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Michael Sam Thought Coming Out Wouldn’t ‘Be a Big Deal’

Dallas Cowboys' Michael Sam walks along the sideline during the second half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in Arlington, Texas.

Dallas Cowboys’ Michael Sam walks along the sideline during the second half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in Arlington, Texas. Sept. 28, 2014

*Michael Sam reiterated Thursday that there are a number of gay players in the NFL who have simply chosen not to come out of the closet, and that he didn’t think his decision to do so before entering the draft would create such a stir in 2014.

“I am not the only gay person in the NFL,” Sam said during a speech and Q&A session in Dallas on Thursday, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’m just saying there is a lot of us. I respect the players that did reach out to me and had the courage to tell me that they were also gay, but they do not have the same courage as I do to come out before I even played a down in the NFL.

“Was it a risky move? Yes. But at that moment, the reason why I came out is I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal. Maybe I was naive. Maybe I thought it was 2014, and people will understand that there’s gay NFL players. There’s gay athletes everywhere. But I was clearly wrong. It was a huge deal.

“The players who have reached out to me and told me about their sexual orientation, it just means a lot. But I will never say anything about who they are, what teams they are [on]. I’m just saying there’s some famous people, and I’m not the only one.”

Sam, the former SEC co-defensive player of the year at Missouri, was taken by the Rams in the seventh round of the 2014 draft but didn’t make the team. He has been a free agent since the Dallas Cowboys released him from their practice squad Oct. 21 and was one of 105 participants in the league’s first veteran combine, where he ran the 40 in 4.99 seconds.

“Hopefully I’m not being discriminated [against] because I’m gay,” Sam said Thursday, according to the Star-Telegram. “I don’t believe that I’m being discriminated [against] because I’m gay. I just want to know if I’m truly not in the NFL, it’s because of talent. Let it be because of my talents. But you’ve got to prove that I can’t play this game. If you look at the film, clearly I can. So, I’ll leave it at that.

“‘Dancing with the Stars’ is my employer. That’s my main source of income. … I’m unemployed, and I don’t believe I’m out of the NFL because I’m gay. But if it was a reason, it can hurt their livelihood, and you don’t want to take that chance.”


Tamar on K. Michelle’s Reply to ‘Muppet’ Tears: ‘I Own My Feelings’

tamar braxton cries on the real

*Tamar Braxton took to Instagram Thursday to clap back at K. Michelle and anyone else who laughed at her breakdown over being called a Muppet.

In a post that has since been deleted, Tamar wrote: “Since WHEN is it not ok for you to express yourself?? Not Bashing anyone, not attacking anyone, not using anyone else’s time, outlet, tv show…but only giving YOUR feelings when asked? I OWN my feelings…They are NOT for sale, debate or for you to depict so it will make sense to YOU!!!”

tamar instagram

Braxton’s response comes after K. Michelle appeared to address her breaking down on an episode of “The Real” last week after expressing how hurtful the Muppet comparisons have been.

K. Michelle tweeted: “Every action warrants a reaction. You can’t go and start a fight with someone then when they reply cry and play victim.”


Taraji P. Henson’s Racial Profiling Claim Questioned after Video Surfaces


*“Empire” star Taraji P. Henson’s claim that her son was racially profiled during a traffic stop in Glendale, California last year is in question after police released dash cam video of the Oct. 18 incident.

In an edited version of the 40-minute video obtained by the L.A. Times, Marcel Henson is seen running a yellow light where a pedestrian is attempting to use the crosswalk.

When he is pulled over, he admits that he has weed in the car, and the officer thanks Henson for his honesty. “I appreciate you being honest with me about the weed. I do appreciate that because I do smell weed,” the officer said.

After checking Henson’s ID, the officer asks the 20-year-old to step out of the car and wait on the sidewalk. Henson complies without argument.

The cop gave Henson a citation for marijuana possession, but let him go for running the yellow light.

“I’m gonna give you a citation for the marijuana,” the officer said. “Listen, I’m not gonna give you a citation for running that yellow, because that’ll actually put a moving violation on your driver’s license, and you’re gonna have to do traffic school and all that stuff. So I’m helping you out by not giving you a violation on that. All I’m gonna do is take the weed.”

The officer may have also given Henson a warning for having smoked marijuana within the last two hours — it’s unclear from the video — and gave him a warning for possessing Ritalin.

“If you have Ritalin on you, and you’re not supposed to, don’t do it,” the officer warned.

“That’s a big violation, and I wouldn’t want to do that to you,” he added.

