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  • ‘Wedding Ringer’ Red Carpet: Funny Behind The Scene Moments (Watch)

    Jan 16, 15 by FahniaThomas Leave a comment

    *The first comedy of the year, “The Wedding Ringer,” starring funny man Kevin Hart, opens in theaters today. EUR was on the scene at the film’s red carpet premiere and we wanted to find out what were the funniest/interesting/memorable moments for cast members. We also  and even attending celebs. Check out what they said. Josh Gad: One […]

  • Steve Harvey Responds to Stolen Music Case With A Denial and Demand to Dismiss Lawsuit

    Jan 16, 15 by Qwest7 Leave a comment

    *Months after a music publishing company filed a federal lawsuit accusing him of illegally using more than 260 songs for his talk show, Steve Harvey is responding by denying the allegations and demanding the $43 million suit be dismissed. reports the daytime talk show host responded to the suit on Monday (Jan. 12), saying he […]

  • Terry Crews Says ‘World’s Funniest Fails’ is Fun for Everyone

    Jan 15, 15 by Tené Croom Leave a comment

    *You’ve watched Terry Crews as Detective Sergeant Terry Jeffords on FOX’s award winning “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” since 2013. Now look for the 6’3 245 lb actor to host a new FOX show, “World’s Funniest Fails.” “I’m trying to break the stigma of failure, the stigma of losing and all that.  You win by losing.  That’s the […]

  • French Comedian Set to be Tried Over Charlie Hebdo Joke

    Jan 15, 15 by Qwest7 Leave a comment

    *A French comedian is looking at a serious situation after making a joke regarding the Charlie Hebdo newspaper. Reuters reports the comedian, Dieudonne M’bala M’bala is to be tried on suspicion of glorifying terrorism. The charge stems from a comment Dieudonne wrote on Facebook, which stated that he felt “Charlie Coulibaly.” The name is a […]

  • Kenny Smith On Guard for Shaq’s Getback After Christmas Tree Shove (Watch)

    Jan 13, 15 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Message to Kenny “The Jet” Smith: Shaq is gonna get you. It’s only a matter of time. Actually Mr. Smith already knows that. He says he’s constantly looking over his shoulder — waiting for Shaq to try to get his revenge for that infamous Christmas tree shoving. If you missed it, Smith tossed Shaq into […]

  • ‘Off the Chain': Rodney Perry’s One-Hour Special Debuts on Bounce TV

    Jan 13, 15 by Troy Tieuel / [email protected] Leave a comment

    *One of the more prevalent myths in Hollywood is that celebrities “blow up” overnight.  This idea remains prevalent, because people rarely do their research on popular artists, instead assume that the first time they saw them, was the first time they worked. Rodney Perry, a comedian who has spent many years in the entertainment industry […]