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  • Living in the Land of Make Believe: You Are the World’s Most Wanted

    Apr 8, 14 by monica1810 Leave a comment

    I’m not much of a reality television watcher for so many reasons that  I’ll save for another article (if I can muster up enough energy to write it). However, I wanted to support my girl Melyssa Ford in her Blood, Sweat & Heels reality series. That makes watching this also tough, because my interactions with […]

  • Living in the Land of Make Believe: Do You Know Melyssa Ford?

    Dec 5, 13 by monica1810 1 Comment

    *Melyssa Ford. You may know the name. You may certainly know the face. But, you may not know the person. Since meeting Melyssa, who has quickly become like a younger sister to me, I’ve encountered many opportunities to witness the continual negative effects of labels without understanding. Yes, she’s model, an actress, a community servant, […]

  • Living in the Land of Make Believe: Ditch the Perfect Dish

    Nov 28, 13 by monica1810 Leave a comment

    *Welp, looks like the pressure is on. Stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day and I have to say that I’m in the crowd of the outraged (well, maybe that’s a bit strong, but you get my drift). With so much going on in our world, the need for human connection has reached an all time […]

  • Living in the Land of Make Believe: BriaMarie says Bye Boy!

    Sep 13, 13 by monica1810 2 Comments

    “I ain’t your trick. I ain’t your hoe. I ain’t your freak. Don’t work no pole.” Yup, that’s where we are folks. In a place where young women are having to adamantly state their position, for it is no longer a given. Because many young women of today accept any kind of approach and treatment […]

  • Living in the Land of Make Believe: THE FACE Off with Devyn

    Aug 29, 13 by monica1810 Leave a comment

    Given the current state of reality television I chose to stay away from watching. That being said, I had not heard of Devyn Abdullah prior to meeting her through The National Urban League. I was moderating a panel entitled, “Transcending Stereotypes: Redefining the Black Woman” and Devyn was one of the panelists. Our first meeting […]

  • Living in the Land of Make Believe: As the Tables Turn

    Aug 14, 13 by monica1810 Leave a comment

    *”She’s a whore.” “She’s awesome.” “He’s a dog.” “He’s incredible.”  “She’s a home wrecker.” “She’s such a great person.” “He’s a menace.” “He’s a disgrace.” “He’s a giver.” Funny how someone can be on one side of the table one day and the other side of the table, the next. Our society is in the practice of hearing […]