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Delta Gamma

UM Sorority Sister Includes Racial Slur on ‘Suck’ Cake and Posts to Instagram

Delta Gamma

*Ah college. Those of us who attended can probably recall doing some pretty dumb stuff – especially if we lived on campus – where we had more freedom from prying eyes. And some who went on to become members of Sororities, well, that’s a whole ‘nother story. The pranks you were forced to participate in? Some of which you initiated…do you now look back and say, “Dang, I actually did that?

Yeah. Ya did. But you probably weren’t dumb enough to post it on social media.

Yet from any angle the sorority sister in this story can’t blame her actions on a prank she was forced into.

Nope, this piece of work was all hers. It was her decision to come up with what she wanted on her birthday cake.

And it was her decision to post the finished product on social media; where, unfortunately, if you are an institution, the actions of one member can serve as a reflection on the entire organization.

According to The Baltimore Sun the University of Maryland, Delta Gamma chapter is in some deep doo-do after social media picked up a recent Instagram where one of its members is all smiles standing next to her three-layer 21st-birthday-cake; inscribed with the message, “suck a ni*ga d**k”

You know we got the picture below, don’tcha?

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Frustrated About Packages Being Stolen from Doorstep, Woman Leaves ‘Stinky’ Surprise Instead


*Imagine having thieves steal your UPS, FEDEX and other packages from your front door. That is truly messed up. But one woman in Washington, D.C., had a surprise of a stinky sort waiting for the culprit this time.

Andrea Hutzler got smart! She started leaving packages of dog poop in the boxes instead — and the crooks quickly took them away, MyFoxDetroit reports.

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At one time this was all "Zeus" could do. But then...

‘Don’t Throw Me Away Because I’m Not Perfect!’ — Once Paralyzed, Dog Learns to Walk (Watch)

At one time this was all "Zeus" could do. But then...

At one time this was all “Zeus” could do. But then…

*No one wants to be discarded like trash. Not even an animal. So when a puppy named Zeus was dropped off at a shelter because his previous owners said, “we don’t want a damaged dog,” he was no doubt, depressed.

Zeus was almost completely paralyzed when he was taken in as a foster by Lynda Kuether, shortly after he was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Oklahoma.

“He was terribly emaciated and only able to lift his head and wag his tail,” Kuether says. “He had to be fed and given water by syringe.”

Kuether, who lives in Carbondale, Illinois, with her wife Jennifer LeDuc and a bunch of cats and dogs, had been told by a veterinarian that Zeus’ paralysis was probably due to a virus. But the vet didn’t recommend dispositive diagnostic tests because the treatment would be the same: antibiotics, steroids and lots of physical therapy, and there was no guarantee the dog’s mobility would improve.

So Kuether set goals for Zeus that didn’t seem so modest at the time.

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Women: Holla If You Feel Pain of Woman Who Delivered 15-lb Baby in Washington



That is most likely the first thought that comes to the mind of any woman who has given birth and is reading this. We know the labor in itself is intense, not to mention the work it takes to push even an average-sized baby out. So imagine this mother who shocked the medical officials in the Birth Center at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Washington, when she pushed out a baby that weighs 15 lbs.

Needless to say, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

On average, newborns weigh about 7-1/2 pounds at birth. And although Yessica Ortiz Delgado had given birth to two children who were larger than average, even she was surprised that her newest bundle of joy came in at this enormous weight, according to The Inquisitr. 

“We deliver babies of all sizes, but it is not every day that we deliver and care for a baby as large as Francisco,” says Barbara Connet, who is the director at The Birth Center and delivers more than 500 babies a year.

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Alia Atkinson

Alia Atkinson, Swimming Champ, Shocked By Gold Medal Win in Qatar

Alia Atkinson

Alia Atkinson

*Apparently, some black people can swim.

And Alia Atkinson (pictured above) found it hard to compose herself after hearing she had won a gold medal in the 100m breaststroke at the World Short Course Championships in Doha, Qatar on Saturday.

According to the BBCshe also became the first black woman to win a world title in swimming.

The 25-year-old swimmer hails from Jamaica. She placed fourth at the 2012 London Olympics and even won three world short-course silver medals in the 50m and 100m breaststroke before that. Atkinson also  tied for the world record with the reigning champ, Ruta Meilutyte from Lithuania.

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white teen aims rifle

This White Teen Aimed Rifle Directly at Police. Yet He’s Alive Today (What U. S. Cops Can Learn From This)

Teen aims gun at police

*Now, every African American, especially males … looking at this story knows it would’ve ended differently had the suspect been a black man. The police have demonstrated this in recent events, so its a given. Admittedly, for a person of any race to straight up aim a firearm at the police is someone either mentally unstable or someone begging to be killed.

But here’s the thing. Look at the story, especially the bolded parts, and see what police in America can learn from these officers in Scotland, where one teenager actually put his life on the line when he aimed a rifle directly at them during a stand-off.

Samuel Barlow, 16, had been spotted roaming around threatening residents of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands with his rifle in September.

Officers from every department on the tiny Scottish island were called upon, and specialist were flown in to deal with the situation.

So, in light of the numerous cop killings of late; where police officers have been seen on camera fatally wounding black men who are said to have had their hands in the air; why wasn’t this kid, who blatantly pointed his gun at police, taken down?

Here’s what officers did instead.

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