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GOP’s Old Ploy: Tag President Obama as the Race Baiter

president obama

*The GOP has resorted to another of its time tested ploys to hammer President Obama.

That’s to tag him as a race baiter. The take-off point for this old ploy was Obama’s keynote address at the recent National Action Network convention.

Obama lambasted the GOP for doing everything legally and extra legally it could to obstruct, damp down, and eviscerate minority voting.

GOP controlled legislatures have passed a legion of thinly disguised voter suppression laws in more than a dozen states. There’s also been a steady stream of voting rights lawsuits, and court challenges.

Obama’s repeated call and frontal challenge to the GOP to back a minimum wage hike, extension of unemployment insurance, and legislation to deal with the grossly unequal gender gap in pay has further stoked the GOP’s ire. The GOP ploy really kicked into high gear when Attorney General Eric Holder had the temerity at the NAN convention to call the GOP out on its blatant race baiting by bluntly demanding, “What president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?” He meant the racial abuse from the GOP.

Holder as always was again instantly plopped on the hot seat by GOP pundits, right wing bloggers, websites, and talk show hosts and accused of racial polarizing. He didn’t back away from his contention. Nor should he have. But it wouldn’t make much difference anyway.

Holder and Obama are African-Americans and there’s rarely been a moment during their tenures at the Justice Department and the White House that they haven’t been relentlessly reminded of that. But while Holder is the convenient whipping boy for the racial table turn by the GOP, the target is really Obama. The one time that he did gingerly venture into the minefield of a racially charged local issue was his mild rebuke of the white officer that cuffed Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates in 2009. The reaction was instant and furious. Polls after his mild rebuke showed that a majority of whites condemned Obama for backing Gates and, even more ominously, expressed big doubts about his policies.

Obama relearned a bitter lesson. If you speak out on an issue that involves race the backlash will be swift and brutal. And it will be whipped into even greater manic fury by the GOP.

The ploy is used to rock Obama back on his heels and box him into a tight racial corner. It’s also a serviceable tact to try and put a brake on Obama’s efforts to fire up African-Americans and Hispanics to dash to the polls in November. The GOP also has become hyper sensitive to the charge that it is racially, narrow, insular and a borderline bigoted party. It made a loud, but mostly empty effort to try to put a different PR face on the party when it churned out dozens of pages of a blueprint plugging minority outreach. It has even made a few noisy self-righteous and self-serving condemnations of nutty rocker Ted Nugent’s racist blathers against and about Obama and has tried to put some rhetorical distance between itself and some of the more crackpot statements by loose hinged GOP state legislators on blacks and Hispanics. But that’s more cover than anything to give credence to its pound of Obama for allegedly shuffling the race card to divide Americans and retain and win more seats for the Democrats in November.

The GOP’s racial ploy may loom even larger in the next few months for two reasons. One is that Obama has shown no signs of backing away from his take off the gloves assault on the GOP for voting rights suppression. He has little choice. The mid-term elections are likely to be a cliff hanger for some Democratic incumbents. Their victory will hinge in getting as many blacks and Hispanics to the polls. The GOP historically has had a built in advantage in off year presidential elections in that its core supporters, older, rural and blue collar whites vote in greater percentages than blacks and Hispanics in the past.

The other compelling reason is that the GOP banked on hammering Red State Democrats up for Senate reelection with the guilt by association with Obama in support of the Affordable Care Act. But polls now show greater favorable support for the Act, and the fact that more than 12 million persons signed up to date for coverage make this tact more problematic as a  political deal maker for the GOP. If that’s pushed further to the back of the GOP’s political table then it’s back to an attempted beat down of Obama with race.

The baiting and the assault on Obama will get even uglier. But it won’t change one hard fact. That’s when it comes to race baiting, the GOP will always have the market cornered on that—and millions know it.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. He is a frequent MSNBC contributor. He is an associate editor of New America Media. He is a weekly co-host of the Al Sharpton Show on American Urban Radio Network. He is the host of the weekly Hutchinson Report on KTYM 1460 AM Radio Los Angeles and KPFK-Radio and the Pacifica Network.

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Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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Bestselling Christian Author Deborah Smith Simpkins on The True Meaning Of Easter

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Deborah Smith Simpkins

*Easter traditionally is represented by bunny rabbits, palms, sunrise, and the resurrection of Christ, but to me, it goes so much deeper than traditional and secular symbols.

