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  • Jordan Davis Documentary Headed to HBO (VIDEO)

    Aug 25, 15 by Steffanie Rivers 4 Comments

    *After Michael Dunn shot to death teenager Jordan Davis at a Jacksonville, Florida gas station in 2012, the teen’s family wanted to do more than join a support group for parents of murdered children. So they participated in the production of a documentary that chronicled the life of their son and the trial of his […]

  • The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: The Freedom or the Responsibility

    Jul 21, 15 by riversteff Leave a comment

    *My mother vacationed in Europe last month. A few days after her return from Paris, taxi drivers there staged a protest against the arrival of Uber. Uber is the San Francisco-based company that links people who need transportation with people who want to offer transportation in their private vehicles. Riders request transportation via the Uber […]

  • The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: Discussing Race with White People

    May 12, 15 by riversteff 1 Comment

    *I was sitting in a hotel van on the way to the airport when two white people were discussing what had become known in the national news as #Baltimore Burning. The woman said, in essence, looters who steal from and destroy their own neighborhoods were criminals whose behaviors prove police are justified to use deadly […]

  • The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: The Culture of Police Brutality

    May 5, 15 by riversteff Leave a comment

    *The culture of reckless behavior within Baltimore’s police department was a debacle waiting for national attention.  More than 300 lawsuits have been filed against Baltimore police since 2011 claiming brutality and misconduct. The city settled more than 100 of those cases, paying out nearly $6 million. Freddie Gray was just one of more than 100 […]

  • The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: Atlanta School Scandal A Black on Black Crime

    Apr 21, 15 by riversteff 1 Comment

    My mother was my first teacher. Every trip to the grocery store was a math lesson in how to count money. Every conversation was likely to become an exercise in grammar and enunciation. She regularly called my teachers to check on my behavior in class. One year when I was assigned to a teacher who […]

  • The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

    Mar 17, 15 by riversteff Leave a comment

    *When I was four years old my pre-school teacher called my mother to a meeting, because I had said a curse word! Apparently the class was playing a game: Each student was asked to think of a word that begins with the first letter of your first name, spell it aloud then pronounce it. My […]