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College Bound! Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Holds 2nd Annual African American College Planning Conference (Part 1)


*It’s not new news that African American students don’t have access to the same information on how to get into the college of their choice as non-minority students.

Because of this, many students with the desire to go to college, and even the grades that would help get them there, find themselves frustrated and lose interest before the process is even started.

But hopefully, that’s about to change.

The San Fernando Valley Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will host the “2nd Annual African American College Planning Conference” to answer many of the questions that parents and students have about the college-bound process; especially as it relates to historically black colleges. Continue reading

Daniella Poggiali is accused of killing nearly 40 patients

Nurse (Daniella Poggiali) ‘Terminated’ Nearly 40 Patients Because She Found Them ‘Annoying’

    Daniella Poggiali is accused of killing nearly 40 patients

Daniella Poggiali is accused of killing nearly 40 patients

*She might be your nurse. Hired to check your vitals, fluff your pillow and make sure you’re breathing.

Oh yeah, about that…

Someone should have warned patients on nurse Daniella Poggiali‘s watch not to piss her off because according to claims, she found close to 40 of her patients ‘annoying’ and killed ‘em.

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ebola protective suit

FBI Looking for Man Who Yelled, ‘I Have Ebola!’ on Los Angeles Bus…Be Warned: Don’t Do This!


*There’s nothing like a jackass with an agenda.

Take one Los Angeles bus rider who decides to take the most serious health crisis the world has seen since god knows when to yell, “I have Ebola!” in the midst of a busload of people, frightening the hell out of them. Add to that, in a city like Los Angeles, where many foreigners and immigrants reside and ride the bus. Even with language barriers – once they hear the word Ebola…Mass chaos!

Well, the police are looking for this fool. And when they find him, he’s going straight to jail!

I just learned that his actions caused the teachers at one Los Angeles County school – obviously with half the story – to tell a classroom of students that Ebola has reached L. A. Now these children, frightened as all get out, have run home to tell – and frighten – their parents.

This is how ish starts.

Be warned: This is not a joke. Do not go around screaming “I have Ebola,” unless you’re ready to go to jail.


Article continues at EURThisNthat.


Steven Pratt Out of Prison Less Than 48 Hours, Kills Mother After ‘Welcome Home’ Party

o-STEVEN-PRATT-facebook*Steven Pratt walked out of prison a free last man last Friday after serving a 30-year sentence for killing his neighbor in 1984.

Less than 48-hours later, he went home and killed his mother.

Police found 64-year-old Gwendolyn Pratt, who had thrown a welcome home party for her son just hours earlier, at 6:30 a.m. Sunday in her Atlantic City home, according to reports by The Press of Atlantic City. An autopsy confirmed her death was from massive blunt injuries to the head, according to a statement by Atlantic County prosecutor Jim McClain.

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Girl, 17, Gets Enormous…I Mean Really Big, Tumor Removed From Face (Really Graphic)

Stock photo

Stock photo

*Trust me. I couldn’t hit you with the real thing yet. The photo above is NOT the one. There has got to be one incredibly happy young woman out there. We all know how important appearance generally is, for a girl of 17; so we can only imagine how Grace, a girl in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has suffered over the past 10 years as a large tumor continued to grow on a place she couldn’t hide if she tried.

Her face.

“It started from a little swelling inside and the gums started growing little by little,” she said in a clip. “We went to hospital and they didn’t know what it was — they did nothing.”

So the tumor, which is at the bottom portion of her face (affecting her mouth), eventually increased…to the size of a football.

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Winesi March with daughter and grandson

Grandpa Overwhelmed When Charity Helps Restore Sight & He Sees Grandson for First Time (Watch!)

Winesi March with daughter and grandson

Winesi March with daughter and grandson

*Imagine having the chance to see again following years’ of total darkness.

Winesi March, a 69-year-old grandfather who had lost his sight twelve years ago due to cataracts, was given that chance following a basic operation and wow, did he love what he saw.

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