Let’s discuss the Easter Bunnypeople are quite surprised to find out its history.  The history of the bunny goes back hundreds of years to Saxon times.   In Saxon times people welcomed the beginning of spring with a huge festival that signified the Goddess of that time of year whose name was Eastre.  She was highly regarded for being a symbol of fertility (new life), prosperity and growth.  Around this same time Christians were also celebrating Christ’s Resurrection and over the years these two holidays merged into one another because more and more people were turning to Christianity.  The Easter Bunny was a combination of the Goddess Eastre who like the rabbit was bothsymbols of fertility.  Later the eggs were added symbolizing the hatching or the giving of birth physically and financially.

In Christianity Easter is a time to celebrate and reflect on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We celebrate because we obtained the right to eternal life by virtue of the shedding of Christ’s unblemished blood through his death.  We reflect because Christ lived and went through every human emotion and temptation yet he maintained His sanctification.  He then suffered an agonizing death for the remission of our sins so that we may have the right to unlimited repentance, which gives us access to eternal life. =

Easter is a time to be grateful of a sacrifice that no one on this earth would make.  Can any of us truly say that we would offer our own life or that of our child’s up to be whipped, spit on, beaten and then crucified to save another person we may or may not know?

Easter to me is so significant to humanitarianism and it makes me more sensitive to the lost, broken and down trodden.  Although giving my life is not required to save or help people in need, Easter and the sacrifice of Jesus encourages me to ask myself, “What can I do to give new life or help someone who is less fortunate than I am?”

Easter symbolizes the Sacrifice of one’s own comfort and life for the salvation and or rescue of another’s, even a stranger.  It’s more than Easter baskets, new clothes and Sun Rise services.  Easter is the day we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that is attached to an unmatched and everlasting victory.  When Christrose from the grave our future rose with him and unrestrained victories for all of us rose with him.  The victory was not so much in His death but rather His resurrection.  Through His resurrection we can understand that after the hurt, ridicule, stripes and even dead situations there is always a greater promise and purpose after the pain.

About Deborah Smith Simpkins:
Minister and author Deborah Smith Simpkins is married and the mother of five children (ages 4-24!), Simpkins own life and spiritual walk is testament to the way God’s providence allows for pain, setbacks and challenging obstacles – but always with a rebirth and a sequel in mind.  A preacher’s kid (PK) who grew up immersed in The Word, she has nearly been killed three times in car crashes. The one she had at 17, which included a life altering near death experience where she felt she had left her body for a time, left her severely cut and burned. While in recovery, she not only prayed for the healing of the body – she also began to surrender to the arduous process of healing her soul.  For more information please visit

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B. Scott’s Discrimination Suit Against BET Dismissed by Judge

b scott - bet

*Bad news for B. Scott.

The Transgender blogger/personality is on the losing end of a discrimination suit he filed against BET.

If you recall, as we reported last August, Scott sued the network, claiming it humiliated him during the BET Awards last year by forcing him to change from women’s clothes into men’s clothes … and then yanking him off the show entirely.

TMZ is reporting that the case was thrown out by a judge today:

The judge ruled BET has the 1st Amendment right to run its shows the way it wants … and that includes ordering Scott to change from women’s to men’s clothes … and that’s that.

Scott tells TMZ, “It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression.”

Scott’s attorney has said he plans to appeal the decision.

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Celebrate Easter at the Forum with Faithful Central Church Along with Tamela Mann & Fred Hammond

tamela mann

*Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer and Faithful Central Bible Church to hold unparalleled worship experience and concert on April 20 to celebrate Easter

“Easter at the Forum” to be first community-wide public event held in renovated arena

WHAT: “Easter at the Forum,” a large-scale Easter service and celebration with expected attendance of 12,500 worshipers, held at the legendary Forum. The Forum re-opened in January 2014 after an extensive $100 million transformation by the Madison Square Garden Company. Faithful Central Bible Church, which owned the Forum prior to MSG, is returning to the iconic venue for a one-of-a-kind worship service and concert to celebrate Easter. Admission is free.

WHO: Grammy Award-winning artist and gospel legend Fred Hammond – Gospel sensation Tamela Mann – Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Senior Pastor, Faithful Central Bible Church  The 225-member Faithful Central Bible Church Music & Arts Ensemble and12,500 worshipers from throughout Southern California

WHEN: Sunday, April 20
9:00 a.m. – Doors open
10:00 a.m. to noon – Easter service
Noon to 1 p.m. – Gospel concert

WHERE: The Forum
3900 West Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, CA 90305

For more information, visit website”


Sonya Ede
SYE Publicity

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Relationships: Here’s Everything Singles 40 And Older Need to Know About Dating

mature black couple

*(Via iDateDaily) – Are you of the older generation?  Have you been in a long term relationship or married before?  Do you have teenage or even grown up kids and for whatever reason, you’re on your own again? If this is you, and you have thought about dating, it’s not as scary as you may think!

