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brittney carter

B. Carter Solutions Agency Opens in the Washington, D.C. – Metropolitan Area

brittney carter

*Washington, DC- Metropolitan area launches a new minority- and woman- owned innovative solutions agency which will cultivate solutions through Event Planning, Marketing and Social Media Engagement that directly impacts and exceed clients’ expectations.

  1. Carter Solutions, LLC named after its founder, Brittney S. Carter is a new solution-oriented company for business professionals. The firm offers innovative and “out-of-the-box” approaches for individuals and companies looking for assistance in event planning, marketing and social media management.

The company provides a wide range of services to include resume writing and professional development. Brittney S. Carter (B. Carter) has been named one of the top 30 under 30 young entrepreneurs in the United States by HBCU Buzz, along with being publicly recognized by a plethora of other entrepreneurial platforms.

“I am committed to raising the bar and maximizing the value of utilizing cutting edge strategies and an integrative approach to cultivate business solution to offer clients the very best professional experience,” said Brittney S. Carter, CEO/Founder. 
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Brittney S. Carter
B. Carter Solutions
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teddy riley tribute to johnny kemp

Teddy Riley Pays Tribute to Johnny Kemp on Tom Joyner Cruise (Watch)

teddy riley tribute to johnny kemp

Teddy Riley

*As we’ve previously reported, singer Johnny Kemp who was supposed to perform on the 2015 Tom Joyner/Fantastic Voyage Cruise Friday night, was instead found dead on the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica sometime Thursday.

Specifically Kemp, 55, was to do a surprise appearance/performance with Teddy Riley, 47, Friday night, but obviously that didn’t happen. However, Riley paid tribute Kemp during his concert on the 2015 Fantastic Voyage.

johnny kemp

Johnny Kemp

Before honoring his friend’s life through music, Riley spoke about Kemp for a couple of minutes, saying:

“There’s one thing that I want to tell everybody here. There was another surprise that was supposed to been here with us tonight. And he [Johnny Kemp] came all the way because this is what he wanted. He said to me, ‘lil’ brother, I’ma make it. I don’t really want to make it but I’m gonna make it, I’ma be there.’ His last text to me was, ‘See you in a minute, we are going to have a lot of fun.’ And he got here, he got to Jamaica. When he got to Jamaica he was stopped and it was only because of a few words that he said that revoked him from getting on this ship.”

Riley also added:

“And I feel really bad because he went out doing something and making the attempt to do what he was born to do. He’s a star, now he’s a star with our God. He’s resting in paradise right now.”

source: blackamericaweb

carol maraj & nicki minaj

Carol Maraj, Mother of Nicki Minaj, Says Rapper is NOT Engaged

carol maraj & nicki minaj

Carol Maraj & Nicki Minaj

*It seems for whatever reason it appears that Nicki Minaj is not telling the truth about being engaged.

We know this ’cause her momma says so. Nicki’s mother, Carol Maraj, according to Bossip, has set the record straight on whether or not Meek Mill dropped a proposal on her daughter.

As we all know, Miss Nicki has spent the last few days dropping hints on social media that she was in fact engaged to rapper Meek Mill.

In fact, it was just a few days ago that she posted a picture on Instagram of a large yellow heart shaped diamond ring on her ring finger.

But here’s the bottom line. Carol Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s mother says it ain’t so

“I talk to my daughter every day, and she said she was not engaged,” Maraj told Bossip Thursday night at the “Dress For Success Worldwide” gala in Manhattan, where she was honored for her work supporting domestic violence victims.

Get the MORE of this story at Bossip.

bryshere yazz gray & naomi campbell1

Steamy ‘Empire’ Sex Scenes weren’t Easy for Naomi Campell

bryshere yazz gray & naomi campbell

*Apparently super model Naomi Campbell is an even better actress than we thought.

We say that in light of finding out that she was rather apprehensive about filming the now infamous sex scenes with Bryshere “Yazz” Gray for “Empire.”

