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tom brady

Report: Tom Brady Destroyed Cell Phone; NFL Suspension to be Upheld

tom brady

*(Via MSN Sports) – The NFL is going to reject Tom Brady’s appeal and uphold the four-game suspension he is facing for his alleged role in Deflategate, according to one report.

Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN’s “First Take” Tuesday morning that a source told him Roger Goodell will not reduce or overturn Brady’s suspension. Perhaps more shocking, Smith cited a separate source who told him Brady actually destroyed his own personal cell phone rather than just refusing to turn it over.

We have known all along that the bigger issue here is Brady’s lack of cooperation during the Ted Wells investigation. The NFL was furious that Brady wouldn’t give up “relevant” text messages and emails that might help clarify his level of involvement — or lack thereof — in Patriots equipment managers allegedly letting air out of game balls.

Read/learn MORE at MSN Sports.

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson Alert, Feeling Good After Stroke, Heart Attacks

joe jackson

*At 87, Joe Jackson has turned into the iron man, so to speak.

We say that because he’s doing well after a series of medical emergencies … so well in fact we hear he’s he’s cracking jokes in his hospital bed.

On Sunday we reported that he suffered a stroke and partial blindness. Well that was then. Today a Jackson family rep tells TMZ that Papa Joe’s speech is not impaired and his vision is restored.

As was reported, an artery burst behind his eye, causing temporary blindness and possibly triggering a stroke.

Now we’re finding out that in addition to the stroke, Jackson suffered three heart attacks while he was hospitalized and his heart actually stopped for 10 seconds. He had a pacemaker implanted.

Mr. Jackson says he’s aware how close to death he was and is grateful to be alive.

Stan Shepperd

Stan Sheppard: ‘Why Do A&R Directors Positions Still Exist?’

Stan Sheppard

Stan Sheppard

*The major recording companies in the U.S. have shrunk by 50%
within the last 10 years. Only Universal, Sony and Warner Bros. Records still exist.

Most of the smaller companies have been gobbled up years ago and labels like Motown Records, Capitol Records and Def Jam are nothing more now than glorified “Production Companies.”

Major record companies use to spend millions of dollars searching for that next “breakout artist” who was performing in a small venue in New Orleans, Portland or St. Louis and when they found that special talent, the executives at the label spent countless hours grooming them for potential stardom.

The A&R directors at the major labels were the most important part of success at any major company because it was their job to discover the new talent, work with the new artists, selecting producers and writers, selecting recording studios, selecting mixing and mastering engineers, and helping to form the visual content for the various artistsʼ debut videos.

Today, 95-98% of all A&R directors do none of the functions that I have just mentioned above. They are nothing but conduits for guiding paperwork through the respective systems they work in.

The vast majority of A&R directors could not identify a hit record if their lives depended upon it.

These so-called creative directors have been put in these positions to be a buffer for the major record label executives who want no contact whatsoever with Rap artists from the streets. The presidents of the major labels know they can’t exist without Rap artists on their respective rosters, but they avoid contact with them
unless it is absolutely necessary. See “Chief Keef.”

The A&R directors main function these days is to charge up their cell phones to wait for a call from a person “really in the streets discovering new talent” so they can rush out with a company check book to offer up a recording contract. Then if the Rap act is really on the verge of blowing up, the A&R director gets his/her boss in the picture and they both ride up to the new act and their manager and
they promise them “freedom to do their music” and “unwavering support” from within the organization if they decide to accept the major label’s marriage proposal. Both statements are bold face lies. See “Chief Keef.”

Therefore, I ask the question: “Why do major labels still have A&R positions?”

I personally feel that the title of the department should be changed to the “P.M.R.”Department. That means…”Professional Money Runner’s” Department. Well, let’s be truthful. They don’t discover the talent, they don’t select the music, they don’t select the producers and they don’t select the writers. At most, they may be able to get you a discount at the label’s in house studio to do some

To be considered for the position of A&R director, the candidate should either have experience as a hit producer, artist or writer. Anyone else who takes the position without those qualifications was just put there by a powerful friend within the company.

