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Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud1

Married to Medicine’s Lisa Nicole Cloud Says Vicious Lie Triggered Fight With Quad Webb-Lunceford

Married to Medicine's Lisa Nicole Cloud Talks Explosive Altercation With Quad Webb-Lunceford-the jasmine brand

*If you’re an avid viewer of BRAVO’s Married to Medicine, chances are you were stunned when you heard reports that cast members Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud had been involved in an altercation.

Last week, media partner broke the story that things had gotten physical between the two, resulting in a hospital visit and police reports filed. [Click here for the backstory]. To date, there have been multiple versions of what took place.

In an exclusive interview with, Lisa shares her version of what went down.

What alleged piece of information did Quad share about Lisa’s husband triggered the altercation? Did Lisa throw a glass at Quad’s face? And if not, what REALLY happened?  

Read a few excerpts and listen to the full interview:

On what triggered the argument/altercation

She attacked my husband and she made a statement, that was a vicious lie; malicious statement that absolutely was not true. She said that he had an illegitimate child out of there. Now, that is 100% s lie. And so when she said that, you know I guess this Mother mode of Momma Bear kicked in.

Married 2 Medicine-Quad Webb Lunceford-Lisa Nicole Cloud-Altercation-Police Called-the jasmine brand

On when things became physical between them: 

You know, there are certain things you don’t mess with. You don’t mess with my children. You don’t mess with my family. You don’t mess with my husband. Things that are near and dear that I love. And so at that point I did call her a hoodrat b*tch. And I threw water on her face. At that point I jumped up, she jumped up…I jumped up too because I knew that at this point, the scene was not going to end up being a good scene. And that we needed to just walk away from it….

On if she threw glass at Quad

And so, I stood up to walk away, she blocked me. And I said, to her then ‘Quad we’re not going to do this….We’re not going to fight…’ And then at that point is when she put her hands on me, and put her hands in my face, and put her finger in my face and mushed my face and in self defense, I pushed her away and pushed her back…Right about that point, I guess when all the ruckus and motion I did hear glass break. It was not that I threw any glass like she’s trying to put out there. I absolutely did not throw glass. I absolutely did not assault her from that standpoint. The water, I own. I did that. And for everything else, it was really self defense…If someone puts there hands on you, you try to walk away…say ‘We’re not gonna do this’ and they still pursue you…and it’s in your face…

Married to Medicine's Lisa Nicole Cloud Talks Explosive Fight With Quad Webb-Lunceford-the jasmine brand
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tami roman & new boyfriend

Tami Roman Opens Up About Dating A Man 17 Years Younger Than Her


*Tami Roman has found love in the arms of a man whose 17 years her junior.

The “Basketball Wives Miami” alum is usually tight-lipped about her romantic life, but she’s now ready to share that side of her life.

In an exclusive interview with media partner she reveals that she’s afraid that the public may frown at her because of their age difference. Check out a few excerpts of the conversation with Tami, 44, and her boyfriend, Reggie, 27. Are ya’ll exclusive? I don’t feel like you’ve ever brought who you were dating in public.

Yes. Even when I was on Basketball Wives, I was in a five-year relationship. We kept it like, “You do your thing, I’ll be doing my thing.” That’s always worked. I’m taking a chance right now. Finally I’m like, let me be open and honest about what I’m doing in my life. I’ve always been a open book and so I’m opening this part. Aren’t you a little scared to be in her world?

Reggie: I’m not a celebrity. I’m just a regular old dude from Houston. That’s it. Why are you comfortable for people enough to know (about this relationship)?

Tami Roman: I think I’m at a point now where I have to expose that part of myself. I’m constantly trying to figure out ways that Tami can use her ways in whatever. I know at this moment, there are alot of women that–for me the age difference was an issue and then it wasn’t an issue. I know alot of women out there who are going through that thing–older women, younger men. Now I am just trying to expose that part. If there are any parts from us exposing our relationship and deal with each other that can help them or make them feel more comfortable. What is the biggest challenge with the age difference?

