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  • Secret Service Director Resigns Over Recent Security Breaches

    Oct 1, 14 by EURPublisher01 Leave a comment

    *One day after she was grilled on Capitol Hill about a White House security breach, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has resigned. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said she offered her resignation and he accepted it, reports the Associated Press. Pierson, who has been with the agency for 30 years, will be replaced by Joseph Clancy, […]

  • Report: Michelle Obama Furious Over Secret Service Response to 2011 White House Shooting

    Oct 1, 14 by Qwest7 13 Comments

    *To say that Michelle Obama was upset over the actions of the Secret Service is an understatement. (Scroll down to watch CBS News Report) An in-depth investigation by the Washington Post reveals the first lady was furious years ago with the organization over its response to a 2011 incident involving shots from a gunman that […]

  • The White House Launches ‘My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge’

    Oct 1, 14 by The White House: Office of the Press Secretary & Leave a comment

    *In February, President Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative to ensure that all youth, including boys and young men of color, have opportunities to improve their life outcomes and overcome barriers to success. As part of that launch, the President also established the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force (Task Force) to review public […]

  • Steven Ivory: When the President is a Brother

    Sep 30, 14 by blueolive Comments Off

    *It’s called Bizarro World. A planet which debuted  in Superman comic books in the ‘60s, Bizarro World is the exact opposite of Earth. Instead of being round, the planet is shaped like a cube. Everything considered bad on planet earth is deemed good in Bizarro World. For example, according to the Bizarro Code,  beauty is […]

  • Report: White House Intruder Omar J. Gonzalez Didn’t Stop at the Front Door

    Sep 29, 14 by EurPublisher 1 Comment

    *It would seem the President and First Family have legitimate reason to be concerned for their safety at home … in the White House! Maybe they might wanna think about hiring some private security because the Secret Service is doing a piss poor job of protecting them. That’s easy to surmise because now we’re learning […]

  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Eric Holder Was Our Firewall against GOP Bigotry

    Sep 29, 14 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *One of the most poignant moments in Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.’s six year tenure heading the Justice Department came in February 2009 barely a month after he had been confirmed as Attorney General. He told an overflow crowd celebrating Black History Month at the Justice Department that America was “cowardly” when it came to […]