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  • Choreographer AJ Teaches James Brown’s ‘Funk’ on The Juice (Watch)

    Jul 27, 14 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Super hot choreographer Aakomon (“AJ”) Jones, was recently a guest on The Juice to to show the hosts how he taught actor Chadwick Boseman James Brown’s best “funk” dance moves for the new movie “Get On Up.” Unless you’ve been living under rock, you no doubt have heard that Boseman plays James Brown in the highly […]

  • Towanda Braxton: ‘We Have an Open and Front Door (Marriage)’ (Watch)

    Jul 26, 14 by Deron Dalton 1 Comment

    *”Braxton Family Values” fans don’t seem to know what’s going on with Towanda Braxton and husband Andre Carter. Well, how about this. Even Towanda doesn’t seem to know what’s going on with her own marriage or what to call it. “We have an open and front door situation,” she told Wendy Williams about her marriage to Carter. […]

  • Shonda Rhimes Reveals ‘Scandal’ Won’t Last as Many as 8 Seasons

    Jul 26, 14 by Deron Dalton 1 Comment

    *Shonda Rhimes is keeping it real with “Scandal” again, which comes as a shock for some fans of the show. She revealed last November she knows when and how “Scandal” will end, but recently she revealed more. She said the political thriller won’t last as many as eight seasons. The Hollywood Reporter got the details about […]

  • Laila Ali Addresses Rumors of Her Joining ‘The View’

    Jul 26, 14 by the Jasmine BRAND 3 Comments

    *Rumor has it, Laila Amaria Ali, may be one of the contenders vying for a new co-host position at The View. Media partner correspondent chatted with her about whether or not she’s being considered, why she calls African American women on reality TV ‘sad’ and when’s the last time the famous daughter of heavyweight […]

  • Lil’ Scrappy Accuses Nickelodeon Resort of Racism

    Jul 25, 14 by Qwest7 Leave a comment

    *Accusations of racism from Lil Scrappy were front and center earlier this week as the “Love and Hip Hop” star was highly upset after his daughter was passed over during a contest at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando. According to, Scrappy was at the resort’s pool with his 9-year-old daughter Emani and Momma Dee. […]

  • Ava DuVernay on Her ‘Selma’ Full Circle; & How David Oyelowo ‘Got Me the Job’

    Jul 25, 14 by Cherie Saunders Leave a comment

    *Before filmmaker Ava Duvernay became the 2012 darling of Sundance for her second feature film “Middle of Nowhere,” she was one of Hollywood’s most sought after publicists. Her marketing and publicity firm The DuVernay Agency (later known as DVA Media + Marketing), specializing in the African American market, worked more than 100 film and television […]