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SC Man Shot by State Trooper was Kept in Handcuffs for Hours (Watch)

SC Man Shot by State Trooper Was Kept In Handcuffs For Hours

*We’re still shaking our head when we think about Levar Jones, the South Carolina man who was shot at a gas station by a now former South Carolina State Trooper named Sean Groubert.

Well Tuesday night we thought our head would fall off after Jones’ lawyer revealed in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that Jones remained in handcuffs for hours after Groubert shot and then cuffed him.

It was around midnight before someone realized that the handcuffs were missing, at which point someone finally went to the hospital where Mr. Jones had been treated and released him from the cuffs. Obviously he couldn’t be released from the hospital until his hands were free.

What a disgusting scenario. Watch the revelation near the end of the interview:


(SC Man Shot by State Trooper Was Kept In Handcuffs For Hours)

The Good of Nigeria at 54


*Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, marks its 54th Independence anniversary, 1st October. This great West African nation has had its ups and downs.

Nevertheless, this nation of which I am proud of, should not be known for Boko Haram, which unfortunately is on the lips of everyone or Ebola which has been controlled. Nigeria has produced great achievers, heroes and heroines and the nation as a whole has been progressive through the years even through political, social and economic setbacks.

It has had good leaders, Writers, Artists, Politicians, Bankers, Athletes, Musicians, Economists, Mathematicians, Philanthropists, Scientists, Educationists and many more. Nigerians in the diaspora have been making waves with successes upon successes. Its unthinkable for someone not to know or have heard of Nigeria or come in contact with a Nigerian.

My last visit to Cameroon for the FESCARHY Cartoon festival, some came to the festival having heard that I, as a Nigerian was at the Festival and they came to meet with me. It was then I realised how many are in awe of Nigeria as a Nation and Nigerians as well. As Black History Month is celebrated in the United Kingdom, also this Month of October, I celebrate NIGERIA!

tayo fatunla

TAYO Fatunla

TAYO Fatunla is an award winning Nigerian Comic Artist, illustrator and Editorial cartoonist. He is also a contributor to Visit TAYO’s web –

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Is Anita Baker’s Money Funny? Lawyer Sues for $150K Unpaid Bill (Watch)

Lawyer Sues Anita Baker For Unpaid Bill - Anita Baker Sued By Lawyer For Unpaid Bill

*It looks like Grammy Award winning singer Anita Baker‘s got some serious money issues or either she just doesn’t like paying her bills.

Detroit’s WXYZ Channel 7 is reporting that it was just a few months ago that Baker’s attorney was telling the 7 Investigators that his client was wrongly accused of stiffing a local painter with a bill of more than $15,000. Now that same attorney says the singer owes him thousands of dollars, and he’s not alone.

“She just does not want to pay,” said Rochester attorney Jamal Hamood. Hamood recently represented Baker. But now he’s suing her for $150,000, alleging she owes him for more than a year of work.

“I was at her beck and call 24/7, she would call me when I was on vacation and she would call me on the weekends, or text me or email me. If I didn’t respond immediately she would become furious,” Hamood told 7 Investigator Heather Catallo.

Hamood helped Baker narrowly avoid a stint in jail back in March when he worked to get a bench warrant that had been issued against her dismissed. The reason for the warrant: a local painter got a default judgment against the singer, accusing her of failing to pay more than $15,000 for work done at her Grosse Pointe mansion.

Dang, not a good look for Anita Baker. Get MORE at WXYZ.

Watch this video report from WXYZ:



(Lawyer Sues Anita Baker For Unpaid Bill – Anita Baker Sued By Lawyer For Unpaid Bill)
goldie taylor

Goldie’s Gone … Goldie Taylor Leaves MSNBC for … Nowhere

Goldie Taylor Leaves MSNBC - MSNBC And Goldie Taylor Part Ways

Dang, this is not good news.

After 4 years, one of our favorite commentators, political or otherwise, Goldie Taylor is no longer employed by MSNBC.

goldie tweet1

Tuesday morning Taylor tweeted that her contract was not renewed, but did not indicate WHY she and the network were parting … other than she was not given a new contract.

goldie tweet2

There was a decent outpouring of lamenting on Twitter regarding the news. Many said it was “MSNBC’s loss.” Some encouraged her, saying she’ll “land on her feet.”

