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  • Lupe Fiasco Dishes on Faith and President Obama Criticism (Watch)

    Oct 27, 14 by Deron Dalton 9 Comments

    *Lupe Fiasco has been critical of President Barack Obama as in his 2011 song, “Words I Never Said.” Fiasco talked about the war on terrorism in the song — facing much backlash after calling President Obama a terrorist. Fiasco dished to Katie Couric at Yahoo about criticizing President Obama as well as his faith.

  • Rev. Al Sharpton Celebrates 60 (in LA) by Honoring Others (Photos)

    Oct 27, 14 by Troy Tieuel ([email protected]) Leave a comment

    *The National Action Network is on a mission to get this nation right and under the guidance of the one and only Rev. Al Sharpton, this national Civil Rights organization is making major moves to do just that.  Sharpton is the National Action Network’s Founder & President and acts as its national spokesperson, being very […]

  • Alexandra Shipp Dishes on the Drama Behind the Aaliyah Biopic (Watch)

    Oct 26, 14 by Deron Dalton 1 Comment

    *Everyone seems to be against the Aaliyah biopic — especially since Aaliyah‘s family isn’t involved with the film. But Lifetime made it anyways. And Alexandra Shipp who stars as the late singer is speaking out about the film’s controversy and how she’s proud to have taken the role. In an “Entertainment Tonight” interview with Kevin […]

  • Stacey Dash: Blacks Are ‘Uneducated’ and ‘Feel Worththless’ Under Pres. Obama

    Oct 17, 14 by Qwest7 72 Comments

    *Once again Stacey Dash fans the flames of controversy as she airs out her belief that President Barack Obama hasn’t done much, if anything, to help minorities. In Dash’s eyes, the commander-in-chief has fallen way short. “No, not at all,” the “Clueless” star replied when asked if electing Obama had helped the minority community. “It […]

  • Barack Obama: One of the ‘Most Successful Presidents In American History’ – Rolling Stone

    Oct 10, 14 by Qwest7 13 Comments

    *Despite a low approval rating, Rolling Stone magazine has put President Barack Obama on its cover as one of the ““one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history.” The declaration, made by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, is found in a story written by Krugman, who defends the commander-in-chief to prove […]

  • SNL Spoofs NY Times Secret Service Story Via Keenan Thompson’s Al Sharpton

    Oct 6, 14 by Qwest7 Leave a comment

    *With gate jumpers invading the White House, armed contractors sharing an elevator with President Barack Obama and public opinion leaning towards the negative, life hasn’t been the best for the Secret Service. So leave it to “Saturday Night Live” to shine a light on the agency as Kenan Thompson became the Rev. Al Sharpton to […]