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  • Deborah Smith Simpkins: Pray for Prey!

    Oct 18, 14 by EurPublisher 2 Comments

    *Pray for prey! Is this the new slogan of churches today? When I heard about the story in Alabama of the pastor (Juan McFarland) with full-blown AIDS making a decision to share with the congregation (in the worst way), I knew I had to say something. There are so many things wrong with this ministry […]

  • Black & Blue News: Why LAPD Det. Frank Lyga Won’t Be Fired

    Oct 17, 14 by Retired LAPD sergeant Cheryl Dorsey 2 Comments

    *Today it was reported that a Los Angeles Police Department administrative hearing known as  a Board of Rights (BOR) recommended the termination of LAPD Detective Frank Lyga as a result of racist, sexist and inflammatory remarks he made last year during a joint LAPD training day. The truth is, Det. Lyga  quite possibly may live to offend […]

  • The Pulse of Entertainment: KEM Releases New album ‘Promise to Love’ on Motown

    Oct 16, 14 by Eunice Moseley Leave a comment

    Billboard Music winner KEM releases new album, ‘Promise to Love,’ on Motown Records *“It was diffidently time for a new album in this day and age to wait four years is unheard of,” said Billboard Music Award winner KEM about the release of his fourth studio album “Promise to Love” on Motown Records. “(The album […]

  • Channing Tatum Takes on ‘The Book of Life’

    Oct 16, 14 by Marie Moore Leave a comment

    Channing Tatum shares screen time once again this year with Ice Cube, in their animated debuts, along with Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Ron Perlman, and Christina Applegate as they explore Jorge R. Gutierrez’s (Director/Screenplay) “The Book of Life.” The Film Strip caught up with Tatum recently at the Crosby Hotel in New York City glean […]

  • Steven Ivory: Augie Johnson was Here

    Oct 14, 14 by blueolive Comments Off

    *A little more than a week ago, while at the fifth annual Legends & Icons Picnic–a gathering of veteran black music industry executives, artists and media people—I ran into singer/ songwriter/producer August “Augie” Johnson, leader of the ‘70s vocal group, Side Effect. “I see you on ‘Unsung’ all the time,” Augie said in the middle […]

  • The Tatum Talks: ‘Fix My Life’ Should Be Mandatory TV

    Oct 14, 14 by tatumtalks 3 Comments

    *I know I am not alone in the sentiment that “Fix My Life” is the most groundbreaking program on television right now.  Currently in its fourth season, OWN has more than a hit on its hands…it has a responsibility. I have always admired Iyanla Vanzant, and the nuggets of wisdom and encouragement she’s deposited in my life […]