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  • (The Black Hat) Serena Williams is a Winner, Not a Cover Girl

    Aug 29, 15 by Cory Alexander Haywood 6 Comments

    *Let’s not get the race card involved in why Serena Williams is offered less endorsement deals than her tennis rival Maria Sharapova. For starters, the latter is a slender, long-legged, blonde-haired, blue-eyed white woman with a penchant for wearing short skirts during her matches. Sharapova embodies the white standard of beauty that continues to cast […]

  • The Film Strip: New York Comic Con Tickets Going Fast

    Aug 29, 15 by Marie Moore Leave a comment

    *Yes, it’s that time time and folks are readying themselves for the biggest party of the year, New York Comic Con. Last year New York attendance numbers trumped the much-ballyhooed San Francisco convention. Tickets for New York Comic Con 2015 are on sale now. The dates are October 8-11, in the Javits Center. Tickets go […]

  • The Pulse of Entertainment: Karen Clark Sheard is ‘Destined to Win’; New Album Debuts at #2

    Aug 28, 15 by Eunice Moseley Leave a comment

    *“I think it was inspired,” said four-time Grammy winner Karen Clark Sheard (The Clark Sisters) about her newest recording project “Destined to Win” (Karew Records/Entertainment One). “It’s been a while. I heard the…fans say ‘when is the next.’ So I prayed on it.” The answer must have been yes because she has new music. Karen, […]

  • Let’s Get Direct! Fail to Win!

    Aug 27, 15 by Deya Direct Leave a comment

    Sometimes you have to release what weighs you  down to fly. Likewise, sometimes you have to fail to win. It sounds like an oxymoron, but I’m telling you what I know! Don’t believe me, just watch! Failing is a verb. That means you did something! Don’t let fear of failure rob you! F – Fall […]

  • Inside Broadway: A Conversation with Broadway Veteran Chapman Roberts – Black Stars of the Great White Way (Part I)

    Aug 27, 15 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *During a recent performance of the Black Stars of the Great White Way at the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, NC, Inside Broadway’s Gwendolyn Quinn caught up with Broadway veteran Chapman Roberts. The executive producer and director produced the second installment of the highly-acclaimed production of the Black Stars of the Great White Way, […]

  • Steven Ivory: How to Honor Those Gone On

    Aug 25, 15 by blueolive Comments Off on Steven Ivory: How to Honor Those Gone On

    *Karolyn Ali passed away the other day. Even if you don’t know her name, you may have seen her work. Karolyn was one of the few woman of color nominated for an Oscar as a producer, for the 2003 documentary, “Tupac: Resurrection.” Before that, Ali, who got her start in entertainment working as assistant to […]