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al jarreau & cedric the entertainer

Cedric The Entertainer: ‘The Soul Man’ is Stoopid Funny in New Trailer (Watch)

al jarreau & cedric the entertainer*Lord have mercy! This is beyond funny!!

We’re talking about the hilarious new documentary style spoof trailer for the “The Soul Man” starring the cray-cray azz Cedric The Entertainer. Trust us, he is a total FOOL in this one. :)

The trailer, produced by James Bland on behalf of “The Soul Man,” centers around Boyce Ballentine (Cedric’s Character in “The Soul Man”) and it features interviews from Judith Hill (20 Feet from Stardom), B.o.B, Elle Varner, David Banner, Frenchie Davis, Nina Parker (Insider), Jamal Sims (Choreographer of Hairspray), and Jamie Jones (All-4-One).

We couldn’t help but fall out laughing at this memorable line from Frenchie Davis:

“I remember when Boyce made an ass of himself when Al Jarreau went to accept his Grammy, and it was like, ‘sorry Kanye, but Boyce had the BEST interruption speech ever!”

Trust us, this trailer is straight up foolywang funny. If this don’t make you laugh ’til you pee on yourself, you’re probably dead.


Oh yeah, don’t forget to TUNE-IN TONIGHT to watch “The Soul Man,” guest starring the legendary Al Jarreau on TV Land at 10:30pm PT/ET.

nathan east1

Legendary Bassist Nathan East Releases Debut Album

nathan east

*Nathan East is American contemporary music’s foremost bassist.  With a career spanning over 30 years, he has worked with many of the biggest music acts ever.

East has performed, recorded, or co-written songs with B.B. King, Babyface, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John.  He has even played on tracks for pop icons like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna.

Most recently, we heard his bass line on the 2013 hit “Get Lucky” released by Daft Punk.  That song took the Record of the Year award at this year’s Grammys and has sold nearly 8 million copies.  Now the time for strumming on the sidelines has ended, temporarily at least; Mr. East has released his first solo album entitled “Nathan East.”

“I’ve been thinking and talking about doing it for many years, however, I have been completely non-stop busy for the last 30 years,” East said in an exclusive sit down with EURweb’s Lee Bailey.  Those 30 years have been packed with music royalty, some of whom returned to collaborate with Mr. East on this overdue debut.  Michael McDonald and Sara Bareilles are both featured on the 14-song compilation.

“It’s really a celebration of the music I’ve been involved with and a lot of friends I’ve played with over the years,” East stated as he recounted the near endless list of artists he’s worked with.  He spoke particularly highly of Michael McDonald, saying “Michael McDonald is a dear friend. We’ve played together for years. He might be my favorite singer, period.” However, you won’t find too many stars clouding the album.  East admitted that he wants this album to be a platform for his own artistry.  Though he’s worked with Queen Bey herself, he admitted that high profile collaborations come with a hefty price tag.  “I think once I build up my reputation a little more and get a little bigger name, I think I’ll be able to approach Lady B…those guys come with a pretty steep tariff.”

Nevertheless, he did include many other instrumentalists.  He credits Quincy Jones for the approach he took while working with the other artists.  He described the process as, “…a combination of the way Quincy makes a record, where you invite the people in and you have these musical collaborations.”

The album features East’s unique style coupled with orchestral pieces, horns, and even big band arrangements.  Some album highlights include “Madiba,” an ode to Nelson Mandela, which East describes as a song that “pays tribute to one of the most important figures on the planet.”  East’s father was born in South Africa and “Madiba” rhythmically celebrates his familial connection to the country.  “Yesterday” is a take on the Beatles’ classic and features East’s son Noah on piano.  The album also features a fresh rendition of “America the Beautiful” recorded at Ocean Way Nashville Studios with a full orchestra and choir.

He opened up about the challenges he faced as a bassist whilerecording the album. He said “…it’s a challenge just for it to be to be completely musical.  I don’t want really … people to say, oh for a bassist, it’s a good album, I want them to say, I love this album.”

He divulged that the album is less about him playing a bass line on every song rather, with experience in virtually every genre of music-from jazz to rock n roll-in his words, “this is a chance for me to bundle it all up in a little package.”  The album was released on March 25 under new label Yamaha Entertainment Group.

Following the album release, East began a National Guitar Center tour, offering bass clinics and a meet and greet in select cities:  Thursday, April 17- Seattle, WA; Tuesday, May 6- San Diego, CA; Thursday, May 8- San Marcos, CA; Tuesday, May 13- Charlotte, NC;  and Thursday, May 15- Dallas, TX.  Check him out in a city near you!

