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  • What?! A Naked ‘Beyonce’ Sex Doll? Oh Man, Did this College Frat Team Start Some Online Ish!

    Dec 18, 14 by Brainuser1 Leave a comment

    *What’s that saying…Boys will be boys? And even those in exclusive, mainly Caucasian, fraternities, dream of one day having a go-at-it with the biggest female star today: Beyoncé. Well, as Spike Lee so eloquently said in, “She’s Gotta Have It,”… WAKE UP! Ain’t gonna happen. Not even if a cold day in hell does present itself. But […]

  • Kanye West, Usher, Phylicia Rashad, More to Receive BET Honors

    Dec 10, 14 by EURPublisher01 Leave a comment

    *BET has revealed Kanye West, Usher and Phylicia Rashad among the five luminaries set to receive awards next month at the next 2015 BET Honors. West, who has referred to himself as a visionary, will receive the network’s Visionary Award at the eighth annual event hosted by Wayne Brady. Usher will receive the Musical Arts […]

  • ‘I Am Entitled’ – Presented by Poetic Justice Jeans

    Dec 10, 14 by PJ Jean Team Leave a comment

    *When Kalia Calloway set out to be a fashion designer her journey was both personal and professional. She understood the thrill of the shopping experience that was often diluted by the frustration of trying to find the right fit. When she joined Poetic Justice Jeans, she met her artistic match and was in sync with […]

  • Kerry Washington Visits LA Area School to Champion for the Arts

    Dec 4, 14 by Zon D’Amour Leave a comment

    *Emmy nominated actress, Kerry Washington, star of the ABC hit series “Scandal,” recently visited Warren Lane Elementary School in Inglewood, CA. She is a member of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities (PCAH) which has a signature program entitled “Turnaround Arts.” Under this initiative, thirty-five underachieving schools in the nation, are partnered with […]

  • Ohio Schools Leader Calls for Ban of ‘The Bluest Eye’

    Nov 29, 14 by PJ Leave a comment

    *Ohio school leader Debe Terhar is pushing for author Toni Morrison’s book “The Bluest Eye” to be banned from the 11th grade reading list, labeling the work “pornographic.” Although the book has been banned by many places, when Morrison spoke to WCMH NBC 4 she seemed to take Terhar’s remarks personally. “I resent it,” Morrison […]

  • Cosby Biographer ‘Wrong to Not Deal with Sexual Assault Charges’

    Nov 26, 14 by Qwest7 2 Comments

    *News of Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults may have become a very big deal among the public, but it apparently wasn’t major enough for the comedian’s biographer, who admitted he was wrong for not dealing with the allegations in his book, “Cosby: His Life and Times.” Responding to being named as one of “those in […]