 others are ill, and at least two have died of snake bites.

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Johns Hopkins Must Pay $190M for Gynecologists’ Creepy ‘Little Secret’


Dr. Nikita Levy

*A gynecologist with a wickedly perverse sense of practice is now costing one of the world’s top medical centers to pay $190 million – which must be paid out as a settlement to his victims – 8,000 women and girls to be exact.

Dr. Nikita Levy was discovered using tiny cameras to secretly record videos and photos of his female patients and was subsequently fired after 25 years with the Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore in February 2013 – after a female co-worker spotted the camera he used – a small pen-like apparatus that he wore around his neck.

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Whoa! Is That A Mummy Over There? Little Boy Finds one in Abandoned House

Mummy*According to the CNN, a Dayton-Ohio boy was terror-stricken to step inside a house and find a mummified corpse of a man hanging by the neck from a belt.

Edward Brunton is said to be the dead man who lived at the house in or around 2009, when he was about 40 years old. Brunton hung himself with a belt in his closet, and his body had been there for five years; until it was discovered by the boy lastJune.

At the time of the suicide, Brunton had only moved into the neighborhood a few months before and had abandoned his family and friends, so, no one ever inquired into his absence.

The body was not decomposed, as the closet was almost air-free , thereby giving it a mummified effect, according to Ken Betz, director of the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

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cynthia robinson & legal team

Chain Smokers’ Widow (Cynthia Robinson) Awarded $23.6 Billion in RJ Reynolds Lawsuit

cynthia robinson & legal team

Cynthia Robinson & legal team including famed attorney Willie Gary immediately to her left

*In what can only be called a jaw-dropping decision, a Pensacola jury has sent a strong message to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (and others) by hitting them with a staggering $23.6 billion punitive damages payout in a lawsuit brought by the widow of a chain smoker killed by lung cancer in 1996.

Cynthia Robinson, the widow of  Michael Johnson Sr., who died at 36, was given another $16.8 million in compensatory damages Friday, following a four-week trial that left a top Reynolds executive fuming.

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