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Grandpa’s Dousing of 10-Month-Old with Ice Water Angers Father (Watch)

Grandpa's Dousing of 10-Month-Old with Ice Water Angers Father

Aryiah Dalcour & grandfather

*The father of a 10-month old baby girl is beyond pissed at his soon-to-be former father-in-law.

That’s because Aryiah Dalcour was doused with ice water when her grandfather, Reggie Stewart, did the Ice Bucket Challenge. Her daddy, Claude Dalcour, needless to say, is not a happy camper.

“I was shocked,” said Claude Dalcour, the girl’s father. “Everybody I know was pretty much shocked and appalled,” he told KHOU-TV. “You don’t do that to an infant. He should know better.”

Dalcour says he stumbled on the video of his daughter, Aryiah, on Thursday.

claude dalcour

Claude Dalcour

The video has since been removed from the grandfather’s Facebook page, but not before receiving several thousand views.

A viewer in another state was equally upset by the grandfather’s stunt and notified the Texas Department of Children and Families, the station reported.

Dalcour said he has also notified authorities, saying the incident should be considered abuse.

“It’s a big deal. It’s not his child, it’s my child,” Dalcour said.

Dalcour said he and his wife are going through a bitter divorce and that the grandfather in the video is his soon-to-be ex-father-in-law.

Bryanna Warren, Trinity Kennard and Charmella Triggs

Ratchet: Women Hide Stolen Rolexes in their U-Know-Whats in Vegas Heist (Video)

Women Hide Stolen Rolexes in their Vaginas in Vegas Heist

Bryanna Warren, Trinity Kennard and Charmella Triggs

*This story is further evidence that we’re living in  strange times.

Three women in Las Vegas: Bryanna Warren, Trinity Kennard and Charmella Triggs have been arrested after getting with several tourist men, stealing their watches and then smuggling the timepieces out of the Encore Hotel and Casino in their vaginas.

All three women were  charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit grand larceny and conspiracy to commit robbery, according to Mediaite.

The back story is that the women and the male victims reportedly had sexual relations at the hotel after which, when one of the men tried to chase the women into the hall after discovering the watches were missing, Charmell Triggs reportedly pulled a stun gun on him.

Here’s the crazy part of the story. Police were able to catch the women after viewing elevator surveillance video that showed them inserting the watches into their bodies.

And then there’s this absolutely crazy, er, naive  response from Trinity Kennard:

“I thought when stuff like this happens it’s just like a personal thing. I didn’t think police would get involved and I could go to jail,” Kennard told a reporter for KNTV in a jailhouse interview. She expressed surprise that the way she and her friends tried to take the watches out of the hotel was the element of the story that was capturing the public’s interest.

Watch video below, via KTNV ABC:


(Women Hide Stolen Rolexes in their U-Know-Whats in Vegas Heist)

hillary clinton

Hillary Got it Right on Ferguson and Race

hillary clinton

*Hillary Clinton was pilloried and battered for days on end for not uttering a peep about the Michael Brown slaying, the Ferguson disorders, and most importantly race. Clinton took heat on this for the simple reason that she almost certainly will run for president and likely win.

It would look pretty peculiar for a presidential candidate, especially a Democratic presidential candidate, and likely winner not to say anything about America’s eternal flashpoint issue. But it was worth the wait for her to speak out.

Hillary Clinton on Ferguson: ‘We Can Do Better’

Clinton skipped the platitudes and echoed the uncomfortable truths that black men are routinely profiled, disproportionately pack America’s jails and prisons, and get longer sentences than white males.

This took courage because presidents and presidential candidates have avoided race like the plague not just in the case of Ferguson and the Brown killing, but whenever racial controversy inevitably flares up. Racial issues have seeped into presidential debates only when they ignite public anger and division.

Marc Lamont Hill: Hillary’s Ferguson Remarks ‘Driven by Political Interest’

Race has been a taboo subject for presidents and their challengers on the campaign trail for the past two decades for a good reason. No president or presidential challenger, especially a Democratic challenger, would risk being tarred as pandering to minorities for the mere mention of racial problems.