Well dang, she had us fooled. Who knew?!

Here’s what she told “Extra’s” Tracey Edmonds about that and some other stuff:

On maintaining privacy after 29 years in the business:
I think I live my life pretty well in the sense of if I don’t want to be seen, I’m not seen, I find a way to have my privacy, so I go where I need to go to have my peace.

On the public’s reaction to her character Camilla:
People call me Camilla in the airport. And I’m like, ‘My name’s not Camilla. It’s Naomi, but thank you.’ But it gets me to the front of the line now.

On getting involved with “Empire”:
I spoke with Lee [Daniels]; we’ve been friends for a really long time. And I’ve been friends with Brian [Grazer] since I was 17. He said, ‘Do you want to do this?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah.’ It wasn’t something I really thought about for too much. I’m really happy that I’m part of such a great show. I’m honored to be working with such amazing talent like Taraji [Henson] and Terrence [Howard] and Yazz.

On those steamy love scenes:
My first day was really, um, I was like, ‘We have to get on a pool table and start making out?’ I’m shy. Modeling is my job, I know, but it’s different when you’re doing action in front of people, and people are around you and you have to get down to it. And with television, you know that you only have a certain amount of time for a scene. There’s so much to do in the day, so. I had to get to it.

source: madame noire

kevin hargrove

NY Man (Kevin Hargrove) Allegedly Stole Thousands of Diapers

kevin hargrove
*(Via MSN News) – Holy crap!

A 24-year-old Brooklyn man is accused of toddling off with thousands of dollars worth of diapers from area grocery stores, officials said Friday.

Kevin Hargrove was arrested for the dirty deeds at his Bushwick home Thursday, cops said.

He is accused of swapping the price codes on diapers inside Stop & Shop supermarkets on Long Island with tags from 99-cent items and then using the self-checkout.

He most often substituted the tag from a disposable pie plate, officials said.

“If I had to guess I’ve hit every Stop & Shop in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut,” an apparently unremorseful Hargrove told cops, according to court papers. “I’ve been doing this so long I can’t remember.”

Get the rest of this New York Daily News story at MSN News.

annika mckenzie

Mad Mother, Niece & Students Administer Beatdown to NY Teacher in Hallway (Video)

Catherine Engelhardt, Catherine Engelhardt (knocked out), Annika McKenzie

Catherine Engelhardt, Catherine Engelhardt (knocked out), Annika McKenzie

*In New York a 34-year-old woman and her teenage niece have been accused of beating a middle school teacher to the point of unconsciousness on Wednesday.

Annika McKenzie finds herself charged with second-degree assault and strangulation. Meantime Her 14-year-old niece is facing second-degree assault charges as a juvenile, according to ABC 7.

McKenzie allegedly became irate because she believed that a math teacher at Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School in Hempstead, Long Island, NY “put her hands on” her 12-year-old daughter, reports the New York Daily News.

According to police, the teacher, Catherine Engelhardt, was outside her classroom at around 2 p.m. when McKenzie attacked her. McKenzie allegedly knocked Engelhardt to the ground, then put her in a chokehold until she lost consciousness. The niece allegedly joined in the attack by punching the teacher in the head, Hempstead Police Chief Michael McGowan told Newsday. O(n top of that, other students joined in the fray to pummel Engelhardt. So far there are no reports of those student being reprimanded.

A teacher for 22 years, Engelhardt, informed ABC 7 that she’s been feeling unsafe at the school for a while.

“I knew something violent was going to happen. I’ve warned them time and again that the children have no respect for adults.”

Officials say Engelhardt had scolded McKenzie’s daughter for bad behavior earlier in the day, and the girl later accused Engelhardt of touching her.

Here’s the response from McKenzie’s attorney, Donald Rollock:

“As any loving parent, if someone puts their hand on your child, you’re going to react.”

Watch this video report from ABC 7: