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  • America: A Nation Under Sin or Love?

    Jul 4, 15 by Dana L. Stringer 4 Comments

    *After a full week of wading through a plethora of online tirades by opponents of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on marriage equality, I am not only reminded of how challenging it is to change the laws of the land, I am  also reminded of how difficult it is to change the hearts and minds […]

  • A Fiery Battle Over Religious Beliefs Wages In Atlanta

    Jan 16, 15 by Dana L. Stringer 4 Comments

    *A firestorm is blazing in Atlanta after Mayor Kasim Reed’s controversial firing of Kelvin Cochran, the city’s fire chief, on Jan. 6 for publishing and distributing his self-help book, Who Told You That You Were Naked?   Apparently, Cochran distributed the book, which includes a passage referring to homosexuality as “vile, vulgar, and inappropriate,” to coworkers […]

  • Dana L. Stringer: Ferguson Triggers an Exploration of Institutionalized Cover-Ups and the Abuse of Power

    Sep 4, 14 by Dana L. Stringer 1 Comment

    *Sporadic aftershocks can still be felt after explosive verbal wars and protests that spanned from New York to Los Angeles to the small Midwestern city of Ferguson, Missouri shook and divided the country along racial lines.  And for those of us who are familiar with America’s brutal treatment of African Americans, it should be no […]

  • Dana Stringer: Hidden Dangers of Being A ‘Strong Black Woman’

    Dec 23, 13 by DLynn 3 Comments

    *Whenever an African American woman displays qualities synonymous with strength, she is characterized as a “strong Black woman.” The popular phrase is one of the most highly coveted compliments bestowed upon Black women, yielding a deep sense of pride and validation. By most accounts, it is considered a virtue to be strong, garnering respect for […]

  • Dana L. Stringer: Unconventional Advice for Graduating Seniors

    Jun 4, 13 by DLynn 1 Comment

    *I started thinking about this year’s high school and college graduates a few days ago, and what advice I could offer them that would serve as a blueprint for their future.  So, here it is. Find your gift and give it to the world. Whether you discover your natural talents and gifts early in life […]

  • Fantasia: Winning at Gay Pride Festival

    May 23, 13 by DLynn Leave a comment

    *The R&B diva and Grammy award winning female vocalist is certainly no stranger to controversy and criticism. But a resilient and liberated Fantasia took to the stage at the 30th Annual Long Beach Gay Pride Festival on Saturday night in Long Beach, California, rendering a passionate performance. Audaciously fierce and more confident than ever, “Tasia” […]