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kim zolciak,

Kim Zolciak Blasts Her Critics for Shaming Her Bikini Pic (LOOK)

Kim Zolciak Blasts Her Critics for Shaming Her Bikini Pic

*Kim Zolciak came for her body critics on Instagram who blasted her bikini pic. They tried to ruin her fun — as she said she was feeling good in her bikini. But she wasn’t having it.

She posted a follow-up photo that reads “zero f**ks given,” for her haters out there who think she previously photoshopped her bikini photo.

“I post a picture on MY IG for MY followers that support me … if you don’t like it #unfollow I think I have officially read it all after posting my bathing suit pic yesterday!”

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chris brown,

Chris Brown Dishes on Time Behind Bars: A Humbling Experience (Watch)

Chris Brown Dishes On Time Behind Bars - Brown Calls  Jail A Humbling Experience

*Chris Brown has been heavily promoting his new album, “X,” which was released this past Tuesday. Along the way he has been opening up about his stint behind bars.

Brown talked with “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” about violating his probation from the 2009 domestic violence case with ex-girlfriend Rihanna and getting four months in prison. He was sent to prison after being kicked out of rehab.

YBF reported, now that he’s rehabilitated and ready to restart his career where it left off and he’s talking about staying out of trouble and focusing on his music.

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alexandra shipp as aaliyah

Lifetime Set to Premiere Aaliyah Biopic on November 15 (LOOK)

Lifetime To Premiere Aaliyah Biopic on November 15

*Although the Aaliyah biopic had so many controversies and so much drama behind-the-scenes (but very publicly behind-the-scenes), the film is finally coming to the small screen this fall.

Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” is set to premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2015 on Lifetime. Alexandra Shipp stars in the title role after Zendaya Coleman dropped due to issues with biopic being made and her casting.

The film has taken so many surprising, drastic turns. Like when Wendy Williams was announced as the executive producer (the film has been heavily promoted on her show). And the surprise (and controversial) castings of not only Aaliyah, but Missy Elliott and Timbaland.

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teairra marie1

Teairra Mari (‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’) Regrets Reunion with Ex, Ray J (Watch)

Teairra Mari Regrets Reunion with Ray J

*”Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star and singer Teairra Mari is unhappy and disappointed with how she acted when she saw Ray J for the first time in eight months.

Mari went through a series of emotions when she saw Ray and the cameras caught them all: sadness, jealousy and anger — all in a few minutes.

“That was a bit much,” Mari told VH1. “I’m pissed with myself for reacting like that. If I could rewind, I would have been emotionless.”

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tamar braxton,

Tamar Lets Fans Know Her and Vince Are Not Divorcing (Watch)

Tamar Tells Fans She And Vince Are Not Divorcing

*Tamar Braxton wants fans of “Tamar & Vince” to stop worrying. Although she and husband Vince Herbert fight like any other couple and things have been intense, they are not divorcing or separating.

According to the season three trailer, the couple seemed like they were headed towards a divorce. But she said not to worry about the trailer — they are in a good (enough) place now.

“We argue. Yes, it’s a lot to argue about. No. 1: we work together. No. 2: he’s my husband. No. 3: that’s my baby daddy. We have a lot to argue about,” Tamar told “The Breakfast Club.”

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Monyetta Shaw & Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo: Monyetta Shaw’s Infertility Surgery A Mutual Decision (Watch)

Ne-Yo Says Monyetta Shaw's Infertility Surgery A Mutual Decision

*Ne-Yo has faced so much criticism from how he’s portrayed on “Atlanta Exes” — first, fans discovered he was a cheater and he broke up with Monyetta Shaw over the phone. Now they’ve learned about her infertility surgery.

Viewers of the show are definitely sympathizing with Shaw over her past with Ne-Yo. She thought that after she got had her tubes tied they were done having kids and headed towards marriage.

But that didn’t happen — a teary-eyed Shaw explained to Christina Johnson that Ne-Yo broke up with her over the phone and unfortunately she wouldn’t be able to have anymore children if her Prince Charming came along.

But Ne-Yo told HelloBeautiful that Shaw’s infertility surgery was a mutual decision, not one he simply pushed her into and left her hanging.

“I didn’t say, ‘Hey, tie your tubes.’ That’s not how it went down,” he said. “As a family, we decided we didn’t want any more kids. I don’t force my will on anybody. Once we found out our second child was a boy, we was in the office high-fiving.”

Ne-Yo explained the decision was made because they had a boy and a girl, and that completed their small family. But he wasn’t ready for marriage and ended their relationship.

Nevertheless, she forgave him. And she doesn’t want fans and critics blasting Ne-Yo over their past as they have moved past their rocky relationship and are definitely in a good place.

“I’ve forgiven him,” Monyetta told The Hip Hop Socialite. “Yes, people grow, people change, people make mistakes, but I was mature enough to forgive him, so I kind of want the fans to forgive him too.”

And there might be some good news coming. She recently visited a doctor in an episode who revealed her infertility surgery might be reversible.

Watch Ne-Yo’s interview with HelloBeautiful below:


( Ne-Yo Says Monyetta Shaw’s Infertility Surgery A Mutual Decision)