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Dave Benton

Illinois News Anchor Reveals His Brain Cancer On Air; Says He Only Has Months to Live (Video)

Dave Benton

Dave Benton

*You kind of get the impression something really deep is about to go down, when a news anchor says, “We’ve got some serious stuff to discuss, and we are an open book, and we wanted to let you guys in on something that we’ve known for a while.” This is how Jennifer Roscoe set up the news for her viewers to learn about the return of her co-anchor, Dave Benton’s brain cancer. It was at the end of their nightly newscast on Thursday.

Benton, an Illinois news anchor, then stepped in make the major on-air announcement himself; revealing that his doctors had told him that he has just four to six months left to live. This heartbreaking news is the latest in what has been Benton’s yearlong  battle with brain cancer.

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WTF…You Stole My Dog…Cooked It…Then Fed It to Me?


Pomeranian dog. Stock photo

*Yep. I know. After reading the title, you couldn’t help but read the story. Which grossed you out; then made you sad, before you got really freakin’ mad!

Relationships end, yes. We get that. And some not as well as others. Er get that, too. But few of us will get this:  a man in Northern California reacted very badly to the ending of a relationship with his girlfriend. And as of Friday he is in police custody after he allegedly stole her pet dog, cooked it and fed it to her, police said.

Please, don’t shoot the messenger, OK?

Ryan Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro was taken to jail last Thursday and charged with domestic violence, false imprisonment, stalking and cruelty to animals, according to records from the Shasta County Jail.

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‘Django Unchained’ Actress Mistaken for Prostitute After Kissing White Husband in Public


*Well, I guess the day has come when you can’t even kiss your man in public without being mistaken for a ho. Especially if you are a black woman and the man you are kissing is not .

Unfortunately, “Django Unchained” actress Danièle Watts had this happen to her, and last week she took to social media to put the Los Angeles Police Department on blast after she was allegedly mistaken for a prostitute after kissing her white husband in public, Identites.mic reports.

On Facebook, Watts and her husband Brian James Lucas say two police officers mistook them for a prostitute and client Thursday when they were seen being affectionate in public, according to the report.

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Zeus and owner Kevin Doorlag

Sad News: Zeus, World’s Tallest, Friendliest Dog, Dies at Age 5 (Video)

Zeus Tallest Dog Is Dead - Zeus The Dog Dies

Zeus plays around with owner, Kevin Doorlag, in this undated photo

*Animal lovers all over the nation – and dog lovers in particular, are saddened by the death of Zeus, the great dane from Michigan who held the title of the world’s tallest dog.

Zeus was 5 years old.

Zeus’ owner Kevin Doorlag told the Kalamazoo Gazette that the canine made his debut as the tallest living dog in the 2012 edition of Guinness World Records. He was an astounding 44 inches tall (about the size of an average donkey) at the shoulder and 7 feet, 4 inches on his hind legs; and weighed 165 pounds.

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(Zeus Tallest Dog Is Dead – Zeus The Dog Dies – Zeus Tallest Great Dane Dead)
Don't call me a racist, I've got an NAACP award!

Republican Senator in Georgia Would ‘Prefer Educated Voters’ to a Bunch of African American Shoppers

Don't call me a racist, I've got an NAACP award!

Don’t call me a racist, I’ve got an NAACP award!

*Any way you look at it, this man straight up put his foot in his mouth!

Georgia State Senator Fran Millar pissed off several leaders in DeKalb County, GA after he complained about the interim CEO Lee May‘s decision to permit voters in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, early access to the polls according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters,” Millar (R) wrote on his Facebook page. “If you don’t believe this is an efort [sic] to maximize Democratic votes pure and simple, then you are not a realist. This is a partisan stunt and I hope it can be stopped.”

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Terry Crews

Terry Crews: Ray Rice Video Brought Back Domestic Violence Memories

Terry Crews

Terry Crews

*It’s not easy for someone to come out publicly and say that they are or were at one time, a victim of domestic abuse.

I would think this is especially hard for a man. But a recent video showing Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee unconscious and dragging her from an elevator like a bag of trash seems to be pushing the recall button of a lot of people.

The sister of Nicole Brown Simpson (O. J. Simpson) has spoken out; Robin Givens (Mike Tyson) has thrown some shade, and now actor and former NFL player Terry Crews has decided to weigh in on the scandal and talk about abuse from his own personal experience.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Crews talks about how the Ray Rice video brought back disturbing memories of violence from his childhood.

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