It seems as though the younger generation knows everything about the modern dating world: Where to go, how to behave, and how to have lots of fun.  When you’ve been out of the dating scene for some years, you suddenly realize that dating these days is different.


When it comes to dating the second time around, there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. Older people have already been through a long term relationship, and that means all sorts of things to consider. You may have kids, you may have been financially crippled because of your break-up, or you may be scared of being hurt again. Of course, these could be exactly the same for your potential date if they are in the same age group and have faced similar circumstances. You are both going to have to show some understanding toward each other and make allowances in certain areas. But there is no reason why the two of you can’t go out and have a lot of fun on a very memorable date.

Second time round, people have generally been through a lot of different experiences and have generally learnt a lot about themselves.  So first of all, you are both going to want to talk and explore each other’s backgrounds.

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Beneath the Spin: Princeton Scientific Study: America is No Longer a Democracy; It’s Now an Oligarchy

Greed Eating

*A scientific study done at Princeton University indicates that the United States is no longer a Democracy. The country has now morphed into an Oligarchy.

That means that the nation is no longer controlled by the people. It is now controlled by a handful of wealthy and powerful puppet masters. It also means that we are no longer in a race war; we are now in a class war.

Thus, the poor and middle class, of EVERY race, are now the new niggas. So wake up, America, while you still have a chance of fighting back.
One of the biggest problems that we have in this country is that we’ve allowed malevolent factions to throw us a bone and then use our votes against us to undermine our interests. The reason we’ve allowed this to happen is because we’re so gullible that we tend to believe that any faction that supports any issue that we’re passionate about is our friend, and that tendency has repeatedly been used against us. Over the years that has repeatedly caused the American people to forge alliances with the very people who want to cut their throats.
So it behooves poor and middle-class Black, and White people, to wake up, put our petty differences aside, and come together as a viable political force that’s ready to pitch a tooth-and-nail battle for the future of this country. If we don’t, the Tea party, the Klan, the Black Guerilla Army, and the Mexican Mafia, are all going to find themselves shoulder-to-shoulder picking virtual cotton on the very same plantation.

Ironically, many White people already recognize this fact – that’s why Barack Obama is President today. But due to our unique historic background, lack of formal education, the proliferation of urban legends disseminated by poverty pimps, and lingering suspicions and bitterness, many Black people are resistant to this reality. Some demagogues work for the enemy by purposely keeping the poor and middle-class divided:

“When you’re trying to talk about issues that affect the people, name calling get’s in the way. Name calling is nothing but another weapon of mass distraction.” – Cornel West. Hmmmmm. Think about his words, and then his behavior.

But while it is undeniable that some White people are dogs (just like some Black people), we now also have undeniable evidence that MOST of them are good people who simply want to live and let live in, just like the majority of Black people. White bigots are a small minority of the White community, but they are a vicious and very loud minority (see Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Pat Robertson, etc.), and they’re being amplified by the power and wealth of corporate feudalists in order to keep us divided, so their noise and power far exceed their numbers. If that were not the case, Obama wouldn’t have been elected president – twice. No, Obama’s election doesn’t mean that this is a post-racist society, but what it does say is, racism and bigotry are being maintained and perpetuated by a minority of the White community.

Consider this – even if all Black people had been allowed to stay at home, and the vote of every Black man, woman, and child in America had been automatically posted for Obama, there still wouldn’t have been enough of us to elect him President of the United States. Black people are only 13.6 percent of the population. So if only one hundred votes were being cast to determine the presidency, and every group was given the number of votes that corresponded to their percentage of the population, Black people would only be given 14 votes. But in order for Obama to become president, he needed 51 votes. Where did those other 37 votes come from? I’ll tell you where they came from – many of them came from White people. Obama could never have been elected president without them. So that’s in direct conflict with the message that the majority of White people are racist bigots. Numbers don’t lie, so while it may satisfy the anger of those who allege that to be the case, the numbers simply don’t validate their claim.

White folks are being fed the same kind of nonsense on the other side of the fence. That’s how we’re being kept divided, and how the rich are taking over. The current battle being fought is over class, not race, and both poor and middle-class Blacks, and Whites, had better wake up and recognize that fact, or we’re ALL going to be enslaved. Many White people need to understand than when the GOP is targeting Social Security, they’re not just targeting the Social Security of Black people, they’re targeting EVERYBODY’S Social Security.  And when the corporate feudalist and their GOP cronies sent our jobs overseas, they didn’t just send Black jobs overseas, they sent the jobs of the White middle class out of the country as well.

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eric wattree

Eric Wattree

Eric L. Wattree

Citizens Against Reckless Middle-Class Abuse (CARMA)