The double standard on race has been especially troublesome to President Obama. From the moment that he announced his presidential bid in 2007, he knew that race would be a minefield that could blow up at any time and the explosion could be even more harmful to him. That was the case when he knocked a Cambridge police officer for the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Gates, and the few times that he cautiously addressed other controversies from the slaying of Trayvon Martin to Ferguson.

No matter how loud the deafening silence from presidents and contenders about race is, its painful consequences can’t disappear. In each of its annual State of Black America reports the past decade the National Urban League found that blacks are less likely to own their own homes, die earlier, are far more likely to be jailed disproportionately and receive longer sentences, receive less or poorer quality health care and earn far less than whites. They attend failing public schools, and are more likely the victims of racially motivated hate crimes than any other group.

The report also found rampant discrimination and gaping economic disparities between Latinos and whites. In the past decade, the income, and education performance gaps between blacks and Latinos and whites have only marginally closed, or actually widened. Discrimination remains the major cause of the disparities.

Shunting race to the back burner of presidential campaigns invariably means that presidents shunt them to the backburner of their legislative agenda. Yet, presidents have not been able to tap dance around racial problems. Reagan’s administration was embroiled in affirmative action battles. Bush Sr.’s administration was tormented by urban riots following the beating of black motorist Rodney King. Clinton’s administration was saddled with conflicts over affirmative action, police violence and racial profiling. W. Bush’s administration has been confronted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, voting rights, reparations, and affirmative action battles, gang violence, and failing inner city public schools.

By ignoring, or downplaying these issues until they burst into touchstones of national debate and conflict, presidents have been ill prepared to craft meaningful legislation and programs to deal with them.

This won’t be the case with Clinton. She tipped her hand on this at an NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet in Charleston, South Carolina during the 2008 presidential campaign when she publicly vowed to do everything from aggressively fighting hate crimes to strengthening voting rights. It was the kind of civil rights speech that top Democrats in campaigns past have sprinted from giving like the plague. Two months before that she intimated that racism drove public policy in how Americans dealt with the HIV/AIDS plague and said that if young white women were dying at the rate young blacks are from AIDS, there would be a national outcry.

Clinton’s aim was to send a forceful message to her then chief Democratic presidential campaign rival Barack Obama that she – not he – was the real civil rights candidate. This was hardly the case since Obama had to walk the tightest of tight ropes on race as an African-American and with the wolves ready to pounce on any utterance from him would supposedly prove that he would tilt toward blacks once in the White House. Yet, Clinton did stake a bold, aggressive, and challenging in your face approach to frontally confronting racial issues.  There almost certainly will be more Ferguson-like tests on race for Clinton in the 2016 race for the White House. The odds, though, are great that she’ll get it right again as she did this time on Ferguson and race.

earl ofari hutchinson

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. He is a frequent MSNBC contributor. He is an associate editor of New America Media. He is a weekly co-host of the Al Sharpton Show on American Urban Radio Network. He is the host of the weekly Hutchinson Report on KTYM 1460 AM Radio Los Angeles and KPFK-Radio and the Pacifica Network. Follow Earl Ofari Hutchinson on Twitter:

evan ross & ashlee simpson

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Are Now Married

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Are Now Married

*With all the hoopla about the marriage of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union this weekend, there was another celebrity wedding that pretty was much overshadowed … until now.

On Saturday, in Connecticut at the home of, Diana Ross, her son – Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson – were married.

Witnesses to the wedding included family and friends of the happy couple. Ashlee’s big sister Jessica Simpson served as a matron of honor and the bride’s 5-year-old son, Bronx Wentz. Simpson wore Neil Lane jewelry that complemented her engagement ring designed by the jeweler, according to PEOPLE.

Simpson, 29, and Ross, 26, announced their engagement on Jan. 13 via Twitter.

“The love of my life said YES!!!!!!” Ross wrote, with Simpson adding, “My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii!!!”

The announcement was soon followed by several celebrations including an engagement party in March, at the home of Simpson’s mother, Tina, and a bohemian bridal shower earlier this month at Jessica’s L.A. home.

