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  • The Pulse of Entertainment: Mad Max: Fury Road is Fully Loaded with Action

    May 14, 15 by Eunice Moseley Leave a comment

    Warner Bros’ Mad Max: Fury Road is fully loaded with action, stars Tom Hardy and Academy Award winner Charlize Theron *As with the Mad Max franchise films before the Warner Bros Pictures presentation of Mad Max: Fury Road follows Max, played by Tom Hardy (Black Hawk Down), in a savage world void of water and […]

  • Zoe Kravitz and Ethan Hawke in the Awesome ‘Good Kill’ (WATCH)

    May 14, 15 by Marie Moore Leave a comment

    *A big buzz and much talked about film at the Tribeca Film Festival was “Good Kill,” and rightly so. “Good Kill” kills it as one of the most unique warfare movies to be made. The battles don’t take place on the battlefield in the Middle East, but in a control room in Las Vegas, Nevada. […]

  • Wendy Gladney: ‘Where Do We Go From Here?

    May 14, 15 by Wendy Gladney Leave a comment

    My heart continues to be heavy with all of the pain from what is happening in the world today.  As I sit and ponder the situation with young Black men being hurt or murdered it troubles my soul.  When I talk to Black men among my family and friends, just about all of them have […]

  • Deya Direct! What Are You Afraid Of? (Watch)

    May 14, 15 by Deya Direct Leave a comment

    Nobody wants to admit they have fear, but we all do. Most successful people experience it, but do you know the difference between successful people and everyone else? They face their fears and move on. Here are 3 things that you can do now to overcome your fears. Deya Direct, the Fly Life Diva, Go-to-Girlfriend […]

  • (The Black Hat) 10 Realities Black Mothers Should Expect For Their Children

    May 14, 15 by Cory Alexander Haywood 1 Comment

    *Now that Mother’s Day is over, it’s time for a reality check. Sisters, ask yourselves this question: Do you really deserve the pretty flowers and hallmark cards you were given? Are you even worthy of being called a mother? This doesn’t apply to all black women, but many of you have no business raising children; […]

  • Steven Ivory: Why ‘American Idol’ Mattered

    May 13, 15 by blueolive Comments Off

    *Ruben Studdard certainly would have been heard. Some record company A&R executive—the person charged with signing and developing new talent for a label—would have listened to Studdard’s demo tape, been impressed and scheduled an appointment. However, after meeting in person, despite Studdard’s impressive musical abilities, chances are good the executive and his bosses would have  decided his […]