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Choosing Music Over Law: B. Peace

*Not many artists in the industry has the ability to write, perform and engineer their own music, but upcoming artist B. Peace is bringing some new flavor to the R&B genre. Singer, writer and instrumentalist, B Peace wants to make an impact on the industry and wants to bring real honesty and sinceridity to the career.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, B. Peace growing up was apart of a family that was stressed the importance of an education which led him to Loyola Marymount University where he got his degree in Urban Studies and spent a year in law school. He could have been Attorney B. Peace but instead music was calling his name.

“I love music and I am really good with business,” said B. Peace. “When I was in law school and having a chance to be an attorney, seeing and doing the internships, I knew that I would not be happy and since music makes me happy, I wanted to do something that I love.”

With such a unique style of play and ability to create his own flow and process of his music from producing, engineering, playing either guitar or keyboard, B. Peace has a more self-inspired approach in the industry.

“I really don’t have to rely on people, if I need to create something in my home studio I can do most of the work myself,” said B. Peace. “I try to put my hand in every hat so that I can have an understanding what needs to be done.”

For any individual in the industry, the opportunity to meet an icon is a big honor, and B. Peace got the chance to see and admire the late Michael Jackson at a young age. Upon seeing him, B. Peace felt the moment was surreal and that it was before he really knows who Jackson really was in music. B. Peace was influenced into music from Jackson’s humbleness, appearance, singing and control of the audience during his performance. “He is one of the forefathers that every musician and entertainer wants to become,” said B. Peace.

From Michael Jackson to other musicians from Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, Ne-Yo, The Dream, B. Peace has a list of individuals that he admires in the industry. Standouts, John Mayer and Aerosmith was apart of that list that B. Peace loves as it is a variety of music that speaks to people within the lyrics.

His 90’s “feel good” music in comparison to group, Blackstreet is what he wants to bring to back to industry. With his mixtape, “Cupcake & A Bottle,” B. Peace composes it with soulful, heart-felt and a mixture of old and new is what’s important to him. “I gave out samples to my family and friends and I thought of the music as being sweet with someone or trying to talk to someone,” said B. Peace.

His first single, “Bigger Than Both Of Us” is a meaningful and catchy track.

“The concept came from how these young kids that are given a situation of having children,” said B. Peace. “It is speaking out that the child is the main concern of all relationships despite the differences that the parents may have…the child is bigger than both of us.”

B. Peace has his eyes set out to bring a new movement to the industry by combining his generation and those who came before him by delivering music that can make listeners really understand and identify what he wrote or performed.

For more information on B. Peace, you can go to, friend him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter: @RnBPEACE

Yung Tuck

Yung Tuck Formally Introduces Himself in New Mixtape

I3 Music Group is proud to announce the release of the F.I.M. (Formally Introduce Myself) a mix-tape by Yung Tuck.

It was released  first on then on many of the popular digital formats such as: iTunes, AmazonMp3, HotNewHipHop, AT&T Music, Slacker Music, Muve Music, Rhapsody, Spotify, Rdio, iHeartRadio and Emusic to name a few will follow shortly..

The first single off of F.I.M. (Formally Introduce Myself) is “Shattered Glass.” Unlike most artists in the hip hop genre, Yung Tuck is an artist that aims to motivate and inspire as well as bring more attention to his city and state and provoke thought through his lyrics.

He draws inspiration from artists like Musiq Soulchild, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, KRS ONE and Twista. F.I.M. (Formally Introduce Myself), is a very personal mix-tape, and Yung Tuck objective is to let listeners see all aspects of him; daily living, true lyricist, and a person with a story to tell. Notable tracks from the mix-tape include, “Not This Time,” which is actually three stories of how he would meet the woman of his dreams. And assuring that no hearts would be broken this time around. On the flip side, “Shattered Glass” is a story of lost love, broken hearts and hard decisions from a man/fathers point of view. “Count” is just a fun track with the atmosphere of a wild down home party. Using his signature catch phrase, Yung Tuck told his fans to keep counting even in the roughest of times. Hence his aka Y.T. tha Count. He brings the characteristics of an unstoppable rapper to the table in every track; and his upcoming mix-tape is sure to captivate a diverse audience.

Yung Tuck aspiration is simply to contribute truth to hip hop culture while being true to who he is as an artist that is also influenced by his culture. His full target and soul purpose is to give the listener that feeling of hip hop, and make you remember what you loved so much as hip hop.


Additional information on Yung Tuck please visit:

WEBSITE: (coming soon)                                  


TWITTER:      @YTthaCount         



scarlette emanuelle (screenshot)

All the Way from the UK: It’s Scarlett Emmanuelle

scarlette emanuelle (screenshot)

*You would think that having so many jobs, you would not have time for a social life but Scarlett Emmanuelle sure is managing her time through her many occupations.

