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  • 1 in 3 Say Pres. Obama Doesn’t Love America: Poll

    Feb 25, 15 by EurPublisher 5 Comments

    *Oh crap. Thanks to Rudy Giuliani, here’s some bad news for President Obama. More than a third of Americans don’t think the president loves America, according to a new survey. Fewer than half of adults, 47 percent, said the president loves his country, while 35 percent said he doesn’t and 17 percent weren’t sure, according to […]

  • President Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline

    Feb 24, 15 by EURPublisher01 1 Comment

      *President Obama pulled out his veto pin for a bill Tuesday that would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline, following through on his vow to reject a proposal embraced by Republicans as a jobs measure but opposed by environmentalists as contributing to climate change. The 1,179-mile pipeline would connect tar sands cruse oil in […]

  • Channeling Giuliani, Pre-Teen Blasts Obama for ‘Not Loving America!’ (Watch)

    Feb 24, 15 by Brainuser1 7 Comments

    *Wow, it seems our president has downright pissed off one politically-savvy pre-teen. C.J. Pearson, a 12-year-old middle school student from Georgia, has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel that calls President Barack Obama out for not really loving America. C.J., whose hero seems to be Rudy Giuliani, claimed that if Obama did love this country, […]

  • BlackandBlueNews: Retired Police Officers to Meet With DC Lawmakers

    Feb 24, 15 by Cheryl Dorsey, Retired LAPD Sergeant 6 Comments

    * A multi-cultural group of retired and former law enforcement officers will meet with Rep John Lewis in Washington, DC, next week, to further the discussion started by FBI Director James Comey in his speech on race relations between the police and the black community. This historic and unprecedented event will include retirees from police […]

  • Antonio Moore: The Black Male Incarceration Problem is Real and it’s Catastrophic

    Feb 23, 15 by EurPublisher 14 Comments

    “We have more work to do when more young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across America.” – President Barack Obama *In a recent article the widely held belief surrounding the number of black men incarcerated outnumbering the number of black men enrolled in higher education was refuted. The piece is […]

  • Giuliani the Attack Dog Bites Obama Again: Has ‘Communist’ Influences

    Feb 21, 15 by EurPublisher 8 Comments

    *(Via MSN News) – Already under fire for claims that President Obama doesn’t love America, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani doubled down, saying Obama has had “communist” influences since an early age. “He doesn’t talk about America the way John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did, about America’s greatness and exceptionalism,” Giuliani said in […]