Tami Roman: When I go to the movies, I want to see “The Butler.” He wants to see “The Ninja Turtles.” What do you two enjoy most about the relationship?

Reggie: For me personally, she’s just a real person. She’s a genuine person–it’s hard to meet a genuine female. She’s a real person–that’s what I love about her.

Tami Roman: He’s an admitted womanizer in the past because he just felt like all women wasn’t worth anything or out to get something. He was coming from that place and I was coming from the place that I can’t trust men based on my previous relationships. We’re both wounded but help each other by being together. Do you want children?

Reggie: Yes.

Tami Roman: We’ve talked about it and had several discussions and it’s up in the air right now. Would you be open to adopting?

Reggie: I don’t want to adopt. If it goes that way, I’d want a surrogate. I can understand–she wouldn’t want that stress on her body. Are you scared when people find out when you have a boyfriend?

Tami Roman: I am so scared that I am going to be labeled the cougar of the century. Do you feel insecure about younger women?

Tami Roman: Yes. He is more age appropriate with that demographic than with me–that’s what makes me insecure. I can’t be out at the club, I can’t be twerking. My knees are bad and I can’t get down low twerking all night. I don’t have much ass to be doing that anyway. I have real bills and expenses and mortgage and car. They have really no responsibility . That’s kind of where he’s at in terms of age.

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Singer Chante Moore is 48 today

Chante Moore Addresses Fallout With Lil Mo on R&B Divas LA

Singer Chante Moore is 47

*The latest season for TV ONE’s R&B Divas is officially over, but there seems to be some remaining drama between cast members Chante Moore and Lil Mo. If you watched, you’re quite aware of conflict between these two, along with a bit of drama at the reunion show.

In an interview with media partner,, Chante gives her perspective on what triggered the fallout between her and Mo. She also explains why she brought a bodyguard to the reunion show.  Read some excerpts of the conversation. There was lots of tension between you and the entire cast, with the exception of Claudette. What do you think caused that?

Chante Moore : I think they probably had some conversations, if you’re a group of girls have conversations, then it becomes this big thing. What’s funny because all they did was talk about me. Every one of their testimonials when they’d talk about me, they’d say something mean. Funny, I would never say anything about them even though they would be mean to me sometimes too.

lil mo What’s your relationship like with Lil Mo?

Chante Moore: I love Lil Mo, you know she’s funny, she’s quick witted and she can be feisty. I don’t think she’s going to attack me. I do have two broken disc in my neck and I wasn’t going to have a situation take place during the reunion. In a recent interview she (Lil Mo) said her major issue with you was that she felt like you weren’t being authentic this season. I’m assuming you disagree?

Chante Moore: Well what’s funny was that this season she said things like, ‘Oh, I’m really in love this time, I’m for real this time, I got a man this time, I’m not pretending this time.’ And then she looks and me and says I’m not being for real. I wasn’t bubbly and playing around but every time I tried to play around it was the eye turns. After time, if you’re a grown up, you don’t really want to do that. You don’t want to battle, trying to get a word in. Trying to fit in, I have friends and they love me. When I’m down they’re there to pick me up. And when I’m up we crack up together.

If she caused the fall-out between Lil Mo and Kelly Price: 

Chante: Moore: She said that she lost Kelly’s friendship because of me. But I wasn’t the one who didn’t speak to her at church. Kelly Price was the one who didn’t speak to Lil Mo at church. That’s when she and Kelly fell out for real.

If she felt physically threatened by Lil Mo (at the reunion): 

Chante Moore: I don’t think she’s going to attack me, but I do have two broken disks in my neck. And I wasn’t going to have a Kenya Moore situation….You think people are cool and people are fine when people get ganged up on each other — it seems like groups make you feel stronger and you try to do a little bit more than you would by yourself.