I even look at the A&R positions that are filled with people who are not from the inner city and have no attachment to the music or people who record it, but they have the power to pass out checks and usually they give the opportunities to the wrong people who eventually screw up everything. With just a little street insight,
they could have avoided the inevitable outcome of failure. That’s exactly why 90% of all records released are economic failures. Just take a quick look at who heads these departments in many instances and who heads the programming departments at most Rap radio stations…. “Non-Black People” such as accountants, lawyers, marketing people from the suburbs, and wanna-be producers, artists, and musicians. These are the people who are deciding what
music should be played. To me, that’s like taking “Snoop Dogg” and telling him to hit the Nashville scene to discover the next “Bluegrass breakout artist.”

Again, I ask one question… “Why can’t these corporations find qualified people to fill these jobs?”

Rap music is from the “streets”… the “inner city”… and the major labels have “frauds” in those positions who need to be removed immediately. The only thing they specialize in is telling lies and half-truths. Usually these guys are NOT from the streets or they were linked to someone who “was from the streets” and they attached themselves to that person to be accepted.

Here is my solution to the problem:

Put some “real intelligent guys from the streets” in those positions and let them select the music to be released in the Rap world. Remove the legal people, the accountants, and the people who are NOT from the streets, and let the real talent shine in the Hip Hop culture.

There is room for all types of Rap music on radio. Maybe if we can get some authentic folks in Rap music into those positions we would not have the dismal record of Rap flops we have and the culture could be represented better.

Case Closed.

To reach Stan Sheppard contact: [email protected]

Stan Sheppard has managed/promoted the careers of the multi-platinum producers/artists, “DJ Battlecat, “DJ Quik”, “Suga Free”, “Mausberg”, “Kokane”, “Filthy Frank”, “G-Sinatra”, “Big Unc” and “Que”, selling over 24 Million records worldwide.

gilbert arenas & kids with county fair winnings

Gilbert Arenas’ Deadly Accuracy Gets Him Banned From County Fair

gilbert arenas & kids with county fair winnings

*Gilbert Arenas may be out of the NBA for now, but dude can still put the ball through the rim.

In fact, Arenas is so deadly that he’s been banned from participating in those shoot-the-ball-in-the-basket and win a prize games at the Orange County Fair in Southern California.

Dude took to Instagram saying that in spite of the rims being (allegedly) bent, it didn’t stop him from bringing back a huge pile of stuffed animals and a huge Minion for his kids. But at the end of the day, Arenas was banned from the fair for being too good.

Who knows, maybe some team that needs a scorer will take notice and give him a shot.

Jill Scott (woman album)

Jill Scott Set to Perform Live on ABC’s ‘GMA’ Tuesday at 7 AM

Jill Scott (woman album)

*We got good news for you if you’re a Jill Scott fan.

Tune in tomorrow morning (07-28-15) to “Good Morning America (GMA)” on ABC as Jill Scott graces the crowd with tunes from her latest project.

She recently released her 5th studio album – WOMAN this past Friday, July, 24 2015. The thought provoking titled album includes Jill’s latest singles, “Fool’s Gold” that debuted on May 11th and is currently #3 on Billboard R&B charts and the critically acclaimed, “You Don’t Know.”

Jill is currently on tour with sold out shows throughout the country.

Follow Jill Scott on Twitter and Instagram at @MissJillScott; and like her on

ice-t and coco

Ice-T and Coco Are Gonna Have A Baby!

ice-t & coco

*He’s already a granddaddy, but now he’s gonna be a daddy again at 57.

We’re talking about Mr. Tracy “Ice-T” Marrow. And we all know there can’t be a daddy without a mommy and of course that would be 36-year-old Coco Marrow.

So congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Marrow who are expecting their first child together, according to TMZ. This will be Coco’s first. As of now we don’t know how far along the pregnancy is and the gender of the baby.

Ice-T’s children from a previous marriage and relationship are LaTesha, 39, and Ice, 23. He also has two grandchildren, including 20-year-old Elyjah Marrow, who was charged in the accidental shooting of his roommate earlier this year.

Coco hasn’t made it a secret as far as her desire to have a baby, but confessed to feeling pressured about when she would do so.

“There’s a lot of peer pressure for me,” she told E! News in 2012. “It’s not just my family that’s giving it, it’s the world…When the time’s right, I will. I feel like I’m still young, and I have time.”

Ice-T has always been down to have a child with Coco, so it was really up to her.

“At the end of the day, it’s Coco’s call,” said Ice, 53. “She puts in the order and I can do the deed.”