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Remy Ma Talks Celebs Who Held Her Down in Prison and ‘Alleged’ Beef with Nicki (Watch)

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*While chatting with Wendy Williams recently, Remy Ma opened up more about her prison life and who she kept in connect with her while she was incarcerated.

Also, Ma talked about her upcoming music. She’s dropping a mixtape appropriately titled, “I’m Around.” This is while she’s in the studio working on her next studio album.

And maybe she’ll be collaborating with the celebrity friends who held her down while she was in prison — shouting out Keyshia Cole and 50 Cent.

“I did more phone calls to people. I spoke to DJ Khaled on the phone. 50 Cent sent me wonderful letters for my P.O. Like personally signed them saying like [telling the judge] if you grant her appeal she’ll be fine.”

She added, “and Keyshia Cole gave me thousands of thousands of dollars like here ‘this is for your son, this is for your lawyer.’ That to me meant more than coming to visit me.”

But there are other celebrities she is rumored to not get along with either. She opened up about her “alleged” feud with current “Queen of Rap,” Nicki Minaj.

“That’s not true. We speak very often. We speak often and I’m very proud of her,” she said. “She wishes me the best and I wish her best all the time.”

While her lawsuit with Makeda Barnes Joseph — the woman she shot — is settled, she has another regret she revealed to Williams.

“I believe everyone who has went through any turmoil in their life have some regrets. I definitely know that keeping a smaller circle and keeping people around that love you genuinely. It just made me more wiser about my surroundings.”

Read more about her interview at YBF.

Watch the interview below:

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Uh Oh! NeNe Leakes Has New ‘RHOA’ Enemy: Claudia Jordan

NeNe Leakes Has New RHOA Enemy: Claudia Jordan*Claudia Jordan is the newest addition to  “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and she’s already going at it with the the head housewife, NeNe Leakes.

Jordan replaced Porsha Williams as a full-time housewife with the rest of the cast, and she’s already stirring up trouble — becoming friends with Leakes’ enemies Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey.

Jordan initially was supposed to be a recurring “friend” of the housewives with singer-actress Demetria McKinney, but her feuding with Leakes helped bump her up to series regular, allegedly.

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DMX Drops $250K to Save His New York Home from Foreclosure


*Whew! That was close.

DMX almost lost his New York home due to foreclosure. But he came through and paid $250,000 just in time, according to the

It was just last year Compass Bank sued the rapper. The lawsuit detailed him and his wife Tashera Simmons taking out a $500K mortgage in 2004, but the couple has since defaulted on the loan.

Not only were they in default, but 1403 days in default, according to the bank. Back in May 2012, the bank wanted the full amount on the loan — $258,927.87.

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Warren Sapp Blasts Rick Ross for Being a Liar About Super Bowl Bet (Watch)

warren sapp, rick ross,*Rick Ross‘ credibility has come into question quite a few times since the beginning of his rap career — especially since his rap persona isn’t totally an accurate portrayal of hisreal life.

Pro-football hall-of-famer Warren Sapp is the latest person calling Ross out for not being truthful about a Super Bowl bet he supposedly made with Ross.

He blasted Ross as a liar when he stopped by the “Sway in the Morning” — saying he never made such a bet.

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Blair Underwood Surprises Single Mom with Home Makeover on ‘Home Made Simple’


*”Home Made Simple” has another season coming up on OWN with  Soleil Moon Frye as the host, but she isn’t the only celebrity partaking in the show this season.

Carla Hall, Josh Groban, Shanice from OWN’s “Flex and Shanice and Ben Ford are among the celebrities who will be featured on the show with Blair Underwood — helping to transform everyday people’s homes for the betterment of the families and their lives.

Underwood surprised a hard-working , educated single mother — who just received a Masters degree and inspired her daughter to follow in her footsteps — with a home makeover, according to theGrio.

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Kanye West Tells GQ He’s Like Michelangelo in BTS Video

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*Kanye West is constantly calling himself out as the best! But as a perfectionist, he definitely strives for the best and beyond.

He opened up to GQ about his perfectionism in a behind-the-scenes video while shooting and interviewing for his August cover story.

As for some advice on how to  be a perfectionist, he said everyone should use their voices to their best ability.

“If you’re given a voice, if you’re given an opportunity to have a voice, you have to take that seriously out of appreciation for the opportunity given,” he said.

But as a perfectionist, nothing is ever good enough for him. He wants to strive to be better — and be the greatest — even at a higher level.

“For me, it’s a fight. Most people are just satisfied with, ‘It’s good.’ Most people are satisfied at like just a 10, or something,” he explained. “It’s not to just stop at 10. You know, 10 is ground zero; perfection is ground zero. We need to take things to a genius level, that’s when you do stuff that’s perfect, that’s past what’s expected.”

At the end of the video — copyrighted and taken down by Conde Nast — West compared himself to famous sculptor, Michelangelo.

“Michelangelo decides he wants to sculpt, there could be a bunch of sculptors that are like, ‘Oh, no, you’re a painter,’” he says. “But he’s Michelangelo. And I am Kanye West.”