Before the wedding, the couple were recently spotted celebrating Ross’ birthday on Aug. 26 at STK Downtown in New York where a source.

“They were excited and talking about the upcoming wedding. Evan and Ashlee were kissing each other nonstop all night,” says the source.

Congrats to Evan and Ashlee from EURweb.


African Pride Pride Represents At Tom Joyner’s Family Reunion with Singer Tank and Actress Bern’Nadette Stanis

African Pride Pride Represents At Tom Joyner Family Reunion with Singer Tank and Actress Bern'Nadette Stanis

Actress Bern’Nadette Stanis took part in African Pride’s Meet and Greet.

*Kissimmee, FL  – African Pride the leading hair care brand celebrating the heritage of African American women everywhere, is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Tom Joyner Family Reunion.

In keeping with commitment to celebrating the very best in Black culture – including music – African Pride hosted a lively meet and greet and autograph signing with Grammy-nominated recording artist, Tank.

With a line that stretched the entire length of the Exhibit Hall at Kissimmee’s Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, the event was a true spectacle to behold. The event coincided with the release of Tank’s latest recording on Atlantic Records, simply titled, “Stronger.”

African Pride also presented a panel discussion, “Defining Your Pretty,” moderated by Tom Joyner Morning Show producer Deya “Direct” Smith. Participants included African Pride’s very own Charlene Dance, marketing director, beauty expert Tia Hebron and iconic beauty and actress, Bern’Nadette Stanis.

African Pride is an affordable hair care line featuring premium-quality shampoos, conditioners, treatments, texturizers, relaxers and the revolutionary African Pride Natural Miracle Reversible™ Straightening Texture Manageability System. Each African Pride product is infused with all-natural ingredients, including vitamin-rich African Shea butter, olive oil, herbal oil extracts, natural herbs, jojoba and coconut oil to help strengthen and protect hair from damage. Each product is affordably priced at less than $10.

Join the conversation at: @MyAfricanPride, #MyPrideMyWay and

tank and fan (at african pride autograph signing)

Atlantic Recording artist Tank greets a lovely fan at an autograph signing hosted by African Pride at the 2014 Tom Joyner Family Reunion

Deya "Direct" Smith joined by African Pride marketing director Charlene Dance, actress Bern Nadette Stanis and beauty expert, Tia Hebron

Tom Joyner Morning Show producer Deya “Direct” Smith joined by African Pride marketing director Charlene Dance, actress Bern Nadette Stanis and beauty expert, Tia Hebron. This fabulous group of ladies sparked a lively debate, “African Pride Presents Defining Your Pretty” at the 2014 Tom Joyner Family Reunion.

Photos: Alex Lipowec


Helen Shelton
Finn Partners, Inc.
[email protected]


(African Pride Pride Represents At Tom Joyner Family Reunion with Singer Tank and Actress Bern’Nadette Stanis)


Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Are Now Married

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Are Now Married

*Well, it’s a done deal.

Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade and Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union are now officially Mr. and Mrs.

The ceremony took place on Saturday at the Chateau Artisan mansion which was built to look like a castle. According to reports, Wade spent $5 million on the wedding.

As was widelyreported, the couple kept wedding details top-secret, even asking guests to sign a confidentiality agreement. The agreement stated no cameras or phones were allowed. Those who violated the terms would be fined with cash fees, according to reports.

According to sources, the wedding was kept so private, planners had to title any paper work under “Sheik Noinu Edaw.” If you read it carefully, that is Union Wade spelled backwards, according to Miami ‘s

Sources also said the wedding’s theme was “Old Florida juke joint,” with plenty of references to the Heat.

Reports said the couple’s guests were scheduled to be picked up from the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel in private buses enroute to the castle-like mansion.

The couple was scheduled to reach the venue by helicopter. Once everyone was on their seats, Wade and Union were said to tie the knot while John Legend played the piano.

And get this. The wedding was officiated by Union’s best friend, actress Essence Atkins, according to reports.

Both Wade and Union have been married once before. Wade has three kids.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.


(Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Are Now Married)