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NBC/Universal's 2014 Summer Press Day - Arrivals

‘AGT’: Mel B Surprised Howie Mandel Knows ‘Ratchet’ and Has Rhythm

Melanie "Mel B" Brown at the 'America's Got Talent' event at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (April 22, 2014)

Melanie “Mel B” Brown at the ‘America’s Got Talent’ event at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (April 22, 2014)

*Before she was caught Monday digging where the sun don’t shine, we sat down with “America’s Got Talent” judge Melanie “Mel B” Brown to talk about the show’s big return on May 27.

The Nick Cannon-hosted talent search is in its 9th season, but the former Spice Girl is going into her second as a judge alongside Heidi Klum, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel. Her biggest surprise about the new season thus far?

“I was surprised that Howie even knew what twerking was or what the word ‘ratchet’ meant,” Mel, 38, told us during NBC’s recent summer press day.

mel and howie

Mel B and Howie Mandel of “America’s Got Talent” at NBC’s Summer Press Day in Pasadena, Calif. (April 8, 2014)

Mandel, 58, sat next to her pretending to look offended. “I’m younger than him,” she continued through her infamous machine gun laugh before apologizing to the comedian.

Below, Mandel says Scary Spice has literally doubted him from week one. Also, Mel says Howie danced onstage during one of the audition shows and she was shocked that he stayed on beat.

Listen below.

“America’s Got Talent” returns to NBC on May 27.

Watch a promo below.

michael strahan

Michael Strahan’s Top 5 Reasons He Joined ‘GMA’ (Watch)

michael strahan

*Michael Strahan made his debut as a contributor on “Good Morning America” today, and promptly shared the top five reasons he’s excited to join the ABC morning show.

His reasons included “Wait, ‘GMA’? I thought I was getting Barbara’s seat on ‘The View’” and “Because it’s fun to say Stephanopoulos.”

Watch below:

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Columbus Short

Columbus Short Denied Permission to Move Back Home

Actor Columbus Short attends the 45th NAACP Awards Non-Televised Awards Ceremony at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 21, 2014 in Pasadena, California

Actor Columbus Short attends the 45th NAACP Awards Non-Televised Awards Ceremony at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 21, 2014 in Pasadena, California

*After “Scandal” star Columbus Short was hit with a restraining order from his estranged wife and ordered to move out of their California home, the actor appealed the ruling and headed back to court today seeking permission to move back in, but the motion was denied.

According to TMZ, Short was ordered out of the house last week after Tanee McCall-Short accused him of threatening her life during a recent altercation.

The judge did rule that he can have brief access to the house on Monday to gather his possessions. He’ll have just two hours to get his stuff and his attorney must be present during the visit.

The news comes months after McCall-Short filed for divorce to end their eight-year marriage.
It’s the latest personal drama for Short – he is facing trial for a charge of felony aggravated battery last month following a bar fight.


Mariah Carey: ‘Idol’ Gig Was Like ‘Working in Hell With Satan’ (Watch)


*She still doesn’t mention Nicki Minaj by name, but it’s clear who Mariah Carey is talking about during her chat with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez when she said her experience as a judge on “American Idol” was like “going to work in hell everyday with Satan.”

The constant bickering between the two judges put a damper on the season last year.

Mariah added that she “hated” the show, despite the “nice, dangling… monetary moment” that the producers gave her, referring to her reported $18 million paycheck.

Watch below.


Barbara Winfrey Calls Oprah and Gayle’s Friendship ‘Unhealthy’


*As previously reported, Oprah Winfrey’s ex-stepmom Barbara Winfrey ran to Britain’s Daily Mail to dish the family dirt in a two-part interview.  Well, part two just hit the web and it’s devoted entirely to Barbara’s two cents on the dynamic between Oprah, her boyfriend Stedman Graham and her best friend Gayle King.

Among other things, Barbara alleges that Oprah paid her security team to follow Stedman and learn everything about his life. Stedman initially objected, in an argument eight years ago, but Barbara says he’s now so financially dependent on Oprah that he’s “at her beck and call.”

Barbara claims Oprah even bought a warehouse full of Stedman’s books and guaranteed they’d make the bestseller list.

“Once you’re in Oprah’s world, she owns you,” she says.


As for best friend Gayle, Barbara calls her relationship with Oprah “unhealthy.”

Oprah allegedly took the family on an expensive 11-day Mediterranean cruise and didn’t speak to them the entire time. She only talked to Gayle and Stedman.

“Anytime you looked up they were together. To me it was just bizarre.”


According to Barbara, Gayle was frequently the go-between for Oprah’s messages to her father and stepmom, including instructions about how to handle the press. Oprah also tended to speak of herself and Gayle as “we.”

“Sometimes I believe that Oprah is more dependent on Gayle than the other way around. I don’t know what she would do without her friendship and if it’s not more than friendship then they’re certainly giving every appearance that it is,” Barbara said.

And according to Barbara, Oprah is apparently colorstruck, referring to her dad and Barbara as “negroes” and envying Stedman for his “high yellow” skin tone.

Read part two of the Daily Mail article here.

2lupita-nyongo people

Lupita Nyong’o is People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’

lupita-nyongo people

*Lupita Nyong’o can’t be stopped. The Oscar winner was revealed Wednesday morning as People magazine’s “Most Beautiful.”

“It was exciting and just a major, major compliment,” Nyong’o said of gracing the cover. “I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more see.”

Nyong’o, born in Mexico and brought up in Kenya, told People her early views of beauty were swayed by what she saw on television.

“Light skin and long, flowing, straight hair,” she said. “Subconsciously you start to appreciate those things more than what you possess.”

Nyong’o said her mother Dorothy, “always said I was beautiful, and I finally believed her at some point.”

What is the best beauty compliment the 31-year-old actress has ever received?

“When I have been called beautiful with not one drop of makeup on,” she told the magazine, adding “and also before I comb my hair or put on a pretty dress.”
“Happiness is the most important thing.”

The “Most Beautiful” issue of People hits newsstands on Friday.