As a recording artist, songwriter, actress and commercial model, Emmanuelle has a lot on her plate. But she handles thing quite well.

“Yeah, I am very lucky and I juggle everything very well,” said Emmanuelle. She expresses that her social life is normal because all of her friends are all into the performing and work during the day and the nightlife is a great time to relax and hangout with her friends.

“Its just about getting a balance between work and play…I focus on my music very heavily but you always have to go out and enjoy yourself on the weekends,” she said.

Trained at the Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts in London and coming from a theatre, television and film family, Emmanuelle was nothing short of becoming a performer. Along with her training and work at this school when she started at age 13, Emmanuelle develop skills drama, aspects of dance, classical and contemporary singing.

Though Italia Conti was a big foundation for her, she felt her determination to be successful in music was all her own work.

“When I left, I got my management solo contract at 17,” said Emmanuelle. She emulates the youthful soulful vocalist outside of her bubbly accent.

Growing up Scarlett looked up to Erykah Badu, Indie Arie, En Vogue, The Supremes, Musiq Soulchild, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige and recently, Frank Ocean.

“There is a new wave of R&B and soulful artists coming out and coming back into the industry,” said Emmanuelle. One of her biggest influences in terms of performance inspiration and work ethic is Beyonce. “I’ll love to be in that position one day,” said Emmanuelle.

Coming from the UK along with other artists, Jessie J, Adele, Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding who have made an impact in the music scene in the pop genre, Emmanuelle looks to touch base in R&B. “Everyone wants to be popular at the end of the day but I don’t want to go into the stereotype of being a 20 something, blond female and just be put in that category,” said Emmanuelle.

For Scarlett’s music debut, she is currently writing and recording a mixtape entitled, “Scarlett’s Letter” which is set to be her introduction for her listeners to her sound. Following the mixtape, she will release her self-titled album, ‘Scarlett Emmanuelle” next year.

Scarlett Emmanuelle wants her mixtape and album to be something to remember and to evolve into a credible all round performer.

“I want to leave my imprint in a way through my lyrics and my songwriting for my audience,” said Emmanuelle.  She wants to achieve her short term goals of being a role model for the upcoming generation and show people that as cliché as it is, to never give up on their dreams.



Twitter: @ScarlieeSays

young tuck

Now Coming to Stage: Yung Tuck

Yung Tuck

*It takes a real artist to understand the fact that for a rapper, you do not have wear baggy clothes, have a du-rag on and rap about drugs, women and sex to appeal to an audience in the rap industry.

Emerging rapper, Yung Tuck wants to bring his life into his music but in a classy sense. The Seattle, Washington native began writing music at the young age of 11. After years of practice songwriting, Yung Tuck has dipped into producing and entrepreneurship.

“This is a hectic process,” said Yung Tuck. He expressed that when writing for different people he has to different emotion as if he was the other person but when writing for himself he stated “it is a easier process.” In his line of work, Tuck wants artists in the industry to understand that you have to be your own producer, songwriter, graphic designer and artist. “I just know that I got to get things done.”

Now living in Los Angeles, Tuck  is bringing his music to the West Coast and in works of dropping his mixtape ‘F.I.M.’ (Formally Introduce Myself) which was released on Nov. 23, 2012.

One of his singles, “Shattered Glass” as he puts it, has gotten him in a lot of trouble.

“The first and second verses pulls from relationships that I have had in the past,” said Yung Tuck. He explains that the song expresses the feelings that men think in the heat of the moment but they don’t say anything. “I’m taking my manhood back by speaking the man’s opinion.”

Now that the mixtape is released, Yung Tuck is in production of releasing his debut album, ‘Trials & Tribulations’ which is set to release March 12 of next year. The album is a tribute to the hardships endured in his past, overcoming obstacles and all the nay-sayers he’s encountered along with a thank you to all the people who have supported him along the way.

Yung Tuck wants to leave his audience with a sense of manhood or womanhood.

“I don’t want them to listen to my album and expect me to kill someone, have sex with a woman or sell dope in every track,” said Yung Tuck.

He wants fans to expect a little bit of that but in a classy way. He believes that you can be one of the best in the industry without having to live the stereotype. Yung Tuck compares his approach and style in his music to Wiz Khalifa.

“Everyone is trying to be big bad wolf of the game but you really don’t need to do that to be relevant in the game,” he said. “You talk about your life and trials and tribulations you been through but you do not have to take it to the extreme.” He notes that he pulls a lot of inspiration from R&B. He calls his writing style and artistry, rhythm and hop which is a compilation of hip hop lyrics over hard R&B beats.

