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lauryn hill mugshot

Lauryn Hill And 5 Other Surprising Celebrity Mugshots

lauryn hill mugshot*Celebrity mugshots are never the prettiest thing in the world.

Whether it’s looking drunk, high, having red eyes or just plain tired, they never show celebrities in their best light under the bright light.

Here’s the first person on our list of celebrity mugshots:

Lauryn “L-Boogie” Hill posed for her latest photo-op in June when she was charged by the United States Marshals Service for failing to file federal tax returns. Her mugshot resonated with music lovers across various platforms. At that moment, it became real for us. Lauryn could soon be referred to as prisoner number 010101010. But Boogie isn’t the first celeb to be photographed by the prison paparazzi. Here are five other surprising mugshots.

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Socialites Aim to Diversify Segregated Chicago Social Scene

*When you head into the city of Chicago and spend a night there, you notice how segregated the nightclub scene is.

Here’s a column from Black Voices where the writer talks about changing this sad fact.

As Chicago faces tough challenges — from the teachers strikes to an alarming crime rate — one aspect of the city that continues to shine is its vibrant nightlife. At least, I always thought so.

As a young black woman, native to the Midwest (with ties to the windy city), the bright lights, haute cuisine and keep-it-real attitude has been an aspect of Chicago I often cherish.

Yet, Chicago’s nightlife has been targeted recently as discriminatory towards blacks — and discrimination is something I definitely do not cherish.

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7 Judgements of Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Judge Me’ Video

chris brown dont judge me video*Chris Brown is one of the most polarizing figures in contemporary music.

His new video is one of the most interesting videos you will see.

Here are 7 judgements of this video:

1. With the military look and feel this whole video looks like he snuck onto the set of Battleship looking for Rihanna.

2. This digital code running down his arms makes us think Justin Timberlake wants his  In Time body paint back.

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woman football fan

A Girl Learning how to Love Football

woman football fan*The NFL season is one month in and men are huddling together to root for their favorite teams.

But what about the ladies? Where do they stand in this conversation?

Here’s an excerpt from the column:

Unless I’m unceremoniously caught in the crosshairs of a conversation about, say, the evolution of neuroscience or the results of last weekend’s rodeo, I can pretty much hold my own in a discussion about anything, if I in fact want to be part of it. But every so often, something makes me feel like sister outsider, like when a woman in a meeting make a passing joke about a conversion point.

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5 Athletes Whose Love Lives Ruined Their Brands

*With the recent divorce filing by Evelyn Lozada against Chad Johnson, we decided to take a look at some athletes whose love lives eventually ruined their brands.

Some of those athletes are Tiki Barber, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods to name a few.

We all know about their incidents.

Here’s the first one on the list:

The public and media have been more than buzzing after what seems like a domino effect of career and personal disaster for former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. It began with his arrest and domestic battery charges after his new wife Evelyn Lozada accused him of head butting her during an argument over a condom receipt. Then, in what seems like moments after the arrest, Johnson was released from his one-year contract with the Dolphins. To make matters worse, his highly anticipated VH1 reality TV show Ev and Ocho, which would showcase he and Lozada in wedded bliss, was pulled from the network’s schedule, with no future plans to air. And in more unfortunate news, Lozada has filed for divorce.

As details of these events continue to be released, we take a look at four other athletes whose love and relations with the opposite sex landed them in hot water, tarnishing their brands and, in many cases, breaking their pockets. —Sasha King

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Secrets Behind the Making of ‘Baby Boy’

*One of the cult classics in the new century of black film making is the movie “Baby Boy.”

But did you know the backstory of the movie?

MadameNoire does and they take you through the making of the movie.

Tupac was supposed to play the role of Jody

Though anyone can see why Tupac would have been great for this role, it’s still  a bit eery to think that he was supposed to portray Jody. The role was written specifically for him. But when he died in 1996, Singleton shelved the project. The role probably wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch for the rapper turned actor considering he vacillated between the sensitive, socially conscious poet to the thugged out gangster rapper. So the inclusion of Tupac’s face looming over Jody is no coincidence. In a review of the film, the New York Times pointed out just how powerful and symbolic that mural was: “His image, hovering behind Jody and Melvin, is a haunting reminder of what is at stake for Jody.”

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