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  • The Pulse of Entertainment: Michelle Williams Delivers Outstanding Project with ‘Journey to Freedom’

    Sep 11, 14 by Eunice Moseley Leave a comment

    Stellar, Image and Dove Award nominee Michelle Williams delivers an outstanding project with ‘Journey to Freedom’ album release *“Collaborating…with a producer from London with Nigerian parents,” said Michelle Williams (Grammy winning Destiny’s Child), a Stellar, Image and Dove Award nominated solo artist, about her fourth studio album “Journey to Freedom” (Entertainment One) producer’s wide range […]

  • The Socialist’s Journal: Immigration Reform

    Sep 10, 14 by Trevor Brookins Leave a comment

    As a college undergraduate in an introductory ethics course I was introduced to the classic lifeboat dilemma. What do you do when those around you are in a desperate situation and in need of help but your resources limit the amount of help you can give? This thought experiment is important because it mirrors one […]

  • Robertson Treatment Syndicated Column (RTSC): A Conversation with Ad Exec. Sheldon Levy

    Sep 9, 14 by Gil Robertson Leave a comment

    *A co-creator of content across a variety of media platforms, Sheldon Levy is a longtime innovator in the advertising community, responsible for creating ad campaigns that generate powerful connections between consumers and a long list of well-known brands. As the executive vice president and deputy director for broadcast production at the global creative powerhouse Saatchi […]

  • Steven Ivory: Nothing Stands in the Way

    Sep 9, 14 by blueolive Comments Off

    *”It’s here,” Kevin somberly said to me over the phone, watching from a window of his third story apartment as a U-haul van searched for parking down on Vermont Avenue. Kevin was both elated and melancholy, for on that warm, overcast afternoon he bid farewell to “Nihil Obstat.” The dynamic, moody abstract, which stretched nearly […]

  • The Pulse of Entertainment: Action-thriller Falcon Rising stars Michael Jai White

    Sep 4, 14 by Eunice Moseley Leave a comment

    Action-thriller Falcon Rising, starring Michael Jai White, arrives in theaters September 5, 2014 *“My knowledge of martial arts helped,” said Michael Jai White, a martial arts expert, actor, producer and director. White has the lead role in the action-thriller Falcon Rising which arrives in theaters September 5, 2014. “I’ve been doing fight stuff for a […]

  • Dana L. Stringer: Ferguson Triggers an Exploration of Institutionalized Cover-Ups and the Abuse of Power

    Sep 4, 14 by Dana L. Stringer 1 Comment

    *Sporadic aftershocks can still be felt after explosive verbal wars and protests that spanned from New York to Los Angeles to the small Midwestern city of Ferguson, Missouri shook and divided the country along racial lines.  And for those of us who are familiar with America’s brutal treatment of African Americans, it should be no […]