Overall, Yung Tuck does his work to show that you can be a successful artist without having to live the stigma that the entertainment industry is set on. As a songwriter, rapper, producer and entrepreneur, Yung Tuck is looking to create new opportunities to perfect his craft and he strives to make himself a household name.

WEBSITE:       (coming soon)                                 


TWITTER:                @YTthaCount   



Rihanna (Unapologetic cover)

EUR Review: Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ Number One Album

*The girl next door with the long hair from Barbados, to the feisty red head, the jet black rebel and now a blonde vixen amongst the rest, Rihanna is always in the studio creating hits for the radio.

Her latest creation, ‘Unapologetic’ has hit number one on the charts and Rihanna can cross another item off of her list. The album features collaborations from Future, Kanye West, Chris Brown, David Guetta and Eminem with various genres of pop, hip-hop and techno all in one album. Rihanna releases an album every year around this time for fans to play her music throughout the beginning of a new year and this album has a lot of singles to listen to.

With her smash hit “Diamonds” already blasting on stations, it seems her next single, “Pour It Up,” might make the cut next. Sampling “Bands to Make Her Dance” by Juicy J, listeners’ instant reaction is to start dancing. Other singles on the album go from a techno style with help from David Guetta in “Right Now.”

But the most controversial single on the album that stirred up some talk about the relationship status of Rihanna and Chris Brown is “Nobodies Business.” A fun, pop single that is very catchy and is a crowd-pleaser. A video for the single would be more than perfect.

Overall the album is a list of hit singles that all can be played on the radio and videos can be made for them. If Rihanna plays her cards right, she could walk away next year with many Moon Men, AMAs, Grammys, BET Awards as well, so who knows what she may have up her sleeve.

Grade: A+

social media icons

Social Media and Post Graduate Job Opportunities

*As the semester comes to an end, December graduates will enter the workforce.

Armed with resume in hand, graduates must remember employers will also ask to look at their social media sites.

Social media has consistently evolved since the start of MySpace has in 2003, leading to Facebook launching in 2004, and Twitter in 2006.

It has not only changed the way people communicate with family and friends, but also changed the way individuals conduct business.

“It can ultimately affect whether or not the applicant gets an interview or even the a job offer,” said Cynthia Downing, Asst. Vice Chancellor for the Office of Career Services at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

According to a study performed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in February 2012 and CareerBuilder in March 2012, 37% of employers use social media to research job candidates while 11% opposed of using social media but plan to start.

Employers typically look at applicants’ Facebook and LinkedIn pages but they do consider looking at Twitter pages as well. Employers use social media sites to obtain more information on applicants. Students feel social media is not a main factor when applying for jobs, however it is something they need to clean up to not make a bad impression for a future employer.

“I think the main factor and the best way for employers to see how you view yourself is based on what you post and the pictures you have up,” said Patrice Ware, a senior music performance major at N.C. A&T from Seaside, CA. “I just try to do my best and not post inappropriate pictures or let someone tag me in pictures because that sends a bad message to future employers that you may think you just party all the time.”

65 percent of hiring managers look at social media to find out more about whether a candidate presents him or herself professionally, 51 percent said whether they are a good fit for the company culture, 45 percent said more qualifications of the candidate, 36 percent said whether the candidate is well-rounded and 12 percent said reasons to or not hire the candidate.

“I do not think it is an invasion of privacy for an employer to look at your social media networks due to the fact that they are doing it to evaluate ‘who’ you are,” said Richard Bradley, a senior architectural engineering major at N.C. A&T from Fayetteville, N.C.

Not all social media networks have Facebook capabilities such as posting many photos and videos. Instead, they take a professional approach by requesting information about work experience. LinkedIn, launched in 2003, gives applicants the access to network with other professionals.

“I stumbled across a LinkedIn and it is very helpful when applying for jobs and learning about their company,” said Jasmine Faulkner, senior speech language pathology major at N.C. A&T from Fayetteville, N.C.

“I would recommend that students develop an account on LinkedIn for professional networking or branding/marketing,” said Downing. “LinkedIn tends to focus more on professional interests of students and employees overall, such as career advice, questions and answers, employment opportunities, discussions on industry trends, and networking with individuals in their fields.”

Staying connected and having an engaging social life that employers like to see can help students optimize their social presence. Students can treat their profile as their resumes. Keep updated information with regarding education, experience, interests and skills that you want employers to see.

“Social media like anything else can be useful and very beneficial if it is used in the proper context,” said Downing. “However, if it is not, it can have grave consequences on the outcome of the job search process for an applicant.”

Erik Veal is a student journalist at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (N.C. A&T) in Greensboro, North Carolina.