For MORE on Nathan East, visit:

frustrated black couple

Relationships: 6 Ways to Prevent a Break-Up Following a Blow Up

frustrated black couple

*(Via iDateDaily) – Having a fight with a loved one is not a happy time.  You often feel like your frustrations have fallen on deaf ears because your partner doesn’t understand you. You may even ask yourself why you are with this person, anyway!  So what happens next?  Fortunately, you can make things work again through a bit of effort, hard work, and lots of love and understanding.

Exercise – I remember reading a magazine a long time ago that explained how exercise releases our ‘happy hormones.’  And I know how much better I feel after a walk or swim.  Take your frustrations out on the treadmill and run an extra mile.  You should begin to feel a lot more willing to talk calmly to your partner afterward.

Remember – Happy memories are good for the soul.  Remember all the good times you two have had.  Bringing up happier times may calm you down and help you to feel more generous toward him when you talk about the issues that caused the argument in the first place.

Write – Write yourself a letter about how you feel and everything your partner has done wrong in your eyes.  Let all your emotions out.  Then rewrite it.  But rewrite it constructively.  I will generally begin my letters with looking at my partner’s point of view.  I tell him that I understand how hurt he must be feeling when I appear to ignore him at times — if that was his major issue and it was warranted. I apologize and then tell him what I will do to make it up to him.  This way he is feeling calmer and more ready to listen to the way I feel when he has upset me.

Get the rest at iDateDaily.

albers grits & ashley furniture

Two Major Companies Urged to be Boycotted: Albers Grits and Ashley Furniture

albers grits & ashley furniture

*Fresno, CA  — Most Black households are familiar with the common staple of ready-made grits and corn meal—especially the Albers brand, produced by corporation, Continental Mills, Inc.

In fact, Kimber Kimber & Associates determined in a study of “black consumer ad spending” that African-Americans will purchase over $25 million worth of products from Continental Mills under the brand name of Albers this year alone.

They also noted that since Continental Mills took over the Albers brand from the Nestle Corporation, they have grossed over $160 million in total revenue from Black consumers.

In looking at corporations benefiting from the Black consumer and at the urging of Black newspaper publisher nationwide, Kimber-Kimber & Associates contacted Continental Mills President & CEO John M. Heilyin an effort to give them an opportunity to support the black community and Black consumers through direct media buys with its 200 Black newspapers it represents nationwide.

“Despite having a huge income and product support from the Black consumer, Continental Mills and the Albers brand has made an infamous and historical decision to reject our proposals and not to market to and support their millions of African-American consumers nationwide,” explained Mark Kimber, CEO of Kimber Kimber & Associates and publisher of The California Advocate Newspaper, a family owned and operated Black newspaper since 1967.

“It is an amazing fact that the Albers brand is proving to be one of the most discriminatory marketers in the history of our nation’s food product manufacturers, despite huge Black consumer support,” said Kimber. “It is almost unimaginable that the CEO of Continental Mills, who produces and markets the Albers brand, to state to Black newspapers that his company does not have any intention to even consider to advertise or purchase seasonal branding advertisement, such as Black history Month ads, directed to the Black consumer through Black newspapers.”

As Continental Mills, Inc. has recently bragged about its large Black consumer support while not having to support Black media institutions, Kimber Kimber &Associates and its over 200 Black newspapers it represents will be urging Black consumers to boycott the Albers brand for the remainder of the 2014 year through a large blatant print ad describing the discriminatory practices, along with other brand alternatives.

“We as the Black press seek to, as all other consumer groups, be incorporated in the very marketing structure of brands such as Albers, and never again be discounted from any product manufacturer who realizes the support of our black consumer dollar while not spending legitimate advertising dollars to support our institutions,” said Kimber. “That is the only way we Black newspapers will, like all other ethnic consumer groups and media outlets, keep our cultural media vibrant and sustainable.

Ashley Furniture too
Ashley Furniture is also being singled out as a company that ignores African American newspapers while spending millions of dollars in white owned newspapers advertising annually. “In regards to Ashley Furniture it is not a matter of newspaper advertising versus internet or broadcast advertising it is clearly just the fact that they choose not to utilize Black owned newspapers within the millions of newspaper advertising dollars they continue to provide to white and Hispanic newspapers annually. While our community continues to share our consumer dollars with Ashley Furniture they arrogantly ignore our newspapers while giving newspaper ad dollars to all other ethnic groups,” stated Kimber.

This is the first series of the “Our Fair Share” Black newspaper campaigns designed to gain advertising support for Black-owned and operated newspapers nationwide. It is estimated by Adage Magazine and Ketchum Agency that major corporations will spend over $390 billion in newspaper advertising in the next fiscal year. Kimber Kimber & Associates noted that African-American newspapers currently receive less than 0.00001 percent of these ad dollar expenditures annually.

“In speaking regularly with over 80 black newspaper publishers around the country, it is clear that this is not personal to Albers brand or Ashley Furniture,” said Kimber, “but it is an overall idea of fair trade with our community. Even national brands such as Adidas and Cadillac have fallen short of their overall support of our traditional cultural media despite the fact that the Black consumer has made these brands into the success they enjoy today.”