This whole thing started when Taraji P. Henson told a magazine in February that she planned to transfer her son to Howard University after he experienced racial profiling while visiting schools in Southern California.

“He was in Glendale, California and did exactly everything the cops told him to do, including letting them illegally search his car,” Henson told Uptown magazine.

“It was bogus because they didn’t give him the ticket for what he was pulled over for,” she added.

In the video, the officer asks Marcel Henson to sign an admission of guilt for a lesser offense similar to failure to stop at a stop sign, which avoids the harsher penalties of points on his license and mandatory traffic school that a moving violation would carry.

Watch the video below:

Taraji P. Henson also said that her son was profiled at USC, which the school called “deeply” disturbing.

Kelly Rowland Visits "Extra"

Kelly Rowland Talks Shedding 70lbs of Baby Weight

Kelly Rowland visits "Extra" at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square on March 20, 2015 in New York City.

Kelly Rowland visits “Extra” at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square on March 20, 2015 in New York City.

*Kelly Rowland has one word to explain how she lost 70lbs after giving birth to her son, Titan Jewell, in November.


“[Trainer] Jeanette Jenkins is the secret, SoulCycle is the secret, [SoulCycle instructor] Angela Davis… when I go in there and it’s the wee hours of the morning she is a great secret, so motivational,” she told Extra about her weight loss routine. “Jeanette comes in with so much energy and this huge smile on her face and you can’t help but to get excited about working out.”

It’s not just about exercise. For Rowland, her diet has played an important role in getting fit post-baby.

“The 80/20 rule is all the way real,” she said. “Eighty percent of the time you eat those foods giving you nourishment. You’re eating clean. And twenty percent of the time, have guacamole, a ton of it like I do, and a margarita and maybe queso too!”

Titan was the first child for Rowland and husband Tim Witherspoon.

Rowland also opened up on whether or not fans would soon see another Destiny’s Child reunion anytime soon.

“The last reunion happened the other day when we all sat down and were just talking and enjoying each other’s company. It was awesome,” she said. “Not every time you see Destiny’s Child together may be in front of the camera. We still have our bond amongst each other. That’s the most beautiful gift Destiny’s Child has given me.”

mariah carey launch

THE (03-27-15) EURweb Free-4-All Page/Board

mariah carey

Singer Mariah Carey is 45 today

*Just like the headline says, this page/board is where you can discuss the stuff that we didn’t cover in today’s issue. (It’s sort of like feedback with a twist) Remember, NO name calling, racial taunting, graphic sex talk and vulgarity in general, PLEASE.


Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. – Jamie Paolinetti


March 27: Singer Mariah Carey is 45. Singer Fergie of Black Eyed Peas is 40.


March 27, 2002: Shirley Ajayi becomes the first African American given a part on a television show as a psychic.


‘American Idol’ Ratings Even Lower Without ‘Empire’

EMPIRE: Lucious (Terrence Howard, L) and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson)

EMPIRE: Lucious (Terrence Howard, L) and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson, R) share a moment in the “Our Dancing Days” episode

*Without “Empire” to wait around for, ratings for Wednesday’s “American Idol” went into free fall.

Two weeks ago, when “Empire” was on fire, “Idol” pulled almost 10 million viewers and a 2.7 in the key 18-49 demo (the most important measure to advertisers).

Last night “Idol” dropped to a mere 8.34 million total viewers, and a 1.7 in the key demo.

Apparently, no Cookie, no “Idol.”

Boy George performs on AMERICAN IDOL XIV airing Wednesday, March 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

Boy George performs on AMERICAN IDOL XIV airing Wednesday, March 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

Folks missed out on 80s night, with David Hasselhoff, Salt-N-Pepa and Culture Club’s Boy George recruited for ambiance. Afterwards, the former Culture Club frontman admitted backstage he doesn’t know how his band would’ve fared competing on a show like “Idol.”

“I can’t say for sure what would happen if we were to kind of go on a show like this. I mean I don’t know where that would work for us,” he said. “But, I think if your heart’s in it, you’ll always get noticed because you just, I can’t do anything else.”

Side note: Fox may want to start finding ways to incorporate “Empire” as much as possible until its May finale. Would more people have watched on Wednesday had it been 90s night and “Empire” co-star Courtney Love mentored the contestants? Or if Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard were invited to sing one of Lucious and Cookie’s songs from one of their 90s flashbacks?

Just some thoughts for next season.

In the meantime, J.Lo, who began her rise to superstardom just as the 80s ended, told us how she remembered the decade.

Below: The one time “Idol” did use “Empire.” Henson, Smollett and Bryshere Gray paid a visit a week before their two-part season finale: