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  • EURweb Red Carpet Recap of the 19th Annual Sesac Pop Awards (WATCH)

    May 14, 15 by Ricardo A. Hazell Leave a comment

    *Recently I was in the house amid the grand stone lion status of the New York Public Library in Manhattan to attend the 19th Annual Sesac Pop Awards. Among the honorees for the evening Warner/Chappell Music president John Platt, who was presented with the Visionary Award by none other than Chuck D of Public Enemy, […]

  • The (Jazz) Gospel According to Kirk Whalum

    Apr 23, 15 by Ricardo A. Hazell Leave a comment

    *It is rare that one is ever afforded the luxury of speaking frankly to a master of his or her craft without consequence born of inflated egos and pride.  That goes especially so for a journalist. Sure, we often score exclusive interviews but the direction of said conversations are comparable to a well-worn propaganda path […]

  • A Cleaned Up Looking T-Pain Talks New Mixtape, Haters and More (Watch)

    Mar 29, 15 by Ricardo A. Hazell Leave a comment

    *Since 2005, T-Pain has been banging out club hit after club hit. These days, the entertainer is long past having cut his one-time signature braids. The two-time Grammy Award-winning artist recently presided over a crowd of sound engineers, DJs, media professionals and fans in celebration of the release of his new mixtape “The Iron Way.” […]

  • Was in the House for ‘Run All Night’ Red Carpet (Watch)

    Mar 16, 15 by Ricardo A. Hazell Leave a comment

    *Last week was in attendance for a star-studded red carpet to promote the newly released film Run All Night. Starring Liam Neeson, Common, Ed Harris and Joel Kinnaman, the Jaume Collet-Serra directed film tells the story of a father who defends his wayward son from certain demise at the hands of Shaun Maguire, played […]

  • Chats it Up with ‘Chappie’ Director and Cast (Watch)

    Mar 8, 15 by Ricardo A. Hazell Leave a comment

    *South African Director Neill Blomkamp is fast becoming the modern age version of Stanley Kubrick with the manner in which each of his films addresses several issues that are the forefront of society’s collective mind. District 9 addresses race, and Elysium addresses class. In the recently released film Chappie, Blomkamp touches upon what it is to […]

  • Gina Prince-Bythewood Talks Candidly About ‘Beyond the Lights’ (Watch)

    Feb 26, 15 by Ricardo A. Hazell Leave a comment

    The 87th Annual Academy Awards have come back gone, with Selma being nominated for Best Motion Picture and Common and John Legend winning an Oscar for Best Original Song, but even host Neil Patrick Harris joked about the overwhelmingly Eurocentric viewpoints of the nominated films, and the whiteness of the nominees as well. To be […]