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  • Choosing Music Over Law: B. Peace

    May 31, 15 by Jonathan Erik Veal Leave a comment

    *Not many artists in the industry has the ability to write, perform and engineer their own music, but upcoming artist B. Peace is bringing some new flavor to the R&B genre. Singer, writer and instrumentalist, B Peace wants to make an impact on the industry and wants to bring real honesty and sinceridity to the […]

  • Yung Tuck Formally Introduces Himself in New Mixtape

    Apr 13, 13 by jeveal1 2 Comments

    I3 Music Group is proud to announce the release of the F.I.M. (Formally Introduce Myself) a mix-tape by Yung Tuck. It was released  first on then on many of the popular digital formats such as: iTunes, AmazonMp3, HotNewHipHop, AT&T Music, Slacker Music, Muve Music, Rhapsody, Spotify, Rdio, iHeartRadio and Emusic to name a few […]

  • All the Way from the UK: It’s Scarlett Emmanuelle

    Dec 15, 12 by jeveal1 Leave a comment

    *You would think that having so many jobs, you would not have time for a social life but Scarlett Emmanuelle sure is managing her time through her many occupations. As a recording artist, songwriter, actress and commercial model, Emmanuelle has a lot on her plate. But she handles thing quite well. “Yeah, I am very […]

  • Now Coming to Stage: Yung Tuck

    Dec 12, 12 by jeveal1 Leave a comment

    *It takes a real artist to understand the fact that for a rapper, you do not have wear baggy clothes, have a du-rag on and rap about drugs, women and sex to appeal to an audience in the rap industry. Emerging rapper, Yung Tuck wants to bring his life into his music but in a […]

  • EUR Review: Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ Number One Album

    Dec 4, 12 by jeveal1 Leave a comment

    *The girl next door with the long hair from Barbados, to the feisty red head, the jet black rebel and now a blonde vixen amongst the rest, Rihanna is always in the studio creating hits for the radio. Her latest creation, ‘Unapologetic’ has hit number one on the charts and Rihanna can cross another item […]

  • Social Media and Post Graduate Job Opportunities

    Nov 26, 12 by jeveal1 Leave a comment

    *As the semester comes to an end, December graduates will enter the workforce. Armed with resume in hand, graduates must remember employers will also ask to look at their social media sites. Social media has consistently evolved since the start of MySpace has in 2003, leading to Facebook launching in 2004, and Twitter in 2006. […]