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Ryan Leslie Finances Continue to Deplete After Million Dollar Laptop Suit

ryan-leslie*Bad news for musician and songwriter Ryan Leslie. His financial battles have continued to intensify over time and resulted in him having to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year.

His money struggles include a $1.180 million judgement he owes to Armin Augstein; the German guy who found Leslie’s lost laptop and returned it in 2010 for a promised reward. Unfortunately, Leslie went back on the promise and hasn’t paid; even after Augstein won his lawsuit. Leslie then faced serious action for reneging on the reward.

Even his car, a fully loaded mint condition Cadillac Escalade, was seized by marshals due to his inability to make good on the reward for the recovery of his lost laptop.

The car will be auctioned and the proceeds will be awarded to Augstein.

Bresha Webb

Bresha Webb on Her ‘Love That Girl’ Character: ‘I’m Not Imunique at All’

Bresha Webb as Imunique

*Actress Bresha Webb is hoping to keep viewers tuned in for season 4 of TV One’s “Love That Girl” with her over the top character Imunique Jefferson.

After Tatyana Ali left the show, executive produced by Martin Lawrence, after season one, it left the starring role up for grabs for Webb’s character.

“Imunique is more in the forefront, and you’ll get more of an understanding of why she is as crazy as she is,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “You get to meet her family, see her talents and it allows you to really appreciate her innocence.”

Though she’s obviously won viewers’ affections, some might be relieved to know that Imunique and Bresha don’t have much in common.

“I’m not Imunique at all. I’m just a regular Baltimore chick who believed in God enough to follow her dreams,” she said.

BONUS COVERAGE: The energetic Bresha Webb talks to “Humor Mill” Mag’s Frank Holden at the show’s wrap party:

octavia spencer

Octavia Spencer Says White Filmmakers Directing Black Movies is a ‘Catch-22′

Octavia Spencer*In “Paradise,” Octavia Spencer plays the character of Loray, who is described as an intellectual character comfortable in her skin but not defined by it; which is a contrast to her role in “Fruitvale Station.”

“She is an educated hipster with a point of view, and we get to see that point of view played out on screen,” Spencer tells theGrio. “It’s an archetype I definitely haven’t played.”

As an Oscar award-winning actress, Spencer has really come into her own and helps cultivate new found African American stories that are finally getting some shine in Hollywood.

Spencer believes her character in “Paradise” is a realistically good take on blackness that movies haven’t captured much of.

“I don’t think there is one way that black people are versus one way that Asians are, [etc.] I think it’s just how things are depicted that it becomes the norm,” Spencer says. “I have the most eclectic, wackiest group of friends that there are, and that, I think, for the most part is most of the people I know. There’s just not one way of being.”

Some voices in Hollywood have recently spoken out on white directors taking on black films, such as filmmaker John Singleton, who openly criticized “The Help,” which stars Spencer and was directed by Tate Taylor. Singleton told The Hollywood Reporter that the scenario of white-helmed African-American stories is a “troubling trend” that may hurt black filmmakers while taking away from the movies’ authenticity.

However, Spencer disagrees with Singleton’s criticism but does acknowledge a different issue.

“Black directors don’t get the funding for their films,” she comments. “That’s the problem, not that white directors are telling these stories. It’s a Catch-22 really.”

“Do I feel that white directors have to tell only white stories? No. Do I feel that black filmmakers should only tell stories about black people? No,” she continues. “If we say that, then that means Asian people cannot write about anybody but Asians. I don’t think a woman should only write about women…I think you, as an artist, you are driven by what compels you to tell that story.”

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Kerry Washington

‘Scandal’: Kerry Washington on Her TV Character: ‘I Love How Vulnerable Olivia Is’

Kerry Washington*Kerry Washington is one of those stars who leaves it all on the screen and doesn’t offer fans much insight into her personal life.

The actress has made it clear that she doesn’t want to talk about her marriage or any of her personal matters, but she is willing to discuss her hit series “Scandal.”

Washington opened up about the experience of being apart of “Scandal,” which airs Thursdays on ABC at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Do you ever suggest plot ideas?
In the very first season, we all used to sit around and talk about things we wanted to suggest but we realized really early on that whatever the writers would come up with was like ten times better than any ideas that we would have. There have been situations where one or two of us have come up with some backstory that the writers have used, but for the most part, in terms of moving forward, these writers know what they’re doing. We are shocked every week.

Do you think this show can keep up the pace that it did last year?

What I love most about Olivia is the complexity and how strong she is and how vulnerable she is, but somehow is able to deal with the things in her life depending on the circumstance. I love that challenge as an actor. I really don’t know how they do it and I ask myself how they are gonna top it because season two ended in such a powerful way. Then we started up again and I was like, “We got this.” What’s really great is how they split up the season so that it feels more like two seasons of a cable show. It’s really strong. The first season was only seven episodes because the writers were like, “Let’s go for it and go hard and put it all out on the table” and then when we got picked up, we were like, “We can’t pull back now.”

Scandal has become a pop culture phenomenon. What’s that like for you?
One of the things that I was most grateful for was that we were still working. As this buzz was happening, you could feel it with covers on Entertainment WeeklyTime and TV Guide, but we were all way too busy memorizing our three-page monologues that we couldn’t really obsess about it, which I think is really good. It’s better to be able to stay busy.

alice walker

Alice Walker Journals (‘Gathering Blossoms Under Fire’) Coming to Print in 2017

alice walker*Like most writers, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Color Purple,” Alice Walker, has been keeping a diary while also penning novels, stories, poems and essays.

Walker secured a deal with Simon & Schuster imprint 37 Ink to publish a selection of her private chronicles in 2017 called “Gathering Blossoms Under Fire.” The book will be edited by Valerie Boyd who wrote a biography of Zora Neale Hurston, one of Walker’s literary idols.

The book will showcase essays from Walker that reflect on her life, a spokesman for 37 Ink tells The Associated Press.

Walker, who is 70-years-old, has been tracking her journey from poverty in Georgia to international fame in her diary for half a century.

loni love

‘Love Him or Leave Him’: Loni Love Gives Love and Relationship Advice in Her New Book

Loni Love*Loni Love, comedian and co-host on “The Real“ and the “Café Mocha” radio program, says she started giving out advice because people kept asking her for it.

“People say they get a warmness from me,” says Love, who put it all down in her book out Tuesday, “Love Him or Leave Him, But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab: Hilarious Advice for Real Women.”

“Also, I look at life a little bit differently,” she adds. “My viewpoint seems to help them.”

The 42-year-old, who often appears as a panelist on “Chelsea Lately,” says that the strangest question she’s been asked was from a woman who wanted to know if it was okay to date her mother’s ex.

“Why would you want to?” asks the self-fashioned love guru, “That’s just spreading the DNA around too much. It’s messy.”

Love admits that someone asking a comic for love advice is “funny and ironic” given that love is a pretty serious topic.

“But love is funny and ironic,” she says. “My point is that it should be a lot about levity and having a good time. If it’s not, something’s wrong.”

Although she finds herself giving out love and relationship advice, at the moment, Ms. Love is single.

“Currently, I’m a satisfied single with no cats,” she laughs. “Right now, because of my schedule, there really is no time. But I do have suitors. I have a good time.”

In the book she shares a time where she attempts to surprise a boyfriend with a stripper pole in the bedroom only to end up with her cheeks bruised.

“He was going to a strip club and I thought, I’m going to get me a pole. But poles have weight requirements. Oh, man,” laughs the comic who in her standup act jokes, “I’m fat and I support fat celebrities, like Oprah.”

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