The “Our Fair Share” ad campaign is an independent African-American newspaper Black consumer educational campaign designed by Kimber Kimber & Associates advertising agency, The California Advocate Newspaper, and over 160 Black weekly newspapers nationwide, which purpose is to inform African-American newspaper readers of the discrepancies of major newspaper advertisers and product manufacturers whom have Black consumer support, and are unfairly excluding black cultural media in paid advertising and marketing campaigns.

To see the “Our Fair Share” campaign ad that will run simultaneously in newspapers across the country, visit:


Mark Kimber
Kimber Kimber & Associates
(559) 268-0941


Report: Apple Looking to Raise to Price of the iPhone 6 by $100!


*(Via Business Insider) – Even in the post-Steve Jobs era, Apple is thinking different.

But this time it might not be for the best.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek says, “Our checks indicate Apple has started negotiating with carriers on a $100 iPhone 6 price increase. The initial response has been no, but there seems to be an admission that there is no other game-changing device this year.”

Because the iPhone is the only phone that matters this year, carriers may cave and give Apple the price bump it wants.

Why does Apple need to negotiate with carriers on an iPhone price raise? Misek doesn’t really explain it, but we’re guessing it has to do with long-term contracts Apple has with carriers around subsidies.

This seems like a strange move for Apple. At a time when its rivals are going down in price, Apple wants to go up.

Get the FULL story at Business Insider.

little girl counting money

How to Prepare Your Kids for Financial Success

little girl counting money

*Do you want to set your kids up for future financial success? Then start now. That’s the first rule of introducing your kids to financial education – the sooner you start, the better.

Money management is probably the last thing on the minds of most kids – if it even registers at all – but there are concrete steps you can take as a parent to help ensure that your children know how to think about money, including the importance of saving for the future.

If you plant those seeds with care, they’ll take root, and your children will be much more likely to achieve financial success later in life.

So what lessons can we give today’s children and young adults to prepare them for financial success in the future? Today’s kids are much more likely to spend rather than save.Even parents who try to teach their children about finances, such as by giving them a regular allowance, might find their lessons overshadowed by stronger messages that come from advertising, or from children’s peers.  Unfortunately, by the time most young people graduate from high school, they know all about spending and very little about saving or spending wisely.

Consider these facts:

  • American teenagers spend most of their income – about 21% – on clothing, followed by food (18%); accessories and personal care (10%); shoes (9%); car-related expenses (8%); electronics (8%); music and movies (7%); video games (6%); concerts and events (6%); other expenses (3%); books (2%); furniture (2%). (Source: Piper Jaffray, 2013)
  • Most students devote about one half or more of their earnings to discretionary spending on relatively short-term wants and needs. (Source: University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, 2014)
  • Teenagers spend about $100 billion a year, and children under 12 spend $11 billion a year, of their own money. They influence 75%, or approximately $165 billion, of their parents’ money. (Source:, 2014)

On April 11, 2014, thousands of bankers, including many from Wells Fargo, will connect with kids in classrooms and after-school programs across the country during the annual American Bankers Association’sTeach Children to Save Day. These efforts will help young people take an important first step in mastering their financial ABCs. In addition, Wells Fargo is committed to using the entire month of April to highlight the financial education programs it offers to children, teens, young adults, and adults year-round.

Five Tips for Parents

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s financial success later in life.  Here are five tips for parents from Wells Fargo:

*Start early — Before they even start school, children begin to understand the process of managing money

*Set goals —Have children write down things they want and what they cost.  Teach them about making choices and saving

*Pay a Modest Allowance – Just a small amount can help children learn

*Make a budget —Start with three categories: spend, save, give

*Use Free Resources — Check out your local library, and the Hands on Banking®website a parent-tested, parent-approved program available free; Wells Fargo’s children’s financial success resource center at; andyour public library, which likely has a number of good books on the topic.

A tip for children ages 3-7:  Take three jars and label them separately: Spend, Save, Give.  Help the children split up their money into each jar and watch it grow as they save and disappear as they spend.

A tip for pre-teens, ages 8-12:  Create a short- term savings box.  Have the pre-teens choose something they want (a brand name pair of shoes or a video game system).  They will learn the value of savings when they save enough to purchase the item.

A tip for teens, ages 13 and up:  Open a savings account for long-term savings.  Have teens save a certain percentage for a few years to make a bigger purchase.

Parents should ask their banker for more ideas and advice. Their child’s long-term financial security is at stake. By starting early, they can help their child develop good financial habits that will last a lifetime.

Lisa Frison is Vice President, African American Segment Manager for Wells Fargo. As a public service, Wells Fargo provides free and fun financial education programs without commercial content.

lisa frison

Lisa Frison