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  • Sizzling Summer Movies Heat Up Box Office

    Jul 4, 15 by Marie Moore Leave a comment

    Some heavy hitters have hit the screens in the last month, but some of the best films are yet to come. Although I have seen a few of them, there is an embargo on writing about them. But, I must say “Southpaw,” “Self/Less,” and “Boulevard” are winners. JULY 7/10 BOULEVARD: Robin Williams, Bob Odenkirk, Kathy […]

  • Black Women Fastest Growing Group of Entrepreneurs in U.S

    Jul 4, 15 by Ny MaGee 2 Comments

    *Black women may be disparaged and mocked in the media but they’re dominating where it really matters: in business ownership. Black women make up the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. Since 1997, businesses owned by Black women grew by a whopping 322 percent, according to Fortune. Women own 30 percent of all businesses […]

  • Once Homeless and Alone in NYC, Man Receives Yale Scholarship

    Jul 4, 15 by Brainuser1 2 Comments

    *It is stories such as this that I hope will inspire all who are suffering at this moment junction in their life’s’ journey. I hope it will make us  realize that down doesn’t necessarily mean out; That even in the worst of times, tomorrow can change the course of your life, without warning. I hope […]

  • Rihanna’s BET Appearance Was Simply Marketing Trickery

    Jul 4, 15 by Ny MaGee Leave a comment

    *Rihanna has not made an appearance at the BET Awards for the past seven years, so when the network announced her return to the ceremony over the weekend, fans were expecting her to deliver her infectious Bajan swag that we have grown accustomed to. Instead, her appearance was nothing more than an underwhelming PR stunt. BET teased something […]

  • America: A Nation Under Sin or Love?

    Jul 4, 15 by Dana L. Stringer 2 Comments

    *After a full week of wading through a plethora of online tirades by opponents of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on marriage equality, I am not only reminded of how challenging it is to change the laws of the land, I am  also reminded of how difficult it is to change the hearts and minds […]

  • Diddy’s Fall, Racist Arsonists, Nene Leakes and More News! | BHL’s This Week

    Jul 3, 15 by bhlivederrial Leave a comment

    BHL: This Week — In this episode Black Hollywood Live hosts Derrial Christon, DJ Jesse Janedy, and Courtney Stewart discuss news for the week of July 3rd, 2015. This week’s special guest is #TvPersonality #BadBoyRecordsAlum & #FashionIcon Fonzworth Bentley! Fonzworth discusses working with Diddy, Bet, New Book, Spirituality & more! Jesse opens things up by discussing […]