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‘Love & Hip Hop: ATL’ Back for Season 4 and Mo’ Drama (Watch Preview)

mimi faust (screenshot)
*Well look who’s back with all the drama.

If you’re a “Love & Hip Hop: ATL” fan, you’ll be thrilled to know the program is set to return on April for its 4th season.

And guess what, this season will pick up where the last one ended…drama. Duh.

And for a taste of what’s headed your way, check out the preview below featuring Nikko who’s stirring up trouble for Mimi Faust. Predictably she turns to Stevie J for support, who tells her, “I’m not gonna let this N***a eat off you no more.”

And Nikko’s reaction is inform Stebbie, er, Stevie that he owns Mimi. Uh oh. It’s gon’ be on and poppin!

The new season kicks off on Monday, April 20 at 8/7C.



‘Love & Hip Hop: ATL’ Back for Season 4 and Mo’ Drama (Watch Preview)

NYC’s Child Homelessness At All Time High; Black Children Impacted the Most


*(Via Huffington Post) – A record number of kids in New York City are homeless and they won’t see any relief until they get access to more affordable housing, a new report concluded.

According to the Coalition for the Homeless, 25,000 children in the Big Apple didn’t have a place to call home last year, and the situation has had a particularly dire effect on African American kids, the group said in a report released on Thursday. However, the group said the city could see “unprecedented” drops in child and family homelessness rates if it creates more reasonably priced housing options — a cost-efficient system that has already proven to work.

Nearly one-third of adults in homeless families in New York City are employed, yet they are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. The issue remains that low-cost housing is on the decline and their paychecks can’t cover market-rate apartments.

Get the rest of this story at Huffington Post.

Johnny Tyrone Stringfield

Gospel Artist: Kirk Franklin in No Position to Judge Creflo Dollar’s Character

Johnny Tyrone Stringfield

Johnny Tyrone Stringfield

*Hmm, it seems gospel’s Kirk Franklin‘s less than complimentary comments about Pastor Creflo Dollar (read it here) trying to buy a $65 million airplane caught the attention of  gospel artist Johnny Tyrone Stringfield.

Stringfield contacted EUR ’cause basically he has beef with Kirk Franklin. And if he’s telling the truth, his beef sounds justified.

Here’s his story:

“I want to say something about Kirk Franklin coming out against Creflo Dollar. Listen, Kirk is no better than Creflo when it comes to character. We were invited to the ‘Sunday Best’ show by Kirk’s team and we travel 8 hours to get there. Now keep in mind, they called us twice in advance to make sure we were coming. Well, when we got there we were not able to go inside because they had over-booked the taping. So we traveled all that distance for nothing … some even took off work to come. Well, Kirk came out and told us that he was sorry and that was it. He didn’t offer us gas, room, dinner or nothing but he has the nerve to talk about character. Man please, he has got to be kidding me .So let me get in on this conversation about character I will tell Kirk he has no room to throw stones.” #AllLivesMatterBlackLivesMatter #JohnnyTyroneStringfield

Well, there ya have it. If you want to find out more about Johnny Tyrone Stringfield, check out his Facebook page or check out his music on YouTube.

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Politico Magazine Asks: Is Newark the Next Brooklyn?

woman walking dog in newark1

*(Via Politico Magazine) – Newark is building again. Yes, that Newark—the city in Jersey that burned after the ’67 riots, the one that helped to define “white flight,” that struggles still with almost impenetrable unemployment and homelessness and crime. That city is building.

And here it all is—its past and present and future—pouring through Irene Hall’s floor-to-ceiling windows downtown: the whites and browns of the Old First Presbyterian Church, founded in 1666; haggard red brick facades with windows sealed off by cinderblock; the neon blue lights of Hotel Indigo, which opened last year in a long-vacant, century-old building near the busiest intersection in Brick City.

“The colors are amazing,” Hall declares on this late February morning.

