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  • Gun Store Denies Hiring Zimmerman as Security: ‘In No Way, Shape or Form’

    Jul 30, 14 by EURPublisher01 1 Comment

    *George Zimmerman got caught in a lie. The manager of a Florida business where he was questioned by police says Zimmerman was never hired to provide security, despite his claims to authorities. As previously reported, two DeLand police officers approached Zimmerman after spotting him and his dog parked behind Pompano Pat’s, a motorcycle and gun […]

  • George Zimmerman Parks Outside Florida Gun Shop For Nightly Patrols

    Jul 30, 14 by Qwest7 7 Comments

    *Think George Zimmerman’s time patrolling areas at night is a thing of the past? Think again. A DeLand, Florida police report mentioned that the former neighborhood watchman was back on the job when police found him sitting in his dark colored truck outside of Pompano Pat’s just after midnight on Sunday. Zimmerman is no stranger […]

  • Kobe Bryant Has a Responsibility to Help Trayvon Martin’s Family (Watch)

    Jul 28, 14 by Deron Dalton 8 Comments

    *Kobe Bryant met Trayvon Martin‘s family at a rally in LA’s Crenshaw district recently. And get this, Bryant is very enthusiastic about helping Martin’s family. In fact, he called it a responsibility. As a celebrity, Bryant feels as though he can help tell Martin and his family’s story. And he attempted to do just that when […]

  • Rachel Jeantel Takes Blame for George Zimmerman Acquittal

    Jul 15, 14 by Qwest7 3 Comments

    *Despite turning her life around, Rachel Jeantel blames herself in the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the man who killed her friend Trayvon Martin. In an interview with CNN, Jeantel was asked if she wishes she had acted differently on the witness stand during Zimmerman’s trial. “A little bit,” Jeantel admitted in response to a question […]

  • Florida Judge Dismisses George Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Against NBC

    Jun 30, 14 by EURPublisher01 2 Comments

    *A Florida judge has dismissed George Zimmerman‘s defamation lawsuit against NBCUniversal, saying his team failed to prove NBC News acted with malice when it aired an edited version of his 911 call after shooting Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman sued in December 2012, after NBC editors cut out portions of audio recordings of his 911 call, which […]

  • Judge Tosses Part of George Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Against NBC

    Jun 20, 14 by EURPublisher01 Leave a comment

    *Part of a lawsuit against NBC Universal that claims the television network defamed George Zimmerman in a 2012 broadcast was thrown out by a Florida judge Thursday, putting the entire litigation in jeopardy, reports the AP. Zimmerman’s attorneys waited too long under Florida statute to ask NBC to retract statements in a March 19, 2012, […]