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  • Andrew Caldwell’s ‘I’m Not Gay No More’ Now Auto-tuned (Listen)

    Nov 20, 14 by EurPublisher 3 Comments

    Hmm, do we have another bed intruder situation on our hands? Maybe. It seems Andrew Caldwell, the dude who went viral screaming “I don’t like mens no more!,” according to TMZ, has created a song … a musical version of his anti-penile mantra that he’s hawking on iTunes. Caldwell’s vow — in front of 40,000 […]

  • NY Times: Al Sharpton Delinquent on $4.5M in Tax Payments

    Nov 18, 14 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Being an ally to President Obama hasn’t prevented Rev. Al Sharpton from getting sanctioned by the IRS. It seems Sharpton and his various profit and nonprofit organizations owe millions of dollars in back taxes. Here’s what the New York Times is reporting as a result of an investigation it did on Sharpton’s finances. 1. He […]

  • So Why Didn’t ‘Beyond the Lights’ Light Up the Box Office?

    Nov 18, 14 by Brainuser1 7 Comments

    *In an unfortunate twist of cinematic events, the highly anticipated Gina Prince-Bythewood film, “Beyond The Lights” opened this past weekend, but failed to catch fire. The film made its debut on 1,789 screens, but the average take on each screen was  $3,633 for a total take of $6.5 million. This proved to be the lowest opening weekend of […]

  • The ANA Hosts Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference

    Nov 18, 14 by LaRita "Jazzy Rita" Shelby Leave a comment

    *iHeart Media was the presenting sponsor for the ANA/Association of National Advertisers‘ annual Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Conference, Nov. 9-11th at the lovely Fountaine Bleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. The resort styled historic hotel was host to executives from major corporations and brands who convened for a three day conference designed to explore the diverse cultures […]

  • We Remember: Herman J. Russell, Atlanta Business Tycoon Dies at 83

    Nov 17, 14 by EurPublisher 1 Comment

    *(Via Atlanta Business Chronicle) – Nationally prominent Atlanta business leader Herman J. Russell, 83, died Saturday morning after a brief illness. Russell was the founder and retired CEO of H.J. Russell & Co., a construction and real estate firm that he founded in 1953 and grew into one of the largest minority-owned companies in the […]

  • The Terrie Williams Agency Announces ‘Save HER-Save HIM’ Crowd Funding Campaign

    Nov 17, 14 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *(New York)  – The Terrie Williams Agency, a renowned public relations firm founded in 1988 known for representing celebrities, best-selling authors and Fortune 500 companies, announces a November 2014 Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to raise $20K to develop Phase One of the online project that includes building a new website for Save HER-Save HIM (SHSH). […]