But even she doesn’t know what’s next. It appears that leaving MSNBC was not her choice.

Soooooo, could Fox be in the mix, someone tweeted her? Well, from her response below, she makes it sound like she’d rather die and go to hell before she would even think about going to there.

goldie tweet3

Goldie, on a personal note from EUR, keep your head up. Remember, when one door closes, another opens. You’re too good, too talented.


(Goldie Taylor Leaves MSNBC – MSNBC And Goldie Taylor Part Ways)
Jovan Belcher

Jovan Belcher Autopsy One Year After Suicide Finds Signs of Brain Disease

jovan belcher

*(Via HuffPost) – An autopsy performed one year after Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher fatally shot his 22-year-old girlfriend and killed himself found signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative brain disease found in athletes and others with a history of repetitive brain injuries.

Belcher, 25, killed Kasandra Perkins on Dec. 1, 2012, in the couple’s home while his mother was caring for his baby daughter in a nearby room. He then sped from the residence to the Chiefs training facility, where he shot himself in the head in front of then-general manager Scott Pioli and then-coach Romeo Crennel.

Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, filed a lawsuit in December in Jackson County Circuit Court in Kansas City alleging her son was subjected to “repetitive head trauma,” and that the Chiefs failed to provide adequate medical care before he killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide.

Get the rest of this AP story on Jovan Belcher at Huffington Post.

i am darren wilson bracelet

BlackandBlueNews: Ferguson PD, I Am Scared of You

i am darren wilson bracelet

*The residents of Ferguson, Missouri, recently notified a U.S. Justice Department, Civil Rights Division official that Ferguson Police Department officers have been wearing “I AM DARREN WILSON” bracelets on duty – in full uniform; in support of the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.

Ferguson police officers say, “I AM DARREN WILSON” however, what they mean to say is,  “I WILL KILL YOU”

I find this troubling and problematic on a variety of fronts.  According to media reports, in addition to the wristbands, the police officers are also covering their name plate with black tape or in some cases not even wearing a name plate.

So, the questions that beg to be answered are: Where is [CHP] Captain Ron Johnson?  Where is the Police Chief Thomas Jackson? and, Why did it take a Department of Justice intervention, on behalf of the Ferguson citizens, to cause the prohibition of the wrist bands worn by the officers.

In my opinion, the black CHP captain [Ron Johnson] was sent to Ferguson and propped up before a bank of news reporters and cameras for one reason; to placate the community. Ron Johnson is a captain without a ship [pun intended].  Clearly, he has no real authority amongst the uniformed rank and file officers on the Ferguson police department; evidenced by the officers continued and “in- your-face” disregard for residents of that community.  Did Captain Ron forget he too is black when “they” summoned him to Ferguson to quell the natives?  Does Captain Ron think the Ferguson police officers view him differently somehow from the people they denigrate, disrespect and in some cases shoot and kill? and, Where is Captain Ron on this wristband issue?

The Ferguson police department needs to be dismantled.  Unfortunately, I am not certain that there is a suitable replacement to police that city, even on an interim basis.  The media reports that not only are the Ferguson police officers wearing the wrist band but so are neighboring police department officers who are working the joint task force in Ferguson.

The police chief, elected officials and others in positions of authority in Ferguson, Mo coincidently did not notice the wrist bands and covered name plates.  Well, here in LAPD-land; if you didn’t know, you should have known.”  This entire agency lacks credibility and is morally bankrupt; devoid of empathy and compassion and by default should be extinguished.

The mere filing of criminal charges by the district attorney/grand jury is a stretch to begin with – yet this will do little to change the problems on the Ferguson police department which are cultural, systemic and top-down.  In other words, the Police Chief sets the tone and in this department, Chief Jackson and his supervisors appear to be tacit partners in police misconduct.

Cheryl Dorsey1a

Cheryl Dorsey

Ms. Dorsey is a retired LAPD sergeant, speaker, author and much sought after police expert on important issues making national headlines, regarding abuse under the color of authority – that is, racial profiling, use of force, deadly force and women’s work place issues. Ms. Dorsey enlightens and empowers audiences with her candid and honest approach to surviving police encounters. She blogs at  Contact her via email  at [email protected]