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Wednesday Snaps: Beyonce, Nia Long, Rick Ross, Jennifer Hudson

beyonce-london-the jasmine brand

Legs on deck. Beyoncé steps out for another evening in London. Reportedly, she and Jay Z had dinner and partied with Adele and her boyfriend at Harry’s Bar, along with

jennifer hudson-the real-the jasmine brand

Lonnie Love, Adrianne Bailon, Tamera Mowry, Jennifer Hudson, Jennie Mai, Tamar Braxton

Jennifer Hudson visits The Real, promoting her new album, J.Hud.

daphne wayans-goapale-nia long-celebrity-the jasmine brand

Daphne Wayans, Gaopale, Nia Long

Say cheese! Daphne Wayans, Goapele and Nia Long snap a photo while shopping in Studio City, CA.

rick ross-weight loss-the jasmine brand

He’s literally shrinking before our eyes! Rapper Rick Ross’ workout regimen is really working. The 38-year-old Maybach Music  leader continues to slim down.

Tinashe's "Aquarius" Album Release Party at Tao Las Vegas on October 16, 2014

Tinashe’s hosts her album release party for”Aquarius” Tao in Las Vegas.

faith evans-real husbands of hollywood-the jasmine brand

Nelly and singer Faith Evans pose on the set of BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Solange Knowles-Missy Elliott-Alexander Wang show-the jasmine brand

Solange Knowles and Missy Elliott pose backstage at the Alexander Wang show.

andy cohen-phaedra parks son-ayden-the jasmine brand

Andy Cohen poses with Phaedra Parks’ son, Ayden at BRAVO’s studio in NYC. P.S. Is that a Gucci jacket?

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Wed. Snaps: Tamar, Tank, Torrei, Raheem and More At ‘For Sisters Only’ (Look!)

ii-WPGC For Sisters Only 2014-the jasmine brand

*Over the weekend, Washington, DC area residents invaded the D.C. Convention Center for the annual ‘For Sisters Only Expo.’

Hosted by WPGC radio, this years annual show included a day of beauty, pampering, shopping, and of course, music and entertainment.

Monifah-Syleena Johnson-Drea Kelly-WPGC For Sisters Only 2014-the jasmine brand

Celebrity performers included T.I., Tamar Braxton, Tank, Raheem DeVaughn, Syleena Johnson and others.

We also spotted other celebrities including R&B Divas Syleena Johnson, Monifah and Lil Mo; Atlanta Exes and Hollywood Exes Torrei Hart and Drea Kelly; Boris Kodjoe and others.

singer tank-WPGC For Sisters Only 2014-the jasmine brand

Torrei Hart-WPGC For Sisters Only 2014-the jasmine brand

T.I.-WPGC For Sisters Only 2014-the jasmine brand

Tank-WPGC For Sisters Only 2014-the jasmine brand

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Tuesday Snaps: Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lisa Raye

Tuesday Photos Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lisa Raye
* Ciara attend the Lanvin show during Paris Fashion Week. FYI: Ci Ci is rocking a Lanvin dress.

Kim and Kanye head to Balmain fashion show with mother Kris

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West step out to the Balmain show. Hours later, the Keeping Up With the Kardashian Star was almost attacked by a red carpet prankster.

kelis blonde afro-the jasminebrand

Kelis sports a big, bleached blonde fro.

Patti Labelle-Visits the Queen Latifah Show-the jasmine brand

Patti Labelle poses backstage with Queen Latifah on the Queen Latifah Show.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.36.19 AM

Jennifer Judson and Andre Leon Talley share a laugh on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.53.14 PM

Black-Ish star Tracee Elliss Ross snaps a bathroom selfie. We’re lovin’ her sick Jon Buscemi sneakers.

LisaRaye - Bernard Bronner

Actress LisaRaye celebrated her birthday at Cove Lounge in Harlem with business mogul Bernard Bronner.

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(Tuesday Photos Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lisa Raye)