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Tamar Braxton, Vince Herbert Talk How to Handle Marital Problems

tamar braxton, vince herbert,

*Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert looked like they weren’t going to make it after the trailer for season three of “Tamar & Vince” was released, but it turns out they know how to work it out after all.

Season three proves that it’s hard to work together and live together. It’s a sure way to stress the relationship and cause marital issues.

“We are working on communication! Before, when things would really blow up, we’d have to go to separate rooms and figure it out, but now that we have a kid, we can’t really do that,” Braxton told New York’s PIX 11.

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jesse williams

Jesse Williams Tweets His Concerns with White Supremacy and Racial Insensitivity

jesse williams,

*Jesse Williams is not only quite the entertainer, but he’s quite the social activist — having protested in Ferguson and being outspoken about race and racism in America.

This time around he took to Twitter to announce his frustration with Trayvon Martin costumes and the lack thereof sensitivity towards the black human experience.

He asked some tough questions about the corrupt justice system as well as questions about white supremacy and cultural appropriation.

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Christina Milian and Lil Wayne Breakup; He Goes Back to Dhea Sodano

christina milian, lil wayne,

*Cuffing season doesn’t mean anything to celebrities as they are breaking up in the fall. Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are now one of those ex-couples.

Milian and Wayne have called it quits after sneaking around and dating for a minute. Wayne was seen out with his longtime girlfriend, Dhea Sodano. So he’s still cuffed!

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TaQoya Branscomb

Mathew Knowles’ Other Baby Mama Wants Beyonce to Meet Half-Sister (Watch)

TaQoya Branscomb & Koi Knowles

Mom, TaQoya Branscomb and daughter, Koi Knowles

*Mathew Knowles made another pretty baby!

A paternity test proved he is the father of a four-year-old little girl named Koi Knowles.

Koi made an appearance on “Inside Edition” with her mother TaQoya Branscomb. The mother said she was shocked to find out she was pregnant by Knowles.

He told her he couldn’t have anymore kids. “He’d had a vasectomy. Or at least that was what I was told,” Branscomb said.

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Timbaland Happy to Keep His Wife AND His Millions

Timbaland Happy To Keep His Wife AND His Millions

*Timbaland looks happy, like a new man these days … in love with his wife (Monique Mosley) who, just a year ago, was estranged from him and trying to take him for his millions!

According to TMZ, now the couple reconciled and seem to be happier than ever, which Timbaland indicated with romantic photos he posted of them.

That means the nasty divorce — the one with Mosley asking for millions in financial support —   a year ago seems to be over.

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madeas tough love

Madea Becomes Animated for ‘Madea’s Tough Love’ Straight-to-DVD Feature (Watch)

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*Tyler Perry has made his way across several platforms: stage plays and musicals, movies and TV sitcoms. Now he’s going animated with his most popular character Madea.

Perry is getting set to release his first animated feature with “Madea’s Tough Love” — to be released straight-to-DVD on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015. It will be released to video on demand on Jan. 20, 2015.

Perry is voicing the characters Madea and Uncle Joe just like how he played them in his plays and in his Madea movies.

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