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  • Love Adviser Demetria Lucas Turns to Career Coaching

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    *Demetria Lucas, author of A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life (Atria Books), is known for her savvy in the realm of romance. Now, the enterprising journalist and relationship coach is tapping into an additional need among her audience, with many women not only wanting counsel on […]

  • 9 Myths About Men Debunked

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    *When women think you are a typical male and all the stereotypes of men are true, they tend to label you with them. But as we all know, while stereotypes may be based in some truth, that doesn’t mean they can’t be false. For instance … Men Think About Sex All Day False. The statistic […]

  • 8 Celebrity Interracial Relationships You Didn’t Know About

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    *Did you know there are way more celebrity interracial relationships that you know about? Well, MadameNoire does and they’ve created a list of them. Check out the first one below: Essence Atkins & Jamie Mendez Best known for her roles as Yvette Henderson on “Smart Guy,” Dee Dee Thorne on “Half & Half” and Suzanne […]

  • You Loved Them Then, Where are They Now?!

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    *Time flies when you’re having fun– and you’re famous! Check out our gallery of your favorite stars and their transitions through Hollywood! Check out Pebbles close to 30 years after she was a big star. 1987: Perri “Pebbles” Reid releases her self-titled debut album. 2012: Pebbles attends the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Atlanta Legends Mixer […]

  • President Obama Loves the Kids! 9 Heart Hugging Moments

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    *We have seen so many great pictures of President Obama speaking and smiling. But what about all those great pictures we have seen of him with children? Check out the excerpt talking about the above picture at Uptown: Eight-year-old Janiya Penny was overwhelmed with emotions last month when her dreams of meeting President Barack Obama […]

  • Is Googling a Potential Mate a Good Idea?

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    *Did you ever meet someone you like and immediately wanted to find out more about him or her? Well a lot of people go to the practice of “Googling” to finding out about a potential mate. But should you? Here’s an excerpt from a recent Essence article: Modern technology has done wonders to advance business […]