Though the five-year-old Courtyard Marriott, just up the block, doesn’t take Hall’s breath away, it is the first new hotel built in Newark’s downtown in 40 years.

If the story of Newark’s revitalization is all about buildings, Hall, a 60-year-old principal at a charter school here, is living inside one of its newest characters. Her eclectic, fifth-floor apartment is one of the residential units in Teachers Village, a $150 million, mixed-use project financed through a consortium of private and public investments and blessed with mammoth government tax credits. The development lives along five blocks of Halsey Street, just off of the city’s main thoroughfare and was designed to convert into residents some of the 6,000 teachers and administrators who commute to this city of 280,000 each workday.

Get the FULL story at Politico Magazine.

Angela Carr Patterson

Angela Carr Patterson’s ‘Fatherless Girls Summit’ Will Help Heal Wounds and Redefine Lives

Angela Carr Patterson

Angela Carr Patterson

*COLUMBIA, SC – Global life strategist Angela Carr Patterson is kicking off her first Fatherless Girls Summit on June 13, 2015, at the Courtyard Columbia Downtown at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

The one-day summit is designed to help girls 12-17 reclaim their worth, redefine who they are, and rewrite a new narrative for their lives beyond being fatherless.

“Our girls are in a crisis,” says Carr Patterson, founder of the Fatherless Daughters Network, a community that serves and supports women and girls with an unattached, emotionally unavailable, or absent father.

She points to dire statistics that plague fatherless girls:  71 percent teen pregnancies, 72 percent lower standard of living, and five times more likely to commit suicide. Fatherless girls also have a higher percentage of being seriously, and often fatally, abused.

“We cannot read statistics like this and turn away,” says Carr Patterson, who grew up without her biological father. Her 2012 novel, I’m Not That Woman…A Fatherless Daughter’s Journey to Being, and upcoming documentary, I’m Not That Woman…A Fatherless Daughter’s Journey to Being, highlight the fatherless daughter journey.

The event will answer questions from a recent fatherless girls survey and provide hands-on interactive activities, workshops, and a theatrical presentation with open panel discussions. A special guest luncheon speaker will focus on helping fatherless girls heal self-worth, self-love, and self-value wounds.

“A girl receives her identity from her father and we must address our misplaced sense of identity to heal our pain,” says Carr Patterson. “Our goal is not to attack fathers, but create a space for women and girls to move their lives forward in love, acceptance, and forgiveness.”

Contact Information
For registration details or to learn more about the Fatherless Daughters Network, please visit You many also visit Angela Carr Patterson’s website for additional information.

About Angela Carr Patterson
Angela Carr Patterson is the CEO and President of Oasis Promotions, LLC, a leadership and professional development company dedicated to building “New Inspired Leaders” for transformation and change in the workplace, the community, the media, and the world. Carr Patterson is a speaker, author, trainer, media personality, global life strategist, and a fatherless daughter advocate.

Over the years, Carr Patterson has worked with fatherless women and girls through several global platforms. Many of her clients live in the United States, Kenya, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, London and India. She recognizes fatherlessness is a global issue for women and girls, often carried silently and painfully.

To contact Angela Carr Patterson about hosting a Fatherless Girls Summit in your area or to become an Angel Sponsor, visit [email protected] or call 803-920-6853.

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Seniors Wireless Launches ‘teleMED Assist'; Doctors Evaluate, Refer and Prescribe Remotely

older black man - laptop

*(Via VentureBeat) – Seniors Wireless, a subsidiary of mobile virtual network operator Emveno, today launched what it calls a “telemedicine MVNO” (mobile virtual network operator) service in the U.S.

The service, which is geared toward seniors, will cost a buck a day and provide “unlimited access to board-certified doctors 365/24/7 from their phones.”

The service, called teleMED Assist, lets subscribers use any landline, mobile phone, or wireless service to either speak or videoconference directly with qualified medical practitioners. The doctors can evaluate, refer, and prescribe on the spot, Seniors Wireless says.

Get the rest of this story at VentureBeat.