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Mike Brown Memorial

Ferguson Outrage! Cop Lets Dog ‘Pee’ On Mike Brown Memorial

 Ferguson Outrage! Cop Lets Dog ‘Pee’ On Mike Brown Memorial

Mike Brown Memorial

*Though the protests in Ferguson over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson have died down, racial tensions have not cooled in the area. In fact, they may be higher than ever.

To add insult to injury, the police officers that continually patrol the area where makeshift memorials are erected for the teen, are showing blatant disregard and even disrespect for the site.

According to the Huffington Post, an increasing number of flowers, teddy bears and signs continue to be near the site where Brown was killed; left there by people coming to offer their tributes. reported after Michael Brown’s mother came to place flowers at the site tensions between cops and the people there became even more inflamed. The report also alleged that soon after Brown’s mother arrived at the site, cops turned out with dogs and stood near to the memorial – and at one point, an officer let his dog off it’s leash and, to the shock of the onlookers there, allowed it to urinate on the  memorial. An eyewitness spoke to reporters at the scene telling them that she saw the dog pee on the memorial and was extremely distraught about it.

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(Ferguson Outrage! Cop Lets Dog ‘Pee’ On Mike Brown Memorial)

Jessie Nizewitz and her ‘Dating Naked’ co-star

VH1 Sued for Actually Showing Woman’s Privates on ‘Dating Naked’ (Video)

VH1 Sued for Actually Showing Woman’s Genitals on ‘Dating Naked’

Jessie Nizewitz and her ‘Dating Naked’ co-star

*Remember the Michele Ndegeocello song, “You Made A Fool of Me?” It would be a safe bet to assume that one reality show contestant is singing those words right now.

Po’ thang actually believed the producers of the TV reality show, ‘Dating Naked’ when they said they would not show her private parts during a mud wrestling scene with her male companion.

You often wonder what the motivation behind some of the stuff people choose to participate in on these TV reality shows is…besides money, but after all is said and done, even that can cause some sleepless nights if what you did to get it is questionable.

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(VH1 Sued for Actually Showing Woman’s Genitals on ‘Dating Naked’)


Big Deal: MSNBC Had a Program with Black Hosts and Black Guests Discussing ‘Non-Black’ Issues (Say What?)


*Nope. we’re not being facetious in the headline. This was a big deal!

If you were one of the astute observers who switched your channel to  MSNBC on July 11 in the 6 p.m. hour, you may have noticed something pretty out of the ordinary. Oh, it may not have been immediately apparent – but chances are, after the first station-break you had one of those “Hey, wait a minute…” revelations. What the heck am I talking about?

Bear with us a moment longer.

You may have, at first glance, seen the usual host and panel speaking on topics such as the tragic, much-covered death of an infant left in a car; or even the latest victim of police brutality. But then, just as you were about to settle in with that pintt of ice cream you realized…

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john crawford

Watch: John Crawford III Shot ‘On-Sight’ at Wal-Mart According to Video

John Crawford III Shot ‘On-Sight’ at Wal-Mart According to Video

*One thing about a surveillance video, it’s hard to argue with it.

Evidence documented on-camera has a way of abruptly halting the whole “he said, she said” yakedy-yak.

And lately, it has served to identify many a cop who may have been – how should we say – less than truthful about why they fired a weapon that killed someone.

A new video reviewed by the attorney of John Crawford III, the young African American man who was shot and killed in a Beaver Creek Wal-mart store by white officers - and the Crawford family, shows that the two cops involved clearly have some explaining to do. As it turns out, Crawford was unarmed. The BB gun he was accused of holding was not in his hands. In fact, he was on the phone; not even facing the officers who shot him.

A far cry from the story the officers and a witness told.

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John Crawford III Shot ‘On-Sight’ at Wal-Mart According to Video


United Airlines Divert Landing Due to Passengers Fighting Over Reclining Seats


Uncomfortable much.

*Well this is quite unexpected. I mean, yes, we have all been a little pissed off when we are eating or using our laptop as we sit in the cramped airplane seat (unless we are flying first class of course), and the person in front of us decides to recline. Though we may suck our teeth and go “Ugh!” in frustration, chances are we are not going to get up and duke it out with the person actually doing the reclining.

Tell that to the two United Airlines fliers who were not so grown up about the situation.

Apparently, for $21.95, there is a gadget you can get that makes it difficult or impossible for the person in the seat in front of you to recline. When this contraption was used on one woman – by the man behind her, suffice it to say that things got ugly.

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shooting instructor & 9 yr old girl1

Oop! Instructor Hands 9-Year-Old Uzi, She Accidently Kills Him (Video)

shooting instructor & 9 yr old girl

*Bullets and Burgers, an Arizona shooting range that rests on the Nevada border, may have to rethink their policy following the horrific accidental killing of one of their instructors by a 9-year-old student that he was training.

The range allows customers as young as 8-years-old to handle a variety of weapons — from fully automatic machine guns to .50-caliber sniper rifles and according to authorities, the child was vacationing with her family when the accident happened.

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